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Super Beast- Three-Phase WYE Application

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1 Super Beast- Three-Phase WYE Application
Presented by: HJ Arnett Industries, LLC Chris Shipley Portland, OR

2 Super Beast- Guide The Super Beast Imposes an artificial unbalanced load on 120/240 volt VAC service at the meter. This load, or “burden,” shows instantly whether the service problem is on the utility or customer side of the meter by showing a voltage drop on a conductor. Note: Most utilities use a 5-7 volt drop as an indication of trouble. Each utility should set its own standards.

3 Three-Phase WYE Application
The Super Beast can be used on 120/208 volt, 3-phase WYE systems using the portable meter base adapter. When using the portable meter base adapter (HJA ), clipping on to a permanent mete base will give a better reading. The Super Beast is not designed for use on 120/240 volt 3-phase Delta, because 208 volts are present between ground and “high phase” of a standard 3-phase Delta system.

4 Connecting the Meter Base Adapter
If you are using the meter base adaptor here are the proper steps. Hook up the neutral clip to the metal strip through the hole at the bottom of the adaptor

5 Connecting the Meter Base Adapter
Attach the Super Beast into the base adaptor with the green clip located at the bottom of the Super Beast. Hook the alligator clips to the meter socket

6 Connect to WYE Meter Connect clips of the adapter to neutral, Line 1 and Line 2. Take readings on Line 1 and Line 2. Refer to volt drop guide for possible problems. Note: Black represents the Left Meter on Beast. Red represents the Right Meter on the Beast. Green Black Red

7 Connect to WYE Meter Move one clip lead from either Line 1 or Line 2 to Line 3 The bottom setup will now test L1-L3. Take readings again by flipping switch to both Left and Right Meters on Super Beast. L2 Green Black Red L3 Green Black Red

8 Connect to WYE Meter A final test will determine the L2-L3 power quality by moving the black cable from Line 1 to Line 2. ] The following meter examples may occur when testing from line to line. Note: the best method for keeping the Meter order is to keep the black cable on the left and red cable on the right. L1 L2 Black Left Red Right

9 Applying Load to the Right (Red) Conductor
With the toggle switch moved to the right you are applying 20 Amps to the right conductor. One of the following examples will occur. As you will see in this simulated model, the reading is 111V. At most utilities the meters will read 120V +/- 5%. This photo shows no problem on the utility side of the meter. A load is being applied to the right conductor and the right meter only drops 1 volt and the left stays the same.

10 Applying load to the Red conductor
Here we have a partially open Red conductor. The load is applied to the Red Cable side and the right meter drops but the left stays the same.

11 Applying load to the Red conductor
This picture represents a fully open Red conductor with the right meter going blank and the left meter staying at the original 111V.

12 Applying load to the Red conductor
Here we see that there is a partially open neutral due to the decrease in the right meter and an increase on the left meter. Once again if you toggle to the left, you will see the same voltages reversed.

13 Full Open Neutral You may move the toggle switch to either the left or right and one meter will rise to approximately 240 V and the other will go blank.

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