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© 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Data Connectors Honolulu Transforming Your Network into a Platform for Mobility AEROHIVE NETWORKS.

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1 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Data Connectors Honolulu Transforming Your Network into a Platform for Mobility AEROHIVE NETWORKS

2 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Introduction to Aerohive: 2 Cloud-managed Mobile Networking Company › Cloud (Public & Private), Controller-less Wi-Fi, Routing, VPN, Switching › 5 th fastest growing tech company 07-11 »(Deloitte Fast 500 – 44,569% growth) › 135% YoY growth (2011-2012) › ~10000 Customers › ~500 Employees › Visionary Vendor - Gartner MQ for Wired & Wireless LAN 2013 Branch & Teleworker Routers Enterprise Wi-Fi Cloud Services Platform Public Partner Private (on-premise) Access Switches Wi-Fi Unified Access Visionary Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 Unified Access Visionary Gartner Magic Quadrant 2012 Unified Access Visionary Gartner Magic Quadrant 2011 Wi-Fi Gartner MQ

3 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL You need to enable them, without drowning in complexity $ X SecurityPerformanceReliabilityCost New Requirements of the Network Edge Corp deployed enterprise devices WLAN overlay Network centric Monolithic Corp / BYOD enterprise / consumer devices Ubiquitous Wi-Fi Access User Centric Elastic 3 Yesterday Today Cloud-enabled, self organizing, application aware, identity-based infrastructure Aerohive Networks - Simpli-fi Enterprise Networking Users want to work anywhere, on any device and access any App

4 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Customer Focus 4 Healthcare Retail / Logistics Education Distrib. Enterprise Intelligent, scalable, cost effective, resilient infrastructure

5 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Enterprise Deployments 5 HQ Retail Edu iPad1:1 Faculty, Guests Apple TVs Branch Unified Wired, Wi-Fi, VPN, FW Virtualized Mgmt & VPN Termination Wi-Fi Primary Access Guest, Corp, BYOD Teleworker Work, Home, 4G, Cloud Security Credit Cards. PCI, Inventory, Voice, Kiosks Logistics Coverage, Reliability, Voice Picking, Outdoor Healthcare EMR, eMAR, Asset Tracking, Voice Messaging High Density, AD integration, Bonjour, Ease of Use Cloud-enabled Data Center Performance, Contextual Policy Enforcement, Unified Access Layer, MDM enrollment

6 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL No data bottlenecks Service Level Agreements QoS & Spectrum analysis included Distributed (Controller-less) Wi-Fi Architecture Delivering simplicity, reliability and affordability 6 Management Redundancy Scalability and future proofing Performance Centralized cloud-based or Local management Management within the network only No single point of failure Self healing mesh architecture No controller tax Requires multiple controllers Local data forwarding..what do you lose? No feature licensing Start small and grow Distributed intelligence Controller capacity? Feature licenses? Data bottlenecks QoS, Spectrum analysis..$$$ (FW, RADIUS, CWP, BYOD, Bonjour GW) How does it work?Architectural AlternativesCentral Vs. Distrib. Control

7 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Load Balancing Layer 3 Roaming 5 GHz Resilient Mesh Layer 2 Roaming Band Steering 2.4 GHz 54Mbps 450Mbps 11Mbps SLA, QoS & Dynamic Airtime Scheduling High Powered Radios, Receive Sensitivity & RRM Enterprise Wi-Fi Features 7 Optimization Mobility Distribution Receive SensitivityLayer 2/3 Roaming

8 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL BYO and Corp Deployed Devices 8 Access defined by ID & Device RADIUS PPSKCWP L2-7 Firewall Corp user Corp user - BYODGuest user CORP Policy Corp VLAN FW = LAN & Web Approved Apps 10Mbps per user Approved Apps get priority 24HR Access BYOD Policy Restricted VLAN FW = Email & Web, Permitted Apps 5Mbps per user M-F 8am-9pm GUEST Policy DMZ FW = Web Only, Limited Apps 1Mbps per user M-F 9am-5pm User Profiles OS Detection MDM Enrollment Bonjour Gateway www Corp MDM Quarantine Enroll BYOD & MDMBonjour GWL7

9 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Security and Authentication Features Authentication support for common directory servers Eliminates standalone RADIUS server Credential caching for remote/branch survivability MAC (L2) based firewall Stateful TCP/IP firewall (L3/L4) L7 App Visibility & Enforcement ALGs for DNS/FTP/SIP Policy Based Client Isolation 9 Captive Web Portal Wireless Intrusion Prevention Remote Site Content Security WIPS Directory Integration Private PSK Multiple CWPs able to serve scalably from every AP Multiple users, same SSID - easy but unique revocable keys Stateful L2-L7 Firewall

10 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Cloud-enabled Networking Routing, VPN and Switching features 10 PoE SIP/SCCP/Spectralink support Voice Enterprise (Q1) Detection of IP phone OS 802.1X/Access control Dynamic QoS for voice traffic 3G/4G Unified Wired & Wireless Mgmt Wi-Fi Wired Routing / FW VPN Same Policy and Network Address/L3 Service PoE-PSE, 3G/4G USB L2 & L3 IPSec VPN Robust Voice Support Branch on Demand

11 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL SupportManage Monitoring and Reporting Features 11 Cloud Management Spectrum Analysis Client Monitor & Packet Capture Simple GUI Topology & Location Tracking PCI Compliance Monitor Management Views

12 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Less Operational CostsLess Infrastructure Costs Reduced Capex and Opex 12 Client Health Score Cloud Management Zero Touch Provisioning Self Healing Client Health Score

13 © 2012 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL AP110 Dual Radio 802.11n 2X Gig.E with 10/100 link aggregation -20 to 55°C0 to 40°C 3x3:3 450 Mbps High Power Radios 2x2:2 300 Mbps 11n High Power Radios 1X Gig.E -40 to 55°C TPM Security Chip PoE (802.3af + 802.3at) and AC Power PoE (802.3at) N/A Indoor Industrial Indoor Outdoor Plenum & Dust Proof Plenum Rated Water Proof (IP 68) Aerohive AP Platforms AP121 AP330 AP350 AP170 1X Gig.E 2x2:2 300 Mbps High Power Radios 1-Radio 802.11n USB for 3G/4G Modem No USB AP141 USB for future use 2x2:2 300 Mbps Radio 2X Gig E /w PoE Failover 3x3:3 450 + 1300 Mbps Radios Dual Radio 802.11ac/n Plenum/Plenu m Dust Proof 0 to 40°C/ -20 to 55°C USB 3G/4G Modem AP370/390 Indoor/ Indoor Industrial Dual Radio 802.11n $1499 $999 $649$449 $1199

14 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Aerohive Routing Platforms 14 BR100BR200 WPAP330AP350 Single RadioDual Radio 2X 10/100/1000 Ethernet 5-10 Mbps FW/VPN 30-50Mbps FW/VPN $99 1x1 11bgn3x3:3 450 Mbps 11abgn 5X 10/100 5X 10/100/1000 0 PoE PSE 2X PoE PSE * * Also available as a non-Wi-Fi, non PoE device - $499 (BR200) L2 & L3 IPSec VPN Gateway (VMware) ~500 Mbps VPN 1000 Tunnels 2 Virtual Interfaces Cloud VPN Gateway $699*$999 ~1 - 50 Users (as a router) ~1 - 10 Users~1 - 50 Users

15 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Aerohive Switching Platforms 15 SR2124PSR2148P 24 Gigabit Ethernet48 Gigabit Ethernet 4 Ports 1G SFP Uplink4 Ports 10 Gigabit SFP/SFP+ Uplink $1799 8 Ports PoE+ (195 W)24 Ports PoE+ (408 W) 128Gbps switching 56Gbps switching 176Gbps switching Available Mid 2013 SR2024 48 Ports PoE+ (779 W) Routing with 3G/4G USB support and Line rate switching $2599$3999 Redundant Power Supply Capable Single Power Supply

16 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Aerohive software platforms 16 SW Config, & Policy, RF Planning, Reporting, SLA Compliance, Guest Management, Trouble Shooting, Spectrum Analysis HiveManager Online Scalable multi-tenant platform, Redundant data centers with diversity, Backup & Recovery, Zero touch device provisioning, Flexible expansion, On demand upgrades, Pay as you grow HiveManager Virtual Appliance VMware ESXi, HA redundancy 15,000s APs with specified configuration HiveManager Appliance – 2U Redundant power & fans, HA redundancy, 5000 APs HiveManager Appliance – 1U HA redundancy, 500 APs StudentManager VMware ESXi Up to 50,000 students

17 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL Aerohive Networks A single architecture for the network edge Identity & Context Aware e.g. Network firewall on the router knows identity & role of the clients on APs 17 Cloud-enabled, self organizing, service aware, identity-based infrastructure Aerohive Networks - Simpli-Fi Enterprise Networking Wi-Fi Wired Routing / FW VP N Same Policy and Network Unified policy and security mgmt, from the cloud Service Aware e.g. AP know the Bonjour services to advertise across the L3 enterprise boundaries Aerohive Networks where increased performance and capacity does not mean increased complexity!

18 © 2013 Aerohive Networks CONFIDENTIAL THANK YOU! 18

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