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PIS - Post Implementation Support-ERP Helpdesk

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1 PIS - Post Implementation Support-ERP Helpdesk
Power users have been given “Issue reporting rights” on erphelpdesk for their respective Circles/SSAs/Area. Power Users (L1, L2, L3) are executives having good knowledge of ERP processes. L1- SSA/Area/Region/Unit based module SPOC as nominated by the SSA. L2- Circle based module SPOC as nominated by Circle L3- ERP Centre based module core team member.

2 L1 for a particular module must resolve by corresponding with the necessary units and other module’s L1 and revert to End user with solution. L1 has to report unresolved issue to L2 level of that module through PIS link. L1/L2 must update the status of the issues in the PIS-Mantis. L2 may send back the issue to L1 for getting the required data/processes to resolve the issue. Nomenclature of user ids TN_coimbatore_FICO_L1, TN_Coonoor_FICO_L1, TN_CO_HCMpayroll_L1, TN_CO_MM_L1. Password is erphelp123.

3 Issue Reporting Ex: Report issue in MM Module, L1 MM must choose location as L2 MM. In the Blank Report page, fill the following details as mandatory and submit the report Select the process from the dropdown menu.(mandatory) Select Assign to from dropdown menu.(mandatory) Write issue summary in short.(mandatory) Write issue description in detail.(mandatory) Select Circle name from dropdown.(mandatory) Provide attachments if required. Issue Reported by Power User may be seen under ‘Reported by Me’ tab in My View.








11 Issue Resolving L2 Power User can resolve at his/her level:
L2 Power User at Circle should click on issue id and then 1) Move the issue to L1 level 2) update status to ‘Resolved’ 3)write the solution under ‘Add Note’ field, 4) Assigned To Reporter. L2 Power user requires feedback from lower level Power User. : L2 Power user should click on issue id and then 1) Move the issue to L1 level 2)update status to ‘Feedback’, 3)Add Note of information required, and then 4)Assign it back to the reporter of that issue. L2 Power user is incapable of resolving hence forward to L3 level for resolution.: L2 Power user should click on issue id and then 1) Move the issue to L3 level 2) update status to ‘Assigned’ and assign to concerned L3.

12 Important Steps: Whenever Issue is to be send to Higher level for resolving/Lower level for feedback, Issue is to be Moved to appropriate Location by clicking “Move” Button. Then “Status” to be changed and “Assigned To” is to be changed. After completing all the above steps, Pl Confirm whether the issue is assigned to the appropriate person, by clicking the “My View” button or else by typing the issue number and clicking Jump button as done while template uploading. For better Results, Please share the L1/L2 PIS password with all the other L1/L2 PIS users of the SSA/Circle so as to raise the issues for resolving as being followed in KTK.

13 Issue Closing Issue resolved at any level must be traced back to L1 for closure. L1 must confirm the solution provided, if found OK, he/she should close the issue reported by him. To close an issue, L1 must login by his Id. Select My View, click on issue id of resolved issue and change the status to ‘Closed’.

14 New User Creation and R&A requirements
Required template format is available for new user creation in erphelpdesk ( ) under Basis Module link. The sheet is to be filled and attached in the PIS issue. R&A Requirements should also be raised through PIS only. Format is available in the above link. Head of SSA approval copy is also required

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