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Culture Bowl 2 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School.

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2 Culture Bowl 2 Click to continue Roberta Pennasilico, Naples High School

3 500 400 300 200 100 Miscella- neous Current Events Language History & Geography Art & literature

4 Categories Who painted the Mona Lisa? Art & Literature 100 Point Question

5 Categories Art & literature 100 Point Answer Leonardo da Vinci

6 Categories Art & Literature 200 Point Question What is the Italian name for the period in XV century that saw the rebirth of the arts in general?

7 Categories Il Rinascimento (The Renaissance) Art & Literature 200 Point Answer

8 Categories Art & Literature 300 Point Question Who wrote the “Cantico dei Cantici”, one of the very first documented poems in Italian?

9 Categories Art & Literature 300 Point Answer St. Francis of Assisi

10 Categories Name the Italian movie shot in the islands of Procida (near Naples) and Salina (Sicily), which talks about the friendship between poet Neruda and a Neapolitan young man. Art & Literature 400 Point Question

11 Categories The Postman (Il Postino) Art & Literature 400 Point Answer

12 Categories What is the name of the Opera House in Milan? Art & Literature 500 Point Question

13 Categories La Scala Art & Literature 500 Point Answer

14 Categories Which is the largest island in Italy? History & Geography 100 Point Question

15 Categories History & Geography 100 Point Answer Sicily

16 Categories History & Geography 200 Point Question Ravello and Positano are small towns on a famous Italian coast. Which one?

17 Categories The Amalfi Coast History & Geography 200 Point Answer

18 Categories History & Geography 300 Point Question Who said the sentence: I came, I saw, I conquered (Veni, vidi, vici)?

19 Categories History & Geography 300 Point Answer Julius Ceasar

20 Categories In which year did Vesuvius erupt? History & Geography 400 Point Points

21 Categories 79 A. D. History & Geography 400 Point Answer

22 Categories What is the name of the Northern coast of Sardinia, famous for luxurious villas with private beaches? History & Geography 500 Point Question

23 Categories The Emerald Coast (La costa smeralda) History & Geography 500 Point Answer

24 Categories How do you call the different languages spoken in the different regions of Italy? Language 100 Point Question

25 Categories Language 100 Point Answer Dialects

26 Categories Language 200 Point Question How do you say: “I don’t like singing?”

27 Categories Non mi piace cantare. Language 200 Point Answer

28 Categories Language 300 Point Question A term used in English, A. D., derives from Latin. What does it stand for?

29 Categories Theme 3 Response 300 Points Anno Domini (in the year of the Lord)

30 Categories What is another English word for “freedom”, of Latin root? Language 400 Point Question

31 Categories Liberty = Liberta’ Theme 3 Response 400 Point Answer

32 Categories Italian poet to first win the Nobel prize for literature in 1906. His main collection of poems is “Rime”, and he translated Homer’s “Iliad” into Italian. Who is he? Language 500 Point Question

33 Categories Giosué Carducci Language 500 Point Answer

34 Categories Valentino, Versace, Ferre’. Who are they? Current Events 100 Point Question

35 Categories Current Events 100 Point Answer Italian fashion designers.

36 Categories Current Events 200 Point Question Who was Luciano Pavarotti?

37 Categories An opera singer Current Events 200 Point Answer

38 Categories Current Events 300 Point Question What is the most famous Italian music show that takes place in mid-February and lasts almost a week?

39 Categories Current Events 300 Point Answer Il Festival di Sanremo

40 Categories What is the name of the Prime Minister in Italian? Current Events 400 Point Question

41 Categories Presidente del Consiglio Current Events 400 Point Answer

42 Categories There are farms-resorts that offer tourists a relaxing vacation in the open air. They are often located in the middle of the country, so they grow their own food and offer it to their guests. What is this form of tourism called? Current Events 500 Point Question

43 Categories Agriturismo Current Events 500 Point Answer

44 Categories Where is the most popular Carnival parade held? Miscellanous 100 Point Question

45 Categories Miscellaneous 100 Point Answer Venice

46 Categories Miscellaneous 200 Point Question What’s the most famous wine produced in Tuscany?

47 Categories Chianti Miscellaneous 200 Point Answer

48 Categories Miscellaneous 300 Point Question Name the Neapolitan actor who made a lot of comedies in the 1960’s, wore a bowler hat and made a lot of new words/expressions in Italian.

49 Categories Miscellaneous 300 Point Answer Toto’

50 Categories Madame Butterfly and Turandot are operas written by….? Miscellaneous 400 Point Question

51 Categories Giacomo Puccini Miscellaneous 400 Point Answer

52 Categories This movie by Gabriele Salvatores won the Oscar prize in 1992. It is about a group of Italian soldiers abandoned on a Greek island at the end of WW2. What movie is it? Miscellaneous 500 Point Question

53 Categories Mediterraneo Miscellaneous 500 Point Answer

54 Categories Good Job!

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