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IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com1/31 International Quality Maturity Model Qimpro Standards Organization Q I Q M M International Quality Maturity Model  Qimpro.

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1 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com1/31 International Quality Maturity Model Qimpro Standards Organization Q I Q M M International Quality Maturity Model  Qimpro Standards Organization 2001 Executive Briefing

2 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com2/31 Executive Briefing Background and Introduction Manual and References Basic Model, Business Elements, and Structure Immediate, Long Term, and Additional Benefits Revolutionary Path Roadmap Support Services Qimpro Overview

3 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com3/31 IQMM Background Indian companies are integrating quality into their “winning” business strategies. Integrating quality with marketing, technological and financial factors. Towards a singular vision of becoming a world-class competitor.

4 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com4/31 IQMM Introduction A reliable method for determining: How near or far are they from their vision How balanced are their initiatives to help them move forward towards their vision What needs to be done to remove the “imbalance” How to set objectives to reach the next milestones How to deploy precious resources effectively How to achieve the desired results to stay ahead.

5 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com5/31 IQMM Manual The IQMM manual incorporates: International quality management experience Inputs from leading businesses across the world ISO 9000, QS 9000, Deming, Malcolm Baldrige and EFQM criteria.

6 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com6/31 ISO 9000 Guidelines QS 9000 Standards EFQM Award Baldrige Award ISO 9001: 2000 Standards CII EXIM AwardIMCRBNQA IQMM References

7 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com7/31 IQMM Basic Model Leadership Initiative Management Support Core Processes Stakeholder Satisfaction International Quality Maturity Model © Qimpro Standards Organization 2001 Feed back / Feed forward

8 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com8/31 IQMM Business Elements 1.Leadership and strategic planning 2.Company wide communication 3.Human resource management 4.Quality management system 5.Cost of poor quality 6.Customer interaction management 7.Research, design and development 8.Supplier interaction management 9.Operations management and maintenance 10.Stores, distribution and service management 11.Inspection and measurement 12.Corrective and preventive action 13.Continual quality improvement 14.Quality audits 15.Stakeholder satisfaction.

9 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com9/31 IQMM Structure User’s Manual 15 Business Elements 150 Sub-elements Leadership Initiatives, Documentation, and Best Practices. Auditor’s Manual Details of each Business Element Explanatory Notes Verification Notes. T Each business element has a prescribed weightage. Progress along each element must be “balanced”, as prescribed in the IQMM Auditor’s Manual. The International Quality Maturity Rating is the result of a copyrighted scoring system.

10 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com10/31 IQMM Immediate Benefits Graphical profile and rating of the current level of quality management performance Existing noteworthy efforts Suggestions for continued improvement Action plan for achieving progressive levels of quality performance.

11 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com11/31 IQMM Long-term Benefits Measurement of company progress towards the company vision Benchmarking of divisional quality of management performance Benchmarking of supplier quality of management performance Using third-party IQMM rating for projecting company quality performance.

12 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com12/31 Additional benefits in Personnel development Communication and Efficiency exceed the benefit from reduced loss. IQMM Additional Benefits

13 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com13/31 IQMM Revolutionary Path % CONFORMANCE L3L4L5L6L7L8L9L10 IQMM EVOLUTION LEVEL 100 90 80 70 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 ISO 9001 LEVEL L1L2 C QUALITY SYSTEM WORLD-CLASS Q I CQI- Continual Quality Improvement

14 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com14/31 IQMM Revolutionary Path Use of this model: Definition of a structured path towards world-class status Customized program to achieve vision and goals Harmonious evolution of the quality system Human resource management and development. The correct use of the IQMM guarantees a planned and controlled growth towards a higher level of management performance.

15 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com15/31 IQMM Roadmap Annual Renewal of License Certification Audit Pre-Certification Audit Change Management Accredited Quality Auditors Baseline Assessment Executive Briefing IQMM License

16 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com16/31 IQMM License IQMM License Fee is a function of number of employees number of locations. The fee is for a period of one year. A lower renewable fee is payable annually. Execution of Agreement License Agreement: Copyright and legal issues Memorandum of Agreement: Commercial terms.

17 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com17/31 IQMM Executive Briefing Half day in-house format for senior management IQMM introduction Simulation of one Business Element Senior professional(s) as faculty.

18 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com18/31 IQMM Baseline Assessment A three step process Determine the scope and depth of the assessment Execute the assessment and process the scores Calculate the level achieved in the assessment. Effort 15 man-days audit and analysis for a site (1000 employees) Three professionals Employee interviews Report preparation.

19 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com19/31 IQMM Internal Auditors Accredited Quality Auditors Certified Quality Manager (CQM or equivalent) course, pre-requisite Four day Accredited Quality Auditor (AQA) course Minimum score of 80% Employment with an IQMM Licensee Training audit Internalizing the IQMM model – Change Agents In-house – 16 to 20 participants.

20 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com20/31 IQMM Change Management Detailed action plan based on audit report Qimpro can facilitate this effort, on a monthly or more frequent basis Six man-days by two or three professionals Inputs detailed guidance on interpretation and implementation need-based training modules regular review sharing lessons learnt.

21 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com21/31 IQMM: Support Services 1.Qimpro Awards 2.Graduation Ceremony 3.Best Practices 4.QualTech 5.Quality Bookstore.

22 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com22/31 Managing Director Suresh Lulla Technical Advisory Committee R V Ramachandran Chairman Qimpro Consultants Ganesh Natarajan Deputy Chairman and Managing Director Zensar Technologies Prof A P Kudchadker Director, Dhirubhai Ambani University of Science and Technology, and Professor Emeritus, IIT Bombay Ashok Balwani Country Head (India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh) Det Norske Veritas Sudhir Sethi President and Executive Director Infotech Enterprises Pradeep Udhas Chief Executive Officer e2e Technologies Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Cont …

23 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com23/31 Technical Collaborators David Hutchins David Hutchins International, UK Bob King GOAL/QPC, USA Bill Wortman Quality Council of Indiana, USA Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Cont …

24 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com24/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd was established in 1987, by Suresh Lulla, as the first dedicated quality management consultancy in India. Our approach involves training, facilitation, assessments, audits and recognition. Cont …

25 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com25/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Extending beyond India, Qimpro has pioneered: Dr J M Juran’s quality breakthrough process Maturity measurement and rating of quality management systems, through the International Quality Maturity Model Self assessment against the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award criteria Professional qualitist certifications. Cont …

26 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com26/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Assignments have been conducted in India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan, Sultanate of Oman, and Kenya. Qimpro has over 100 man-years of quality management consultancy experience. Cont …

27 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com27/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) To date, over 2000 quality improvement/breakthrough projects have saved client organization’s in excess of Rs 4,000 crore. These clients are from the metallurgical, automobile, engineering, chemical, electrical, textile, healthcare and service sectors. Cont …

28 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com28/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) Using the IQMM as a measurement and change management tool, three clients have won the IMC Ramkrishna Bajaj National Quality Award, and two have won the Deming Application Prize. Cont …

29 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com29/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd (Cont…) To date, over 700 professional qualitists have been certified by Qimpro. Cont …

30 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com30/31 Qimpro Consultants Pvt Ltd Qimpro offers a unique set of ‘recognition-driven’ support services. One of those, namely Qimpro Awards, is recognized by the American Society for Quality and Institute of Quality Assurance, UK.

31 IQMM EB 0502 www.qimpro.com31/31 Thank You

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