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Julian Radcliffe Reducing Theft and Avoiding Fakes 10 th April 2013.

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1 Julian Radcliffe Reducing Theft and Avoiding Fakes 10 th April 2013

2 Balkans Strategy Fakes/ Fraudulent Claims Due Diligence Searching Watches/ Diamonds Contents

3 Balkans Strategy History Opportunity EU/NATO Economic Crime Corruption

4 NEGOTIATIONS UNDER DURESS Public Policy Principles No negotiations unless police approved No ransoms to thieves Minimise payment to informers/middlemen Maximise intelligence/convictions/recoveries Payments to good faith buyers may be significant

5 50% Value of Objects Amount Paid For Surrender/ Settlement 5% 100% Criminals Who Steal Extortion Handlers Rewards Information Art Trade Searching Good Faith Purchases/Private Collector Sensitive Area COMPENSATION SPECTRUM

6 Factors influencing payment Reduce percentage for: Higher Value Recent thefts No convictions Less Intelligence But: Danger of destruction Ease of selling e.g. gold content Removal of currency

7 Serbian theft from Rotterdam registered in 2002 Due diligence searching internet Posed as buyer/ payment Recovery Canada/ Serbia/ Belgium/ France No claim Case studies: R1200 Mondrian Piet Mondrian, Riverscene, oil on canvas on panel

8 Case studies: R1367 Theft Paris French Police operation Serbia Recovery min payment George Rouault, Female Nude, oil on canvas

9 CASE STUDIES: R 1315 Theft in Oberwil Switzerland Insurer suspicious Items in Serbia inflated values.

10 Fraudulent Art Claims prevented/ fakes database / proved by recovery Noortman £1m staged theft California $22m staged and inflated Jewellery – Diamond ring, claims sold by owner Willem van de Velde II, seascape, oil on canvas

11 Due diligence searching 300.00-400.000 checks by ALR per annum For: Auctions Dealers Fairs Police Internet Underwriters to encourage

12 Central Database ALR established in 1991, worlds largest database of over 360,000 art, antiques and collectibles Registration, searching, Identification & restitution of stolen works - market value in excess of £100 million Aims: Providing a central “checkpoint” for purchasers and buyers Identifying and recovering stolen, missing and WW2 works of art Reducing theft/trade in stolen art by impeding the potential resale Reducing loss ratio for the insurance industry


14 Damages Bakwin 3 million dollars Noortman circa 5 million pounds Paul Cezanne, still-life with apples, oil on canvas

15 Diamonds Identification Certification Marking Gemprint


17 The Future Reduce theft by making selling on uneconomic. Due Diligence searching Increase fake checks on items insured Pursue Damages

18 Virtuous circle Need for collective action Role of leaders Competition

19 Julian Radcliffe Chairman – The Art Loss Register Reducing theft and Avoiding Fakes

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