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Unified L2 Abstractions for L3-Driven Fast handover (draft-koki-mobopts-l2-abstractions-03.txt) - L3-Driven Fast Handover on FMIPv6 (TARZAN) - Koki Mitani,

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Presentation on theme: "Unified L2 Abstractions for L3-Driven Fast handover (draft-koki-mobopts-l2-abstractions-03.txt) - L3-Driven Fast Handover on FMIPv6 (TARZAN) - Koki Mitani,"— Presentation transcript:

1 Unified L2 Abstractions for L3-Driven Fast handover (draft-koki-mobopts-l2-abstractions-03.txt) - L3-Driven Fast Handover on FMIPv6 (TARZAN) - Koki Mitani, Rie Shibui, Kazutaka Gogo, Koshiro Mitsuya, Fumio Teraoka KEIO University

2 Table of Contents 1.Difference from –02.txt 2.L2 Primitives 3.L3-Driven Fast Handover 4.Architecture and Implementation of FMIPv6 & LIES 5.LinkTobeDown / LinkConnect 6.Experiment 7.Nautilus6 Project 8.Interoperability test / Implementation status 9.Summary

3 Differences from -02.txt Added another sequence of handover on FMIPv6 –To Appendix.B Renamed the levels of link quality –EXCELLENT, GOOD, FAIR, POOR, N/A Editorial changes Not submitted yet…

4 L2-LinkStatus –Acquisition request for the current link status. L2-PeerList –Acquisition request for the list of possible access points. L2-PeerFound / L2-PeerLost –Indication of discovery/missing of candidate access points. L2-LinkUp / L2-LinkDown –Notification that a new link is up / an connected link is down. L2-LinkToBeDown –Notification that the connected link is about to be down. L2-LinkConnect / L2-LinkDisconnect –Request for connection/disconnection of the specific link. L2 Primitives

5 L3-Driven Fast Handover –FMIPv6 Predictive mode L3 L2 Time L2-LinkTo BeDown L2-LinkConnectL2-LinkUp L2 Handover L3 Handover Preparation L3 Handover RtSolPr Mobile Node Previous AR New AR HI FBack FNA L2-PeerList L2-PeerFound/Lost AP/AR Discovery FBU PrRtAdv HAck Packets L3-Driven Fast Handover

6 PEAE Protocol Entity Abstract Entity Inter-Layer System App1 AE App2 AE TCP AE UDP AE IPv4 AE IPv6 AE CDMA AE Ether net AE DEV AE 802.3 AE.11b AE (b) (c) (d) (a) indication request/confirm Architecture of inter Layer Information Exchange System (LIES) LIES tells you the truth.

7 Implementation Diagram of FMIPv6 & LIES ILS IPv6 MIPv6 Ethernet Modified Device Driver LINKTOBEDOWN LINK CONNECT Fmip6 daemons AE

8 modified device driver lies_timer() 1.qualify the current RSSI 2.detect the event 3.make indication 5: excellent 4: good 3: fair 2: poor 1: N/A LinkToBeDown.req “→poor” is ToBeDown LinkToBeDown.indication LinkToBeDown ToBeDown

9 modified device driver lies_80211_linkconnect() 1.Send Authentication frame 2.Send Association frame LinkConnect.req - interface name or MAC - New AP’s bssid (MAC) LinkConnect

10 Experiment PAR NAR MN HACN Router Network Topology 100base TX Full duplex IEEE802.11a Channel 7 IEEE802.11a Channel 7 OS: FreeBSD5.4 Kame/SHISA Routers: nexmate EBC MN: IBM thinkpad X31

11 Predictive Handover MN PARNAR RtSolPr PrRtAdv FBU HI HAck FBack FNA deliver packets disconnect connect 20ms 1ms 7ms 8-10ms

12 1 packet lost 64kbps traffic 80Byte payload packet 10msec

13 Nautilus6 Project Seamless Mobility team Developing two FMIPv6 implementations –ULP Linux, based on MIPL2 –Keio: TARZAN BSD, extension of SHISA Research topics –Unified L2 Abstractions for L3-Driven Fast Handover –FMIP for NEMO –Adaptation using predictive information

14 Interoperability Test TARZAN and ULP(Linux), May 2005 in Japan Confirmed interoperability on possible configurations {Linux-PAR, Linux-NAR, BSD-MN} {Linux-PAR, BSD-NAR, BSD-MN} {BSD-PAR, Linux-NAR, BSD-MN} {BSD-PAR, BSD-NAR, Linux-MN} {BSD-PAR, Linux-NAR, Linux-MN} {Linux-PAR, BSD-NAR, Linux-MN} –No problem on FMIPv6 signaling exchanges There are some unclear points in RFC4068: What we put in the answer for wildcard (PtSolPr, RtPrAdv) Padding specification for MH-LLA option is not specified by FMIPv6 spec itself Whether Code-0 PrRtAdv-s may/should/may not contain multiple tuples

15 Implementation Status –TARZAN Pre-released: htttp:// Including: L2 trigger (LIES), FMIPv6 implementation Still work in progress –Linux

16 Summary Could apply L2-abstraction/trigger to FMIPv6 stack –Implemented LIES and TARZAN –Handover latency = 8-10ms –Confirmed basic interoperability between TARZAN and ULP TARZAN released! Nautilus6 Project – Teraoka Lab. KEIO University –

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