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_____________________________________. Our trading company for accessory brands is active in the areas of multimedia, telecom and IT. The partners are.

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1 _____________________________________

2 Our trading company for accessory brands is active in the areas of multimedia, telecom and IT. The partners are international manufacturers of 24 different brands. We distribute their products, mostly exclusive, to our trading partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. We have our own logistics department and we hold everytime over 14`000 articles on stock. Company foundation : 2001 Location of the company : Mattenstrasse 16 3256 Seewil / BE Owner : Reto Dürler (01.01.2007) Number of employees : 43 Introduction:

3 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? Sales Development Elconex 2001 – 2014 in CHF Sales CHF Years

4 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? Organization chart CEO* Reto Dürler COO* Jens Traber Teamleader Purchase, Marketing, IT Michael Münger Purchase / Marketing Caroline Klauwers Purchase / Marketing Daniela Luchsinger Purchase / Marketing Christoph Glatz Office Manager Jens Traber Backoffice / Support Roland Habegger Backoffice / Support Stefan Andre Backoffice (60%) Gabriele Montunato Junior PM, Backoffice & Support Fabienne Schmid Head of Sales* Erich Klauwers Teamleader Sales Media Markt Sebastiano DAmico Sales Manager MM F-CH Alexandre LaMendola Sales Manager MM F-CH Sulejman Sulejmani Sales Manager MM D-CH East Sandro Montunato Sales Manager MM D-CH West Alessandro De Cesare Sales Manager MM I-CH Giulia Toso Sales Manager MM D-CH West Nadine Gaio Teamleader Sales Fachhandel Erich Klauwers Sales Manager FH F-CH Francois Niclasse Sales Manager D-CH East Alexander Fischer Sales Manager E-Tail&Spec.Stores Reto Klopfenstein Teamleader Sales Key Accounts Erich Klauwers Sales Manager Weisse Ware D-CH Reto Klopfenstein Sales Manager Jens Traber Teamleader Sales Elconex Mobile Luis Alvarez Sales Manager Yusuf Karashin Back Office Support Ivica Jelovic Back Office Support Claudia Frey Logistics / Repair Fatima Kasic Trainee Dean Vidovic Purchase / Marketing Roger Bieri Head of Logistics Erich Klauwers Teamleader Logistics Marcel Reber Logistics Michel Montandon Logistics/Maintenance Fadil Elmazi Logistics Franco Colella Logistics/Maintenance Doris Siegenthaler Logistics Janine Supersaxo Logistics/Maintenance Bashkim Kasami Logistics (70%) Hatairat Wandflu Logistics (50%) Monika Hoppe Logistics (40%) Christa Klopfenstein Logistics (40%) Sandra Flückiger Apprentice Logistics Marko Pribanovic Head of Finance Martina Mesan Accounting (50%) Monika Daumüller Head of HR Martina Mesan * Member of Management Board

5 Profit-Center Elconex An optimal and targetted support of the product in the market. IT Telco mobile Toys & Gadgets Toys & Gadgets Central Services: -Logistics -IT -Finance -HR Central Services: -Logistics -IT -Finance -HR White goods, Power and Light White goods, Power and Light Audio/Video/TV Photo _____________________________________

6 Unsere Marken Our Brands: Audio/Video/TV

7 _____________________________________ Unsere Marken Our Brands: White goods, Power and Light Photo

8 _____________________________________ Unsere Marken Our brands: Toys & GadgetsTelco mobile

9 _____________________________________ Unsere Marken Our Brands: IT

10 _____________________________________ Our Customer Groups: Special-Stores Key Account Management Key Account Management B2B E-Tail Professionals Retail

11 _____________________________________ Our Customers:

12 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? Our Marketing and Sales Tools: Dealer Webshop Webshop Features Prices and Stock Live ERP Connection Specifications Youtube-Videos Downloads News & Promotions Website Features Employee Portal Pricelists Newsletters Contact information

13 _____________________________________ Export Files & Fullfillment Solutions Data Orders Delivery Data Warehouse DealerWebportalEnduser Invoices Regularly automatic updates of product datas and contents Electronic order processing with ERP Delivery direct from Elconex to Enduser (with labeled paper where he‘ve ordered, enduser does not notice the delivery of elconex) Invoicing in electronic form to dealer. Benefits: Enduser: Greater product selection, better opportunities of comparison and availability Dealer: No stock risks. Product datas are automatically updated. Elconex: Broader positioning of products. Automated processes Environment:Less paper jam. Less pollution, use of synergies transport routes

14 _____________________________________ Our Category Management Concepts Development of POS Concepts and Category Management

15 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? Exhibitions and Events:

16 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? PR/PPR

17 _____________________________________ Was bieten wir? Thank you for your attention

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