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European security Introduction Dr. Arūnas Molis 22 April, 2014 Tallinn.

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1 European security Introduction Dr. Arūnas Molis 22 April, 2014 Tallinn

2 About my self…  Graduate: Vilnius University Hochschule Bremen  Teaching experience: Vytautas Magnus University LT Military Academy Vilnius University Baltic Defence College (Tartu) Tartu University EUROUNIVERSITY (Tallinn) Hochschule Bremen  Research experience: ESC (Vilnius), ESRC (Kaunas), CSS (Vilnius), EU ISS (Paris), IEP (Berlin)  Governmental service: Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence Press Office of Lithuanian Parliament  Contacts: +370 685 45090

3 What about you?

4 Course syllabus  Security situation in Europe during and after the Cold War  Importance of Africa, Asia, Russia and North America for European security  Important conflicts and European respond  Europe’s response to the crisis in Ukraine: failure or success?

5 Lets agree on the rules!

6 Assessment – MA students  10% - participation (come to the seminar)  15% - activeness (be ready to react, comment, ask questions!)  25% - first group presentation (contribute)  25% - second group presentation (contribute)  25% - paper (write article review)

7 Assessment – BA students  20% - participation  20% - activeness  30% - first group presentation  30% - second group presentation

8 Debates  Presentation of 2 approaches towards the same question Presentation must be short (10 min. sharp), providing clear arguments, not going much into the details Presenters should be able to react to what their opponents tell (they will have 2 min. for that) and answer all questions on the topic which are asked by the audience Presenters are requested to prepare and distribute handouts of their presentation (1-2 pages) PowerPoint presentations are extremely welcomed

9 Paper  Each MA student has to write a small size paper – article review.  Article must be chosen from the recognized academic journals, it has to be related to the subject.  There are no strict rules on how the article review should be written. However, some methodological advices and samples are available here:  Important! Hand in of the paper – until May 23, 12.00. Papers must be sent to Late submissions will not be accepted


11 Questions?

12 Europe according to some of us

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