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Pardubice, Czech Republic - 25 Oct 2004

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1 Pardubice, Czech Republic - 25 Oct 2004
Sous-titre (Arial 22 à 24) Experience in ERTMS level 2 Pardubice, Czech Republic - 25 Oct 2004 Dr G. de Tilière - Insérer le texte à mettre en valeur -

2 ALSTOM Solutions & Products
Projects: Example of Switzerland (SBB-SA NBS) and Italy (IHSL) ALSTOM Return of experience Conclusion 2

3 ATLAS™ 200 solution ERTMS Level 2
Control Centre track-side signals no longer required Movement authority by radio: Euroradio / GSM-R, ... Train position via Eurobalise Train Integrity via RBC “Radio-Based Centre” ATS GSM-R local radio equipment RBC Radio Block Centre Local IXL Local IXL ERTMS on-board + cab-signaling Signal Point Machine Train detection Fixed Beacon relocalisation

4 ERTMS Product Experience
On-board equipment: ALSTOM’s EVC platform>1000 in service (Belgium, Hong-Kong, Netherlands, UK) >2300 EVC to be delivered (including 194 computers for TASS, « Tilt Autorisation and Supervision System », for UK) ALSTOM ’s ETCS MMI (>200 in service) > 4000 to be delivered ALSTOM ’s ETCS antenna similar to that of KVB, the ATC for SNCF (> 7000 in service) > 2500 to be delivered Odometers > 2500 to be delivered 4

5 ETCS Doppler radar has been tested on all Alstom Test Tracks
> 2000 to be delivered Juridical Recorder Unit Cabradio datarack & MMI > 1000 sets GSM-R (Cab-Radio + 2 antennas +MMI) are to be delivered 5

6 Trackside Products Class B Class A (Start March 2005)
ERTMS level 2 ERTMS level 1 Class B Class A (Start March 2005) EUROBALISES: ALSTOM’s experience comes from over 200,000 balises in service (with SNCF KVB), that are similar to Eurobalise. > 19’000 balises to be delivered LEU: Line-side Electronic Unit ALSTOM’s experience comes from 20,000 KVB encoders in service at SNCF/RFF. > 2000 encoders, « LEU », are to be delivered 6

7 RBC, main feature (ERTMS-L2)
Fulfills the latest standards EN50126/8/9, SIL 4 Interoperability: UNISIG spec 2.2.2 Euroradio FFFIS for GSM-R interface RBC Architecture A 2oo3 safe computer system Redundant safe I/O system Industrial workstation for Maintenance and recording. ALSTOM tested the features of on-line RBC, on the 4 Test Tracks (France, Italy, Netherlands, UK) > 24 RBC are to be delivered

8 ERTMS ALSTOM Solutions & Products
ALSTOM Projects; Example of Switzerland and Italy ALSTOM Return of experience Conclusion 8

9 ERTMS/ETCS trackside Level 1 current commercial projects
CFL: ground board May 2005 TASS: board & ground SCMT: board & ground 2004 Zaragoza-Huesca ground 2004 Athens suburban: ground 2004 most projects: SRS 2.2.2

10 ERTMS/ETCS trackside Level 2 current commercial projects
Betuwe Route : Level 2 (ground) June 2005 Belgium L3/L4: Level 1 & 2 (ground) 2006 SBB (Mattstetten-Rothrist) Levels 1 & 2 ~500 cabs Rome – Naples Bologna – Florence Bologna –Milano Torino Novara (Milano) Level 2 (ground) 2004.. most projects: SRS 2.2.2

11 ERTMS/ETCS carborne current commercial projects
SNCB-M6: 32 cabs CFL: 146 cabs May France bi-std KVB STM: Czech Pendolinos 15 cabs May 2005 EuroAVE Lanzaderas (1 & 2) 118 cabs ATB / ATB-NG SBB (Mattstetten-Rothrist) Level 2 ~500 cabs Cisalpino ETR500 New Pendolino 106 cabs Athens 16 cabs

Switzerland: SBB - Mattstetten-Rothrist ERTMS/ETCS SBB Project 10 km single track 45 km double track ETCS Level 2 area

13 Switzerland Mattstetten-Rothrist
Maximal speed: 200 km/h Mixed traffic on Level 1 line (Step 1): - ERTMS equipped rolling stock and - ZUB as fallback ( = reversed STM ) equipped rolling stock Mixed traffic on Level 2 line (Step 2) Operational headway: 2 minutes Pure Class 1 specifications (SRS version 2.2.2) 13

14 ALSTOM Scope : Switzerland Mattstetten-Rothrist
Trainborne: > 500 cabs, including: ETCS (EVC, MMI, JRU...), GSM-R data, GSM-R voice, analogue radio Trackside: 1 RBC and local peripherals - LCS for local train supervision, including implementation of TSR, (Temporary Speed Restrictions) - LMS, Local Maintenance Station System Integration: 1 electronic IXL + train detection products (Alcatel) Balises (Siemens) Interface with GSM-R network Installation, Maintenance, After-sales support

15 Switzerland Mattstetten-Rothrist
Step 1: Service in Dec with partial ERTMS ERTMS fallback:ERTMS L2 HW & SW but with specific dataprep for use of MMIs & interfaces 130 trains in service, 250 trains for Dec 2004. Target: 1 min delay per train per week for 12 Dec 2004 Step 2: Full ERTMS L2 functions V&T trainborne and trackside passed System FAT end of Nov 2004 Pre system test on site in June-July 2004 Full supervision Entry-exit scenarios Integration test IXL-RBC + Trackside-trainborne communication SAT System planned for mid 2005 Safety case “fit” for ERTMS L2 operation end 2005/2006

16 Real HW/SW data used for system FAT
Switzerland Mattstetten-Rothrist Trackside Tests RBC IXL RIS Real HW/SW data used for system FAT 16

17 Switzerland Mattstetten-Rothrist Onboard Tests

18 IHSL Roma Napoli: ERTMS L2
Verone Moncenisio Milan Trieste Moncenisio Padova Venise Turin Genova Bologne Florence Rome Naples Lines to be implemented Battipaglia Lines for which the detail design has been drawn up Planned lines ERTMS Level 2 on high-speed network

19 Rome-Naples Line characteristics
216 km and 18 Stations Max speed km/h Operational headway 5 min Typical block m ERTMS (3 RBCs & 15’000 Balises) complete system test in 2004 Trains runs at 300 km/h with overlap of 2 RBC/IXL achieved in May 2004 August 27/04 system test in Tunnel provisional acceptance expected Jan 05, in revenue service in Dec 2005 Scope includes 27 trains ETR Pendolinos

20 ERTMS ALSTOM Solutions & Products
ALSTOM Projects; Example of Switzerland and Italy ALSTOM Return of experience Conclusion 20

21 ERTMS: ALSTOM Experience
Advance position in ERTMS contracts, strong return of experience on: Trackside - Trainborne - System Integration System integration & validation: on-board, trackside & system First experience on 4 test tracks Most advanced ERTMS L2 projects Interfaces RBC: - Interface developed with ALCATEL IXL (SA-NBS / SBB) ANSALDO IXL (IHSL / RFI) Siemens TCCS (SBB) - Euroradio + standard protocol Safety case ALSTOM has a generic safety case being assessed by ISA (Trackside/Trainboard) 21

22 ERTMS: ALSTOM Experience (2)
ERTMS L2 Norms & operational rules: Strong experience in the process of implementation of rules and operational scenarios (critical point for operators). Strong Return of experience on Products : ERTMS L1: Athens (Operation for Olympic Games) ERTMS L2: IHSL & SBB => Product improvement, including Ergonomic SBB: Return on experience based on 130 trains in operation Generic on-board solutions: - Implemented on various types of trains - Interfaces developed with - GSM-R networks - Onboard central units ALSTOM has now an advanced return of experience in ERTMS as: - Product provider - System integrator 22

23 Experience in ERTMS Test Scheme
- RBC interface tests - Complete subsystem integration tests - Integration test of indoor equipment before site delivery - Integrated tests to secure delivery of reliable equipment Test phase is critical for successful implementation of projects

24 ERTMS Test Bench Train-borne Network Transmission Gateway Experience :
- Thousands of tests for RBC and EVC - Used by SBB and RFI/FS for validation - Recognized by ISA for Acceptance Train-borne Network Transmission Gateway

25 ERTMS ALSTOM Solutions & Products
ALSTOM Projects; example of SA-NBS and IHSL ALSTOM Return of experience Conclusion 25

26 ALSTOM reference solution is in operation
CONCLUSION With around 15 ERTMS projects in parallel, among which 5 major ones, ALSTOM has a leading position in ERTMS: ALSTOM Baseline SRS already in hands:  Strong return of experience through full-scale tests and operation Improved Engineering Processes based on current advanced and challenging projects ALSTOM reference solution is in operation with stabilised generic platforms

27 April 2002 Thanks 27

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