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SURVIVAL KIT Scuola Elementare G.Rodari Roletto - Italy.

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1 SURVIVAL KIT Scuola Elementare G.Rodari Roletto - Italy

2 How we worked in a cooperative way… THINK What would you put in a survival kit? Individual work Think of things you need to know before visiting a partner country or you need to bring with you…. Write or draw them in the suitcase template.

3 PAIR Pair work Compare your list with the classmate sitting next to you and underline the things there are in both lists. Then compare with the classmate in front of you.

4 SHARE group work As a group, collect all the common things from the individual kits into one final survival kit and decide which other elements to include from each individual work. Draw the objects and write their names in English.

5 An example of individual kits

6 This is class 3 final survival kit

7 SURVIVAL KIT SURVIVAL KIT by class 3 TOOTHBRUSH spazzolino FOOD cibo CURRENCY Soldi MOBILE cellulare WEATHER Che tempo fa TIME Che ora c’è DICTIONARY dizionario CLOTHES abbigliamento COMPASS bussola MAPS Cartine stradali INTERNET TOURIST GUIDE Guida turistica LANGUAGE La lingua del posto PIJAMAS pigiama DANGERS pericoli BREAKFAST cosa si mangia a colazione ANIMALS animali MUSEUMS Musei e cose da vedere

8 Look at class 4 final survival kit

9 Maps Cartine stradali Currency soldi Wallet portafoglio Clothes abbigliamento Tourist guide Guida turistica Watch and time zones Orologio e fasce orarie Passport passaporto Climate clima Compass bussola Place to stay Dove alloggiare Typical food Cibo tipico Dictionary Dizionario

10 What we need to know before visiting a foreign country: -Some words of the language of the place related to: food – colours - numbers – greetings -Infomation about the time zones -Information about climate - weather -Information about means of transport – places to visit –things to do -Booking a place to stay What we need to put in the survival kit: -Appropriate clothes -A wallet with the money of the place and a credit card -Maps and tourist guides -A compass -A small dictionary -A watch and a mobile -Medicines -Toothbrush and bathsoap WHAT’S IN THE KIT?


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