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American propaganda during World War II By Julie Finnøy.

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1 American propaganda during World War II By Julie Finnøy

2 Content WWII approaching. Roosevelt – OWI and the Writer’s War Board. Themes. Examples: posters. Advertisement. Dr. Seuss. Animation – Walt Disney. Effect.

3 WWII approaching General feeling. Losses sustained during WWI. Energy spent at home – improvement. War starts in Europe (1939) – not their war.

4 Roosevelt – OWI and the Writer’s War Board No longer comfortably distant; Pearl Harbor 7.Dec 1941 - Japan attacks. 4 days later Hitler declares war. 1942 – Roosevelt creates the Office of War Information. War info + P. WWB – privately organized. Collaborated with the government.

5 Propaganda themes Anti-German, Italian and Japanese. “Loose lips can sink ships” – careful, spies. Victories – heroism. Optimism (false?) – won’t be a long war. War effort  conservation, limited supplies.  production, victory gardens.  Buying war bonds – a patriotic act.  womanpower, enter the work force. “The girl next door” pin-ups. Symbol + fight for. Pro-British, Russian, Chinese and Filipino.

6 Propaganda posters Early war poster – Nazi threat closer than you think. Imagery. Swastika. Innocent, patriotic children. Buy war bonds – financial support.

7 Needed materials and supplies for war effort. Urging people to conserve gas.  could fuel tanks and aircraft.

8 “For your country’s sake today – for your sake tomorrow”. Help win the war – also gain more rights. campaign to get women into the armed forces and wartime production industries – needed more workers.

9 Advertisement Ads supporting the war. Lucky Strike;  From green to white packaging – to save bronze for weapons. Sales through the roof. Coca-Cola used similar techniques.

10 Dr. Seuss “Dr. Seuss goes to war” Book, Richard H. Minear. Political cartoons, sway the public opinion. Critical of isolationists opposing the U.S. entering the war.  appeasement policy, letting Germany take land that they had to give up after WWI.


12 Walt Disney 8. Dec 1941, U.S. government. Army personnel stationed at his studio. The U.S. army and Disney made films for different audiences – propaganda, training/educational videos for troops. Intended to build morale.

13 Der Fuhrer’s Face re=related re=related 6:56

14 Out of the frying pan, into the firing line 0MQ&feature=related 0MQ&feature=related 0:10

15 Effect Morale. 36 billion dollars purchased in bonds by individuals. (Children accounting for close to 1 billion). Women were encouraged to enter the work force. Also spread information – what to do and what not to do. Optimism. Encouraged people to help – seen as patriotic.

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