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3D Networks – Overview & Commitment to the Call Center Industry Barry Southern, Chairman, 3D Networks International Investment Conference.

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1 3D Networks – Overview & Commitment to the Call Center Industry Barry Southern, Chairman, 3D Networks International Investment Conference


3 Singapore China Australia Hong Kong United States Philippines 3D Networks is a subsidiary of the Singapore-based Planet One Pte Ltd. group of companies employs over 600 people, having direct representation in 10 countries India Thailand Malaysia United Kingdom Middle East

4 Planet One Group of Companies 3D Networks Planet PSG NetProActive Services FCSCSPlanet ICS Voice Data Convergence SW Services And Solutions Hospitality IP Tel NOC IMaRC Managed Services IVR Call Centre Prof Services 500+ people 8 Countries 32 People 6 Countries 20+ People 3 Countries 90+ People 10 Countries Just opened

5 Customer 3D NETWORKS – ADVANTAGE We become a Single Window to offer you the full life-cycle solutions & services NetProActive Services Planet PSG FCSCS Planet ICS

6 PLANET ONE A strong regional network of synergistically related technology companies employing more than 600 personnel with direct representation in 9 countries throughout APAC Privately held and backed with private equity holder multi billion $ business across a variety of industries (timber, IT, automotive, oil and gas etc – like the TATA group in India) 3D Networks expanding continually and grown to a presence in more than 7 countries Gaining solid presence and foothold through acquisitions & mergers: 3D Networks in July 2001, Australia Bangalore Labs (now NetProActive Services) in November 2001, India Planet Professional Services Group in July 2002, Singapore TGNT in January 2003, China

7 Leading systems/network integrator in Asia Pacific and a Voice & Data convergence specialist Offers cutting-edge business communications infrastructure solutions for enterprises, (BFSI, Contact centres, Manufacturing, Government & Healthcare) and Service Providers. 3D Networks - Overview

8 Call Centres Converged VoIP Unified Messaging Solutions Voice Networks (IP Telephony / TDM Telephony) Speech Recognition LAN WAN Metro Area Network Solutions MPLS / Core Routing / Switching Solutions Security Hybrid Solutions involving LAN, WAN, voice & data VoIP Converged applications Contact Centre Practice Network and Security Audits Network Design Services Voice Solutions Data Solutions Convergence SolutionsConsultancy Services 3D Networks Solution and Service Offerings Managed Services

9 SOLUTIONS and SERVICES Voice Solutions Data Solutions Converged Solutions Managed Services Voice & Data Consultancy END-TO-END LIFE CYCLE SERVICES Project Consultancy Technical Consultancy Product Supply Installation, Commissioning Wide Area Connectivity Customization Services Integration and Interface Services Facilities Management Training Outsourcing of Turnkey projects

10 State of the art NOC to monitor systems, report incidents and resolve them The NOC command centre in Bangalore is connected to Melbourne & New York over leased lines for redundancy and an increased very highly skilled labor pool NOC facilities at Melbourne, Australia and New York, United States operate 8x7 One center works as disaster recovery for another STATE-OF-THE-ART 24X7 NOC


12 3D NETWORKS – REGIONAL STRATEGY 3D Networks has 3 key strategic growth markets India expecting annual growth of 100% YoY for next 3+ years Investment will continue in line with growth New business models and revenue streams being explored China Tap the huge market potential Have expanded service offerings to address unique market requirements (heavy Govt business ownership) Australia Consolidation and value added services next big thing Fundamentally transforming the business to drive innovation, and new business opportunities (QT an example)




16 3D Networks is the sole pan-Asian Platinum Partner of Nortel Networks and Global Customer Partner in APAC

17 3D Networks Value - Nortel Networks Partnership Nortel Networks first and sole pan-Asian Platinum Partner –A testimony to our expertise, support and infrastructure capabilities which promise the best skills and service for customers Nortel Networks Global Customer Partner in Asia Pacific –A testimony to our strong reach and pan-regional presence Nortel Networks “Partner of the Year – India” –A testimony to the scorching pace of growth, success, Nortel expertise and customer confidence we enjoy


19 A FORMIDABLE COMBINATION OF EXPERIENCE + EXPERTISE Largest Group of Level 3 engineers skilled on Nortel product outside of Nortel globally Contact Centre Industry Experts like Chris Luxford are leading the contact centre technology in 3D Networks Strong Telephony Industry expertise senior to junior team members from our Chairman Barry Southern with over 30 years in the industry, to senior members like SK Jha, Karl Panknin, Bill Chang, Steve Rickard etc Periphonics skills unparalleled in the industry.

20 Resource Capability Short Term Numerous L1-L3 Meridian, Peri, Symposium and IPML skills in 7 locations in India RIGHT NOW ! Long Term Annual growth > 100% Constantly acquiring new talent (skills) Forefront of technology through continual training Expansion into both carrier and enterprise opportunities 3D Networks Solutions & Services Voice & Data Solutions Operational Process Transformation Professional Services Network Services Managed Services

21 OUR CALL CENTRE & IVR CAPABILITY Over 300 call centre customers regionally. Over 50% of 3D’s resources have been applied to and are skilled in these areas

22 TO SUMMARIZE OUR EXPERTISE & EXPERIENCE 3D Networks enjoys a strong presence in APAC region, backed by very high technical expertise, rich experience and the formidable background and support of the Planet One group We are growing to cater to the growing demands of our customers businesses “When you think of Nortel, think of us”


24 We strive to ensure that the customers’ technology requirement is non linear Ensure customer experience exceeds today’s performance levels 3D Networks believes in being a strategic advisor 3D Networks will continuously explore new technology concepts that can provide customers with significant differentiation

25 OUR COMMITMENT TO THE CALL CENTER INDUSTRY In Aug D Networks established it’s own Contact Centre Consulting Practice headed by Chris Luxford, an expert in Call Center technology practice. 3D Networks is one of the largest SI’s in the Contact Centre industry in India & Australia 3D Networks enjoys a understanding of contact centre solutions – from infrastructure requirements to complex applications 3D Network sees the contact centre space as essential to it’s heritage and future growth

26 OUR COMMITMENT TO THE CALL CENTER INDUSTRY As part of its commitment to the industry and to its 500+ contact centre customers regionally, 3D Networks is: Running a series of Contact Centre Strategy Workshops regionally Developing a range of operational contact centre management training Exploring a number of innovative BPO/Contact Centre outsourcing business models Soon to launch a range of new contact centre commercial models that can be adopted by outsourcers

27 OUR COMMITMENT TO THE CALL CENTER INDUSTRY We are keen to bring our Technology, Business Process intellectual knowledge and quality of partnership to the call center industry in Pakistan We are not just another network integrator You can look to us as your strategic partner for the entire call center networking life-cycle – from consultancy to implementation to support.

28 THANK YOU International Investment Conference For details contact Tel: (+92-21) Fax:

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