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Tests and Measurements

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1 Tests and Measurements
Goniometry, Circumference, Joint Laxity, Muscle Strength

2 Goniometric Measurements
Anatomical position Reading the caliper Degrees of motion = amount the limb can move throughout the whole ROM The athlete should be in a stable position

3 Worksheet Motion Motion
Elbow flexion Wrist extension Hip extension Shoulder extension Ankle plantarflexion Hip flexion Knee flexion Neck lateral flexion

4 Circumference Area should be relaxed Proper anatomical placements
Proper placement of tape measure Don’t pull too tight Used for fitting braces or checking muscle atrophy Measure the following: 6” below patella= Midpatella = 6” above patella= Mid biceps = 3” below medial epicondyle=

5 Joint Laxity Proper relaxed position Check bilateral
Proper hand placements Feel for endpoints Joint laxity is measured by 1st, 2nd, and 3rd degree Check the following laxities Valgus left/right= Varus left/right= Lachmann left/rt=

6 Strength guide Grade/% Value Strength
5/100 normal Full ROM against gravity with full resistance 4/75 good Full ROM against gravity with some resistance 3/50 Fair Full ROM against gravity with no resistance 2/25 poor Full ROM without gravity 1/10 trace slight contraction without motion 0/0 zero no muscle contraction

7 Muscle Strength for Nerve involvement
C5-deltoid/biceps T1-finger abduction/add L4 C6-biceps, wrist extensors L1- L5 C7-triceps, finger ext., wrist flexors L2 S1 C8-finger flexors L3

8 Manual muscle testing worksheet
Peroneal longus Tibialis anterior Latissimus dorsi Supraspinatus Triceps Flexor pollicis longus Extensor carpi radialis Rectus femoris Biceps femoris Pectoralis major Extensor Hallicis longus Rhomboid major Adductor magnus Tensor fascia latae Gluteus maximus Deltoid Infraspinatus Vastus medialis Gastrocnemius Sartorius Rectus abdominis External oblique Brachial radialis Trapezius sternocleidomastoid

9 Ankle stress tests & special tests
Other evaluation tests Posterior tibial pulse Behind medial malleolus Dorsalis pedis pulse Between extensor hallicus longus and externsor digitorum longus Achilles reflex S1 Goniometric measurements Inversion/eversion Plantar/dorsi flexion Forefoot abd/adduction Anterior Drawer Anterior talo fibular ligament Talor tilt Calcaneal fibular ligament and deltoid ligament Compression test Fibula fracture

10 Knee tests Swelling Patella Goniometric measurements ACL Ballotment
Lachmann Anterior Drawer MCL Valgus 0 and 30 degrees LCL Varus 0 and 30 degrees Meniscus Applies Grind McMurray click MRI Swelling Ballotment Wipeout Patella Apprehension Chondromalacia Goniometric measurements Flexion/extension

11 Knee terms Valgus/varus Genu varum, genu valgum, genu recurvatum
Popliteal fossa Intra articular Pes Anserine Bursa

12 Hip and Pelvis Terms Special tests Acetabularfemoral jt=hip joint
Sacroiliac jt Pubic symphysis Greater Trochanter Special tests ROM- flexion extension, lateral bending, rotation

13 Hip and Pelvis Special tests continued Straight leg raise
Wells straight leg raise Kernig test- stretches spinal cord Milgram test- intrathecal pressure- disc Valsalva maneuver Patrick/FABER (flexion abduction, external rotation) test- sacroiliac jt. FADIR- flexion, adduction, internal rotation

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