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Arthur D. Poirier D’escousse. Marie Dola Poirier & Dtr. Colleen AuCoin D’escousse, c. 1945.

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1 Arthur D. Poirier D’escousse

2 Marie Dola Poirier & Dtr. Colleen AuCoin D’escousse, c. 1945

3 Marie Dola Poirier Holding Cousin Lloyd Poirier, Standing Cousin Wilfred Poirier

4 Alvina Peters of L’Ardoise Halifax Public Gardens c. 1927

5 Wilfred Poirier Bro. Of Marie Dola Poirier Son of Ernest Casimir Poirier & Sarah Ida Poirier D’escousse, c. 1914 Died of meningitis

6 Unknown Fougere, Oldest sister to Gemma Poirier (nee. Fougere) Moved to The States

7 Arthur Sampson Newton, Mass.

8 Loyola McDonald & George Shannon D’escousse (sister to Annie)

9 Edna Poirier Halifax Public Gardens 1927

10 Paul AuCoin of Cheticamp (first husband to Marie Dola Poirier Killed in Action WW2) & Edna Poirier Halifax, 1936

11 Phil Poirier D’escousse

12 Wilfred Poirier D’escousse, 1936

13 Mary Sampson & Mary Landry At Point Pleasant Park Halifax

14 The “Gang” outside of the pool hall in D’escousse 1932 L. To R. Susan Murphy (nee. Pertus), Francis McDonald, Frederick Poirier, Dorothy McDonald, Estelle Fougere,Hubert McDonald, Clarence Poirier, Raymond Burk

15 Marie Dola Poirier D’escousse c. 1932

16 Stella McDonald, Cassilda McDonald, & Gladys Shannon D’escousse, 1934

17 Marie Dola Poirier & Edna Poirier Historic Properties Halifax 1936

18 Mickey McMullen Of Sydney, Edna Poirier & Ned Burns of Burns Fishery Halifax Waterfront, 1936

19 Great Uncle Tom (husband to Aunt Artomise Langlois) Lloyd Poirier Paul AuCoin of Cheticamp

20 Unknown Doctor in the states He was originally from Cheticamp Studied in the states Practiced in Mexico City When Cheticamp’s doctor died He returned to Cheticamp to Practice

21 Gladys & Eileen Shannon 1936

22 Marie Dola Poirier With Dtr. Dola AuCoin

23 Edna Poirier & Mildred McGrath Halifax 1936

24 Mickey McMullen of Sydney, Marie Dola Poirier, & Ned Burns Halifax Waterfront 1936

25 Edna Poirier Halifax 1936

26 Edna Poirier & Mildred McGrath In front of Halifax Train station 1936

27 Marie Dola Poirier 1936

28 Joe LeBlanc of Margaree area c. 1936

29 Phil Poirier With son Wilfred Poirier D’escousse 1935

30 Phil Poirier, Mother Agnes Poirier (nee. Langlois) & Son Wilfred Poirier D’escousse 1935

31 Cecil Poirier (nee. Landry) With son Wilfred Poirier, D’escousse 1934

32 Paul AuCoin, Edna Poirier, & Wilfred Petitpas Holding Dtr. Lorraine

33 Wilfred Poirier D’escousse, 1934

34 Edna Poirier & Marie Dola Poirier In front of train station Halifax, 1936

35 Francis McDonald D’escousse, 1932

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