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Click on the picture to listen and then repeat.

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3 Click on the picture to listen and then repeat.








11 Have you got a good memory?Look at the picture and say the sentence corresponding.Then click to check your answer. I’ve got a stomach ache.

12 I’m hot.

13 I’m cold.

14 I’ve got a temperature.

15 I’m sick.

16 I’ve got a headache.

17 I’ve got a toothache.

18 I’ve got a sore throat.

19 Comment choisir entre l’auxiliaire be et have got? Be sert à parler de son état. Ex: I’m hungry. Have got sert à parler des maladies. Ex: I’ve got the flu.

20 I amhe / she/ it iswe/ you/ they are affirmationI am hungry. I’m hungry. She is hungry. She’s hungry. They are hungry. They’re hungry. négationI am not hungry. I’m not hungry. She is not hungry. She isn’t hungry. They are not hungry. They aren’t hungry. interrogationAm I hungry?Is she hungry?Are they hungry? réponse brèveAre you hungry? Yes, I am. No, I am not. Yes, she is. No, she isn’t. Yes, they are. No, they aren’t.

21 I / we/ you/ they have got he / she/ it has got affirmationI have got the flu. I’ve got the flu. He has got the flu. He’s got the flu. négationI have not got the flu. I haven’t got the flu. He has not got the flu. She hasn’t got the flu. interrogationHave you got the flu?Has he got the flu? réponse brève Yes, I have. No, I haven’t. Yes, he has. No, he hasn’t.

22 Choose between « ’s » ou « ’s got ». He ‘s a sore throat. ‘s got

23 Click on the picture to listen to the sentence. He’s got a sore throat.

24 ‘s ‘s got Shea headache.

25 She’s got a headache.

26 ‘s ‘s got Hesick.

27 He’s sick.

28 He ‘s ‘s got cold.

29 He’s cold.

30 ‘s ‘s got Hea toothache.

31 He’s got a toothache.

32 ‘s ‘s got Shehot.

33 She’s hot.

34 ‘s ‘s got Shea temperature.

35 She’s got a temperature.

36 ‘s ‘s got Shea stomach ache.

37 She’s got a stomach ache.

38 Diaporama crée par Mme Béatrice Sailly Collège Marcel Marceron, Montfort-sur-Risle Académie de Rouen Janvier 2011.

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