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Media Influence in World War II Rachel Plourde & Bert Lewis.

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1 Media Influence in World War II Rachel Plourde & Bert Lewis

2 How the Media Influenced History: During World War II the mass media influenced history by producing and distributing propaganda to bolster support for the war from their respective countries and alliances

3 Who: The Governments of the Allied Powers: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa, Soviet Union, United Kingdom, United States The Governments of the Axis Powers: Germany, Italy, Japan

4 Where: The respective countries that participated within the conflict of World War II

5 When The mass media of the respective countries involved in World War II participated in shaping the war through propaganda between 1933 through 1945

6 Why The media of each country involved in World War II was used to promote the war effort and show how they were superior over the enemy countries.

7 What: Propaganda posters and films were used by the mass media of the time to help influence history

8 “We must remember that in time of war what is said on the enemy's side of the front is always propaganda, and what is said on our side of the front is truth and righteousness, the cause of humanity and a crusade for peace.” - Walter Lippman, journalist, media critic and philosopher

9 Allied Powers Propaganda This is a propaganda poster from an Allied Power demonstrating that by wasting materials and not conserving your country’s resources, you are helping the Nazis in their war effort

10 Allied Powers Propaganda This propaganda poster from the United States is an example of how women were encouraged to enter the work force to help with the manufacturing industry while the men were off fighting the war in the Pacific and in Europe

11 Allied Powers Propaganda This poster is meant to look like there is a Nazi soldier who is peering into and threatening the American way of life, and is meant to scare US citizens into wanting to defeat the Nazis

12 Allied Power Propaganda This classic Walt Disney clip shows Donald Duck living in a fascist nation. Donald is forced to Hail the leaders of the Axis Powers and work long hours in Nazi war factories. At the end of the film, Donald wakes up in America and realizes it was all just a bad dream, and he hugs the statue and thanks God he lives in America. Der Fuehrers Face

13 Allied Power Propaganda This Looney Tunes cartoon, shown to children during World War II, depicts Bugs Bunny making fun of the Germans and Japanese. Looney Tunes WWII Film

14 Axis Powers Propaganda This Nazi propaganda poster from the 1930s shows an eagle descending over Hitler, making a strong comparison to Jesus Christ

15 Axis Powers Propaganda This Nazi Propaganda poster from 1936 illustrates Nazi Germany forcing other countries (England, France, and Russia) to submit to their power

16 Axis Powers Propaganda This poster was commonly used during WWII. The caption reads, “Adolf Hitler is victory!” It was withdrawn from circulation after the defeat at Stalingrad.

17 Axis Powers Propaganda This pro-Nazi film from December of 1944 shows German soldiers training and drilling, exhibiting their skills and their seeming superiority. Nazi Propaganda Film

18 Axis Powers Propaganda This is an excerpt from a Nazi Propaganda film in 1941 that shows Erwin Rommel commanding the Afrika Korps attack on a British naval convoy transporting ammunitions. The Siege of Tobruk

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