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People who changed society. How to find information about your person.

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1 People who changed society

2 How to find information about your person

3 Open an Internet browser on any school computer

4 Type the word “destiny” in the address bar Not the search bar

5 Click On Poly

6 Click on catalog tab

7 Type your person’s name

8 Click subject

9 37 results

10 Click keyword

11 53 results

12 Choose a book you want and click

13 Use the call number to find The book on the shelf

14 1 Book Source (minimum) 940.53-940.54 = WW2 To browse shelves: World war 2 = 940.53-940.54

15 1 Book Source (minimum) 940.53-940.54 = WW2 To browse shelves: Biography = 921 & person’s last name


17 Wikipedia or any blog or wiki…

18 Is ok for background information

19 And is often GREAT to lead you to other sources

20 Try this search

21 No Wikipedia results


23 Click on “current users sign in”

24 Click on “create a personal ID”

25 Make sure button is clicked for “an account linked to a school library subscription”

26 Click “register”

27 Enter the SECRET WORDS Shhhhh… you only get to know these words because you are a Poly Bear! The words are “rivpoly” and “polybears”

28 Type in the secret words

29 Click “sign in”

30 Enter your info. You can choose an ID and click to see if it is available

31 Click “register”

32 Click “create a new project”

33 Click “MLA Advanced”

34 Name your list – you can be working on several at one time

35 You will come to this screen

36 Scroll down and choose

37 For this you want bibliography


39 I select “book” as my type of citation

40 I click “create citation”

41 On the next screen, Noodlebib checks to make sure I really want the type I chose

42 I’m leaving it as it is and clicking “next”

43 I’m choosing “printed book” and clicking “next”

44 I’m choosing “entire book” but look at all the other options! Click “next.”

45 I fill in the book info

46 Scroll down and click “generate citation”

47 One lovely citation!

48 Now let’s do this website

49 Choose “website” from “create citation”

50 Noodlebib checks that I’m sure

51 And asks more questions…

52 Type info and Voilà: 2 lovely citations

53 When I’m ready, I choose “print/export”

54 It looks like this in Word

55 Next time just sign in with your ID

56 Ta da! Library also has forms to do this manually and a few copies of newest MLA Style Sheet. Come see us if you have further questions.

57 Information on Haiku

58 Click on Poly Library

59 Click on Research

60 MLA formatting

61 Noodletools

62 Evaluating websites

63 One more thing…

64 Back to Library Haiku

65 Click on Lessons

66 The menu expands

67 Click on Night and WW2

68 Now it’s your turn… Go forth and research!

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