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Extreme Networks Corporate Presentation. page 2 The Extreme Alternative Extreme Networks was founded because networks were slow, expensive and complex—

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1 Extreme Networks Corporate Presentation

2 page 2 The Extreme Alternative Extreme Networks was founded because networks were slow, expensive and complex— and nobody was doing anything about it

3 page 3 Extreme Networks in Brief Major market: Layer 3 switching Market Share: ~20% Layer 3 ports worldwide* Extreme: The clear alternative in Layer 3 Ethernet Ports sold worldwide: ~8 million Global reach: 1,000 employees/25 countries R&D investment: ~14% annual revenue * Dell’Oro Group Founded: 1996

4 page 4 Some of Our Fortune 500 Customers  British Telecom  Coca-Cola  Compaq  Deutsche Bank  Ericsson  Lockheed Martin  Los Alamos Labs  Microsoft  Nissan  NTT DoCoMo  Siemens  Sun Microsystems  Volkswagen  Reuters

5 page 5 Our Vision: Ethernet and IP Everywhere Data, voice and video devices are all linked via secure, high- speed wired and wireless Ethernet connections. Extreme Networks believes in a future where all electronic communications will be conducted over Ethernet and IP

6 page 6 Our mission: How does Extreme Networks define ‘best’? Increased performance Simplified operations and architecture Decreased total cost of ownership (TCO) Deliver the world’s best Ethernet and IP infrastructure solutions for all applications and services for the Enterprise and Ethernet Metro Service Provider markets

7 page 7 Infrastructure challenges Survive Optimize Grow Changing role of network in business Your Business Our Infrastructure New and more demanding applications Computing Systems Non-Computing Devices Broadening deployment of wireless (802.11b/a/g, UWB) Power Over Ethernet Massive proliferation of devices Changing role of network in business New and more demanding applications Massive proliferation of devices

8 page 8 Business Infrastructure: A Moving Target Today’s EnterpriseThe New Enterprise Store and forward Real time Data-centric apps Multimedia apps Static Interactive 99.8% uptime (17.5 hr./yr. outage) 99.999% uptime (5 min./yr. Outage) Wired links Wired and wireless links 1000s of connections 100,000s of connections (and growing) PCs and laptops Hybrid (PCs; wired and wireless laptops; PDAs; cellular phones) Station-centric User-centric Manage elements Manage communications

9 page 9 Extreme Innovation 199019972003 Innovation Context Large number of LAN technologies (e.g., FDDI, Ethernet, token ring, IPX…) CPU-based multiprotocol routers Complexity Ethernet and IP win the protocol battle Simplicity ASIC-based Layer 3 switching Convergence: new devices and applications (e.g., wireless, SANs, VoIP…) Flexibility Seamless access infrastructure and programmable core

10 page 10 Stepping into the Future of Ethernet and IP Birth of Networking Speed/ Distance Ethernet and IP Everywhere™ Scalability/Control Business Optimized Infrastructure Business Optimized Infrastructure: The next logical step for the enterprise and the metro area

11 page 11 The Application Matrix Data Management, Mirroring, Imaging Transaction Processing Web Apps File & Print Services File Management, FTP Image Streaming Video Voice Media Low Delay Sensitivity High Low Bandwidth Requirements High

12 page 12 The Business Optimized Switch Ethernet and IP Switch Engine Interfaces 10/100 Mbps 1/10 Gbps Sonet/SDH VDSL POE Services QoS CoS SLBMPLSIPv4 IPv6 Mcast Management Administration High Performance High Availability Cost-Effective Standards-Compliant Secure Scalable Flexible Simple

13 page 13 Seamless Scalability: From Core to Edge From a single floor… …To an entire building

14 page 14 Seamless Scalability: From Core to Edge …To campus LANs …Across the metro area

15 page 15 Distribution/ Aggregation Layer Business Optimized Infrastructure Core Layer New Demands: Scalability, New protocols: IPv6, MPLS, New technology: 10GE/40GE New Demands: High Bandwidth Density Access Layer Advanced Applications GE to Desktop QoS Desktop Applications PoE, QoS, L3 Wireless Applications New Devices High Security Data Center Applications Data Management IP Storage Supercomputing Clusters New Access Architecture Seamless integration of wired and wireless Integrated security (802.1x/ACLs/address management) Wireless for mobility/device connection Low cost for desktop, high-density gigabit Ethernet as needed Enhanced Distribution/ Aggregation Architecture Triumph-Based IPv6, MPLS, rate shaping/accounting as needed Highly competitive, high-density proven architecture New Core Architecture 4GNSS-Based Integrated IPv4/v6 and MPLS Programmable highly scalable architecture

16 page 16 Extreme’s TCA (Total Cost Advantage) Extreme cuts typical total cost of ownership (TCO) 20% to 30%

17 page 17 Extreme’s TCA (Total Cost Advantage) The secret: significant savings across the board

18 page 18 Extreme’s TCA (Total Cost Advantage) Cutting TCO by cutting customer investments in hardware, maintenance and personnel

19 page 19 Best-of-Breed Partners File Print Mail ERP CRM HR Other Business Apps E-Business Network Storage/ Clustering VoIPMultimediaWirelessIP SANs Other New Apps Business Optimized Infrastructure The Foundation for Today’s Applications—and Tomorrow’s traditional applicationsemerging applications

20 page 20 Carrier - Metro Enterprise Extreme Networks The Channel Connection Marketing/ Support/ Sales Flow Product Flow Extreme Distribution Partner (EDP) Non- Accredited Reseller Authorized Extreme Reseller (ER) Extreme Solution Partner (ESP) Extreme Advanced Solution Partner (EASP)

21 page 21 Global From the Word ‘Go’ 1,000 employees 50+ locations 25+ Countries  Support Staff  Sales  R&D  Logistics Centers

22 page 22 A Tradition of (Over) Achievement 1997 N+I Best of Show—Summit1 LAN Switch 1998 N+I Best of Show—Summit48i 1999 N+I Best of Show—Internet Data Center Switch 2000 Network Magazine Product of the Year—BlackDiamond 6800 N+I Best of Show— Alpine 3800 InternetWeek Best of Breed— Summit48i San Jose and Silicon Valley Business Journal—“Silicon Valley’s fastest-growing public company”

23 page 23 A Tradition of (Over) Achievement 2001 N+I Best of Show—SummitPx1 Network Computing Well-Connected award—Summit7i TM Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year—CEO Gordon Stitt* InternetWeek Best of Breed—BlackDiamond 6800 Communication News Editor’s Choice—SummitPx1 2002 Deloitte & Touche Technology Fast 500 company in North America 2003 Network Computing Editor’s Choice—BlackDiamond ® 6808 Gartner Research ‘Visionary’ vendor *Technology & Communications, Northern California

24 page 24 Business Optimized Benefits Maximize performance of business-critical apps 24x7 operation Increase productivity Drastically reduce total cost of ownership Lower capital investments, Lower operational expenses Clear migration path to future Massively scalable Standards-based Support new apps & services

25 page 25 Summary Three transformations Massive proliferation of connections New and more demanding applications Changing role of the network in business Extreme’s Business Optimized Infrastructure Unified access architecture Enhanced distribution/aggregation architecture New and innovative core architecture

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