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Employability and Lorraine Collins Executive Director, Enterprise & Development Uxbridge College.

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1 Employability and Lorraine Collins Executive Director, Enterprise & Development Uxbridge College

2 Background Rated as Outstanding by OFSTED One of highest performing GFE Colleges in London Qualifications offered from entry to degree level in 14 different curriculum areas Provides industry standard facilities in a local setting Curriculum design reflects the local regional and national economy Programmes are enhanced by strong employer links Values and promotes learning as the key to success

3 Why it’s important Qualifications with a purpose-to have a fulfilling career which contributes to economic growth Regular job/career changes are now part of working life Greater focus in new Common Inspection Framework

4 The ‘ABC’ of Progress A B C areer ny Job etter Job

5 The 3 E’s  E mployability- support to get that job  E nterprise - enhance capacity to generate ideas and skills - an INTRAPRENEUR  E ntrepreneurship-additional knowledge, attributes and capabilities required to apply this to setting up a new venture  A ptitude (skills) +attitude(culture) = success

6 Examples of Employer Partnerships

7 Employability Activities  In curriculum-linked to assignments/course work  In tutorials - key preparation and evaluation opportunity for the below……  In Work Experience  In Enterprise  In Volunteering  In Work Week

8 Enterprise  Can be evidenced through other activities, e.g. Curriculum trips, good news stories, case studies.  Sourcing other funds and programmes  FE Pioneers Unltd, NACUE, MyKindaCrowd  february-2014/4531-right-moves-net-p7000-for-uxbridge- college-stylists.html february-2014/4531-right-moves-net-p7000-for-uxbridge- college-stylists.html

9 Fashion L3 – Yr1 and Yr2 Student Collection for Main event Game Design – L3, Yr1 & 2 Animation for promo video & concept art for charity auction Art & Design – L1, L2 & L3 60’s themed art work for auction Technical Theatre – L3, Yr2 Design & rig lighting & effects Design – L3, Yr2 Provide mentors to style models with clothes from charity shops Foundation Art & Design – L3, Yr2 Interior design of venue Graphics – L1, L2 & L3 Invitations, leaflets, posters, auction catalogue, event programme Music – L3, Yr1 & Yr2 Compilation of 60’s music and live performance Media – L2 & L3 Promo video, filming event & post production “Cast Offs to Catwalk” 60’s inspired Mayor’s Fashion Show Charity Event

10 Work Week  Three weeks of lead up activities through tutorials, parent events.  Programme of activities with invited employers contributing to key events, e.g careers workshops, speed interviewing, guest speakers, careers surgeries  Preparation is key!

11 Questions

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