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Laser Munich 2007 19 June 2007 Advancements in Reliable, High Power, Single-Emitter Diode Lasers Franck Leibreich Marketing Manager of Industrial High.

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1 Laser Munich 2007 19 June 2007 Advancements in Reliable, High Power, Single-Emitter Diode Lasers Franck Leibreich Marketing Manager of Industrial High Power Diode Laser

2 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.2 Outline 1.Introduction 2.Operations Highlights 3.High Power Fiber Laser Pumps: 1.L3 Products 2.Multi-Cell Life Test 3.L4 Development 4.SHEDS Bar Results

3 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.3 Outline

4 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.4 High Power Lasers Operations Highlights  Diode laser fab in San Jose (former SDL)  Test and Assembly at JDSU Shenzhen JDSU Shenzhen Opened January 2001 32,000 m 2 working space 15,000 m 2 clean room >2600 employees

5 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.5 Outline

6 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.6 Packaging Diodes to Fit Application Needs  Standardized Carriers –Bare Chip on Sub-mounts (CoS) –Open heat sinks –Encapsulated devices –Integrated with MPD &/or TEC  Fiber-coupled Modules –Telecom grade 14-pin BTF –Industrial “L” series

7 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.7 New: 54XX Series “J” Package Features  810, 830 & 852nm (others available)  Up to 100mW linear kink-free  5.9mm diameter TO-56 canister  Diffraction-limited (M 2 <1.1) 9° x 30° FWHM beam  Highly robust solder technology (AuSn) Applications IR illumination & /or designation, Sensing, measurement & control, thermal printing & imaging, point-to-point, high data rate communication

8 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.8 976nm Single Mode Fiber Laser Pumps  Product Suite  2700 Series (up to 300mW)  2900 Series (up to 500mW)  3000 Series (NEW! Up to 660mW)  Features  Telcordia Qualified  Spatial Single Mode  Wavelength Stabilized with FBG  Polarization Maintained Fiber Option ( Standard on 3000 Series)  Application  Fiber Laser Pumping

9 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.9 Features: 8.5W operating power at 25°C 105µm/0.22 NA pigtail >200,000hrs MTBF Robust to power cycling (0.5 Hz) Telcordia-class diode and package 8.5W 6397-L3 9XXnm Current Generation

10 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.10 6397-L3 9XXnm L-I Curve vs Temperature Typical L-I characteristics of a JDSU-6397 laser diodes at different temperatures

11 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.11 Maximum Power From 6397 Chip at 9xx nm  6397 achieves >20.0W maximum CW power Reliable power is limited by waste heat

12 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.12 Current 6397-L3 Brightness  6397-L3 105μm 0.22 NA pigtail core is under-filled  Well above 90% of power is within 0.15 NA  JDSU is committing R&D to delivering the brightest fiber-coupled single- emitter lasers

13 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.13  L3 platform shipping since Sept. 2003 –JDSU has 13 year track record supplying high power, multimode 9xx nm pump diode lasers: >100,000 shipped  4800-L3 Series qualifies for Telcordia – March ‘05 –L3 package satisfies rigorous telecom reliability standard  Over 30,000 639x-L3 diode lasers shipped –Assembled in JDSU Shenzhen since Feb 2004 –Over 30 million deployment hours –3500–4000 dppm out-of-the box and assembly failure return rate dppm for all returns, including “no problem found” Best-in-class Reliability and Quality

14 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.14 Which data would you prefer to see your supplier present? Elapsed time (hrs)  JDSU is proud to offer both devices to the market… –…but all recently released and future products are tested to failure  Weaknesses of “rose-colored glasses reliability” –No data on robustness (what happens at 1.2x Pop? What happens in Year Two of deployment?) –How does reliability scale with temperature, power, current (i.e. real use conditions)? 100um stripe, 808nm 20 units, 7500 hours Tested to nominal deployment conditions 100um stripe, 915/940nm 20 units, 5000 hours Tested to nearly 2x Iop, 145°C junction temperature ?

15 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.15 6390 Diode Laser Multi-cell Test Results Cells 1/3/5 and 4/6 vary I at constant T j  Failure rates increase with current/power Cells 2/3/4 and 5/6 vary T j at constant I  Failure rates correlate with power, not temperature

16 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.16 Multi-cell testing yields a “user’s manual” 6390 Median time-to- failures for different operating conditions

17 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.17 6397 Multi-cell Life Test  6397, 9xxnm 10W chip (100um aperture)  95 lasers from 11 wafers, 7 growth runs  Diodes are distributed among 5 cells with different very accelerated conditions  Major acceleration factors – junction temperature Tj and optical power

18 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.18 Failure rate model for 6397 chip at 9xx nm MTBF vs. output power for different heat sink temperatures 6397 MTBF and cumulative failures for different operation conditions

19 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.19 L4…the Future 2008 L4 Series, the Highest Power Available with One Single Emitter Design!!!

20 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.20 Features: 10W operating power at 25°C 105µm/0.22 NA pigtail 200,000hrs MTBF 915/940/975nm wavelengths Isolated Anode and Cathode RoHS Compliant Cost Effective Package, less $$$ per Watt!!! Fully Release to Production in January 2008 Applications: Fiber and Solid laser pumping, Direct diode material processing, Medical (dental, dermatology, surgery) 10 W 6398-L4 Development Program

21 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.21 L4 alpha Sample L-I Curve at 25°C CE = 90% I @ 8W (.2NA) = 9.5A I @ 10W (.2NA) = 12.4A  90% coupling efficiency  Very good performance into NA=0.16

22 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.22 Outline

23 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.23 Optimizing single-emitter efficiency Research funded by DARPA SHEDS program promises power conversion efficiency improvements in future fiber laser pumps

24 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.24 SHEDS 940 nm Bars  >75% Bar Efficiency at 80W and above  >69% Stack Efficiency (NIST) to 500W and beyond

25 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.25 High Power 300W Bar Preliminary Specification

26 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.26 PCE Curve

27 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.27 Slow Axis Divergence – Single Emitter Data

28 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.28 What’s next at JDSU?  Scaling the power on the Single Emitters  Focus on the fiber laser pumps  Focus on cost effective solution $/W!!  Focus on higher brightness $/W/Sterradian!!  Product with high level of integration leveraging the telecom experience like the new FCD 488 laser

29 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.29 JDSU FCD-488 Blue Laser Telecom EDFA

30 © 2007 JDSU. All rights reserved.30 Thanks to: Erik Zucker, Victor Rossin, Thomas Kraft and many other JDSU colleagues

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