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Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) The most advanced Iridium SATCOM System on the market. AMDAR Panel, Geneva, Switzerland September.

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2 Automated Flight Information Reporting System (AFIRS) The most advanced Iridium SATCOM System on the market. AMDAR Panel, Geneva, Switzerland September 9, 2013

3 Derek Taylor, Sales Director Experience: 14+ years in aviation communications and certification engineering (AFIRS STCs, various avionics / structural STCs, and VIP / Cargo interior designs FLYHT (previously known as AeroMechanical Services Ltd. (AMS)) has been involved in AMDAR development projects since 2002. Introduction

4 Full range, world-wide Iridium services provider - Pole to pole coverage! More commercial aircraft STCs than any other Iridium VAR Routinely pass over 15,000 messages/day - Over 1,000,000 flight segments since 2006 - Over 1,300,000 flight hours since 2006 Transport Canada approved DAO and DAR Strategic Partners: Universal Avionics, L3 Comms, Q9, Iridium, IATA and AFRAA 40+ global customers Introduction to FLYHT


6 AFIRS End-to-End Solution Map

7 Automated block and flight time collection and reporting back in to airline’s system(s) Automated global flight following Automated engine data collection for trending purposes and ETOPS compliance Automated engine and airframe exceedance reporting (real-time FOQA / FDM) Built in Quick Access Recorder (QAR) for FOQA / FDM / SMS program Global satcom voice Global Two-way text messaging Real-time fuel management ACARS over Iridium FANS capability Safety Services Voice capability (once Iridium is approved) FLYHTStream (real-time FDR data streaming) Overall AFIRS Capabilities Summary

8 AFIRS Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

9 In 2001 FLYHT (formerly AMS) flew its prototype AFIRS unit and recorded temperature and altitude from our test DHC-8 aircraft. - Led to discussions with Gilles Fournier and AMDAR in 2002. AMS completed studies for Environment Canada: - Alternate AMDAR Development - Potential AMDAR coverage by commercial airlines in Canada. - Excess fuel carriage - Roll and pitch errors AMDAR projects with HawkAir Airlines and Canadian North. AMS carried out Environment Canada supported R&D on relative humidity, alternative temp probes and precision heading (carrier phase GPS). - These projects were parked due to the FLYHT’s focus on the AFIRS 228 program. FLYHT has been partnering with the Australian Met Services on Skytraders A319 for the past 5 years (since 2008) FLYHT History with AMDAR

10 FLYHT Partner Airlines of Interest to AMDAR * Not all operators and routes shown for confidentiality reasons.

11 Australia / Antarctica A319 Operator operating diverse routes. 5000+ flight hours 1600+ flights Transmitted an estimated 222,500 AMDAR observations over this period.

12 Cargo Operators Frequent Cargo Operations Night operations when others are not flying. AMDAR acceptable fleet of B767-200/300

13 Caribbean / Mexico / Central America FLYHT has operators in Latin America. Growing fleet of AMDAR acceptable aircraft in the Caribbean. AMDAR acceptable fleet of CRJ-100 and B737-300 LIAT replacing DHC-8-100/300 with new ATR-42/72-600

14 Asia Pacific Region AMDAR acceptable fleet of B767-300, B737-700/800 Indian Ocean Operator from the Maldives (B757 and B767)

15 Asia / Far East AMDAR acceptable fleet of B757-200

16 African Operators AMDAR acceptable fleet of B737-300/400/500 B767-300 A320 CRJ-200 Voyager Airways

17 China Operators FLYHT owns exclusive rights to Iridium voice and data in China until end of 2017. CAAC has mandated satcom voice for 100% fleet equipage by end of 2017. FLYHT expects 425 AFIRS installations through 2014 (25% of aircraft). Balance of 75% of aircraft equipped with AFIRS through 2015, 2016 and 2017.

18 Airbus Opportunities FLYHT has a very close partnership with L3 Communications. L3 has contract to provide Airbus FLYHT’s AFIRS 228S solution for ACARS over Iridium, FANS and ATC Safety Services voice. Airbus has generated a Service Bulletin to approve the AFIRS installation as a line-fit option, with first install scheduled in Mar/Apr 2014. Can AFIRS assist with AMDAR if A319/320/321 operators do not implement ACARS?

19 What FLYHT can provide to global AMDAR programs : Access to AMDAR data from data sparse geographical areas. Reliable and timely “pole-to-pole” data transmission with no ground delays. Significant and growing aircraft fleet with AFIRS onboard. Relatively nominal coding changes to add new aircraft data-frame sets (aircraft types with good quality data available). Flexible data communications capabilities An offer to introduce WMO and AMDAR to our client airlines. AMDAR with FLYHT

20 WMO-ABO / Airline / FLYHT Partnership Potential for joint marketing to national airlines and government organizations around the globe. Development of win-win strategies for flight data or regional compliance programs with local governments, etc.

21 Derek Taylor Sales Director Ph: +1-403-291-7429 Email: Discussion

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