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Michigan Adolescent Screening Project- Community Partnerships MDCH.

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1 Michigan Adolescent Screening Project- Community Partnerships MDCH

2 County Pilot Project STD Screening and Assessment of Reproductive Health Needs MDCH funded Project through IPP funds Ages 13-20 Special Settings –Juvenile Detention –Juvenile Correctional –School Based Clinics Alternative Schools –Shelter Care –Jail –Drug Court*

3 Description Urine-based Computerized Sexual Questionnaire Initiated 12/00 >3300 adolescents screened to date

4 Model for Screening Juvenile Detention –Offered to adolescents reporting sexually activity on admission –Re-offer few days later for those that refuse School Clinics –Offered to students accessing clinic for any reason Correctional and Shelter –Weekly visit by Project Nurse to interview new adolescent admissions

5 Age and Sex Males1697/ Females 1659 Number Age

6 Race/Ethnicity

7 Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners N 3355 Number of Lifetime Sexual Partners N 3355 Mean Number of Partners Age Total Number of Partners = 23,640 Mean Female (5) Male (9)

8 Reproductive Health 17% history of previous STD 20% history of pregnancy –Pregnancy outcomes - 60% abortion 10 % report on scheduled birth control

9 Reproductive Health Reported Condom Use- LSC –51% Females –65% Males New Pap results (N-260) –25% Abnormal pap Identified 87 new pregnancies –32% Chlamydia

10 Overall Positivity %

11 Comparison of Sites Chlamydia Positivity %

12 Chlamydia Positivity by Gender/Race/Age % Age

13 Positive for Chlamydia Symptoms 20% 80% Males Females

14 Chlamydia Positivity - Primary Reason for Clinic Visit % 50% of the infections would have been missed - only tested STD requests

15 CT Positivity - Number of Lifetime Partners Number of Lifetime Partners %

16 Gonorrhea Positivity by Age %

17 Comparison of Sites Gonorrhea Positivity %

18 Positive for Gonorrhea Symptoms 32% 68% Males Females

19 Symptoms Indicate Infection GC/CT or Both Males Females 29 % 95 %

20 Pen-based Computers Data entry at time of client contact Uploaded directly into database Time saving –no data entry –no missing data Data can be analyzed at individual sites

21 Future Directions Pilot Project CDC Expansion funds into another county CDC Jail Integration Funding - provided urine tests and computers to other detention facilities –Prevalence of infections within community –Infrastructure of health care on site Creative ways to reach adolescents –Sport Physicals –Juvenile Drug Court –Alternative Schools

22 Expansion of Adolescent Screening Sites in Michigan * * **

23 Presented by : Lynda Byer R.N., M.S. Barbara Draper R.N., B.S.N. Oakland County Children’s Village 248/ 452-9188 MDCH

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