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Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962) “The language of science is universal, and is a powerful force in bringing the peoples of the world closer together.”

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1 Arthur Holly Compton (1892-1962) “The language of science is universal, and is a powerful force in bringing the peoples of the world closer together.” John Bricker

2 Arthur Compton - Family Father, Elias Compton: Philosophy Professor, Chancellor at College of Wooster Brother, Karl Compton: President of MIT, had strong influence on Arthur’s work Brother, Wilson Compton: President of WSU Sister, Mary Compton: Christian Missionary Son, John Compton: Philosophy Professor Strong Christian values in home/family: “Your work in this field may become a more valuable Christian service than if you were to enter the ministry or come a missionary” – Elias to Arthur regarding Arthur’s plans after graduation from College of Wooster (1913)

3 Arthur Compton - Education  Compton earned both his Masters and PhD at Princeton University, finishing his studies in 1916 Thesis focused on X-Rays reflection in crystals Karl and Wilson Compton also earned PhDs from Princeton  Arthur’s first job was as a Physics professor at University of Minnesota

4 Arthur Compton – Early Intellect  In Minnesota Compton devised a way to prove the Earth’s rotation  Compton also stated that magnetization does not depend on electrons orbits, but on electrons own elementary characteristics Compton was not alone in theorizing initial quantum theories – C.V. Raman and Pieter Zeeman were working on similar ideas

5 Arthur Compton – Early Intellect  In 1917, Compton took a job at Westinghouse as an engineer, developing fluorescent lighting  In 1919 he received the National Research Council Fellowship which gave him freedom in his work Went to Cambridge to further look into ideas about X-Ray scattering

6 Arthur Compton – Effect  Compton comes back to the states and perfects his apparatus at Washington University in St. Louis. In late 1922 he brings together quantum theory and special relativity essentially discovering the effect named after him

7 Arthur Compton – Effect  In 1927 is recognized for his work and shares the Nobel Prize with C.T.R Wilson Wilson and Compton did not work on the same content – they just happened to be win the prize the same year Compton awarded Nobel Prize due to his “discovery of the effect named after him”

8 Arthur Compton – WWII  Arthur commits most of his time to a professorship at the University of Chicago during the 1930’s until World War II requires his intellect  Compton was placed in charge of the S-1 Uranium Committee which sought after the acquisition of Uranium 235 Army officially overtakes this project in 1942 and it becomes the Manhattan Project

9 Arthur Compton – WWII  January 1945 was target date for completion of nuclear bomb and in July 1945 the United States successfully tested their first atomic bomb 16 milliseconds after detention

10 Arthur Compton – WWII  Compton played an interesting role in actually using atomic devices in the war. He was apart of the Interim Committee which was comprised of political figures and scientists.  The Interim Committee made the final decision for nuclear use in WWII.  Karl Compton was also a member.

11 Arthur Compton – WWII Arthur Karl...that the weapon be used against Japan at the earliest opportunity, that it be used without warning, and that it be used on a dual target, namely, a military installation or war plant surrounded by or adjacent to homes or other buildings most susceptible to damage –Interim Committee Scientists referring to Hiroshima and Nagasaki

12 Arthur Compton – Later Years  He become the Chancellor of Washington University in St. Louis in 1946  Compton spent most of his late years in this position and died in 1962 at the age of 69 During his time at Washington he was against integration which makes WU the last major institution to accept African Americans

13 Arthur Compton – Holly Hump  He is also known for his own version of a speed hump, nicknamed a Holly Hump (Compton’s middle name is Holly)

14 Arthur Compton – Holly Hump The idea was to exert a force on cars that grew exponentially relative to the driver’s speed. Compton witnessed a lot of speeding while in St. Louis.

15 Arthur Compton – Religion  Compton’s views on religion were complex yet intriguing. During his entire career he maintained an active role in the protestant church  “…if our God is the God of Nature, we must recognize the laws of nature describing the way in which God works, and a basis for a theology is found. We find that through the long, hard struggle of evolution men have come to the stage where they are partly responsible for the development of live, even their own life, on the earth. Thus science can lead to the conception of man as a co-worker with God toward making this world what he wants it to be.” -Compton

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