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1 Tactical Leadership Final Presentation INTERVIEW ANALYSIS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Kelly Garrett VABEs  7 Responses Style Analysis  How to influence.

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2 1 Tactical Leadership Final Presentation

3 INTERVIEW ANALYSIS PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT PLAN  Kelly Garrett VABEs  7 Responses Style Analysis  How to influence L3  Personal Charter  Dreams  Conceptual Insights  Personal Course Takeaway’s 2

4  KIPP Foundation  15 interviews of KIPP’s top donors  Views on philanthropy, leadership & education  Evolution of my interview style  Kelly Garrett one of the first & richest conversations 3

5 Kelly Garrett Associate Director, Rainwater Foundation  Teach for America  Project Chrysalis Charter Middle School  Perea Preschool Early Childhood Development Program  Rainwater Charitable Foundation  BA Religious Studies from Rhodes College  MBA from Harvard Business School 4

6 5 ASSOCIATIONSTRATEGY U.S. education system is broken Education is important Work should be completed in a timely manner Success should be measurable and supported by data Companies exist to add value You should have partnership with individuals and organizations who share your philosophy Philanthropy is good External recognition is good Being humble is good Having children has a detrimental affect on work product It is ok to prioritize family over work, even when it’s hurting the timeliness and quality of your work People from Missouri have a limited vocabulary (are unsophisticated/uneducated) With good leadership, an organization will succeed With bad leadership, organizations will fail Outcomes are a two way street (self and other) If you have balance, you will be successful and happy If an organization is large and old, it is credible If need to touch, feel and see something to understand it Organizations only as good as the people in them

7 6 NICKI ALLEN:“…if you are trying to explain KIPP to a friend or a family member, …or another potential investor, even better. Do you feel like that you've got the right tools and materials… KELLY GARRETT:Only a quick comment and then an answer. So a quick comment, is did you say even better if it is an investor, like better than my family?” NICKI ALLEN:Sure. But then don’t tell me you don’t have [MBA] classmates that love a good PowerPoint. KELLY GARRETT:I met a couple, yeah, I met a couple, but I never caught that bug myself…

8 7 KELLY GARRETT: Also, I also know I mean the people I know and I don't…I am not as well connected to the younger KIPP generation. I am more connected to Richard Bars, David Wick, Mike Feinberg, Dave Levin, Joe Kolzinski, Susan Schiffler, I mean some more veteran people… NICKI ALLEN:Yeah, now I hear you. It sounds like you've got some friends in high places too. KELLY GARRETT: I don't know high, I mean… NICKI ALLEN: You just hang with the founders… KELLY GARRETT: I don't mean it as a name drop, I just…and let’s be clear; I think Mike and Dave are total assholes personally.

9 Nicki’s Responses# Advice1 Questions2 Evaluations5 Interpretations3 Preoccupation6 Sympathy0 Empathy6 8 Observations: Power of my empathy and reflection undermined by preoccupation Interpretations were inaccurate and created defensiveness Value judgments compromise integrity I’m a flirt!

10 9

11 10

12 “To bring out the best in myself and those around me” 11

13 Profession al Short term: be in a general management or leadership development program in the US. Long term: manage a non-profit organization whose mission is centered around social justice IntellectualRead one book a month and have a continuous learning component to my professional career EmotionalTo increase self-confidence by focusing on my strengths and positive attributes. This will have positive effects on my relationships SocialMaintain existing friendships with the 5-10 people with whom I can share everything. Also have a network for social activities FinancialPay off credit card debt (approx $2k) and undergrad loan (approx $10k) in my first year of work. LoveIt has been over a year since I separated from the man I shared my life with, lived with, loved, planned to marry and start a family with. Starting over seems daunting, but I am just about ready to be open to meeting someone and having those things again. PhysicalContinue to exercise so I can run 6 miles without being in pain, maintain current weight of 135lbs, sculpt arms like Michelle Obama 12

14 VABEs KeepThing’s can be replaced You are not better than anybody else Work hard, but make time to rest and enjoy life Take risks when you are young Yield to love Show verbal and physical affection LoseMoney will figure itself out People can’t be trusted Men cheat Better to keep the peace than speak your mind I have to be good at everything I am right AddShow everyone kindness and grace Let others help you 13

15  Find a general management job that keeps me in the US  In 3-4 years, look to transition to a non-profit organization  Measure my tangible metrics pertaining to social, financial and physical goals 14

16 “I want to feel loved, stable, successful and engaged” 15

17  L1,2&3 techniques  LPV: see, understand act  Self concept  Buy-in scale  7 responses  Active listening  E-prime language  Punished by rewards  Balance Wheel  Resonance Model 16

18 “In the end, the business will run out on you” George David “I control how I feel” Nicola Jane Allen 17

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