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Agent Orange and Military Medics By Brianna and Erin.

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1 Agent Orange and Military Medics By Brianna and Erin

2 History of Agent Orange Was a codename for a toxic weed killer used to defoliate, or destroy, the trees and shrubs where our enemies could be. Sprayed by hand, airplane, helicopter, and riverboat. Total, about 20 million gallons was sprayed over about 3.6 million acres of land.

3 Looks and Location Used in South Vietnam and Laos Named Agent Orange because it was held in storage tanks with an orange stripe on them Actually an invisible gas Used during the years of 1960- 1970 and during Operation Ranch Hand

4 History of Military Medics First medics appeared in July, 1775 In the beginning of World War II, less than 1,000 medics were in the military Military was so in need of nurses, the government provided free schooling from 1943-1948 A military medic uniform

5 During and After War World II The main jobs of a military medic were to prevent soldiers from getting sick or injured and to treat the ones who did More than 86% of the soldiers who received medical care survived Of the 59,000 nurses who served, only about 200 died. 1,600 nurses received Distinguished Service Medals, Bronze Stars, Silver Stars, Air Medals, and Purple Hearts

6 Connections Being exposed to Agent Orange has caused many health problems, such as birth defects, disabilities, respiratory cancers, skin diseases, etc. All throughout the war, military medics helped any sick or injured soldiers, and they also helped with many of the health problems that Agent Orange caused.

7 Conclusion Agent Orange was designed to help, yet it caused more problems than it solved. Because they helped many of the soldiers who were harmed by things such as Agent Orange, military medics are vital in any war.

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