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PicassoMonetMatejko + Canaletto Malczewski + Chelmonski Git Luca Milanesio Android programming Sang Shin The Productive Programmer Neal Ford The Power.

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1 PicassoMonetMatejko + Canaletto Malczewski + Chelmonski Git Luca Milanesio Android programming Sang Shin The Productive Programmer Neal Ford The Power of Retrospection Linda Rising Introduction to Scala Hubert Plociniczak Main sponsor

2 LMIT Software Limited – Agenda SCM and Git Concepts Git quick start Branching and merging Resolving conflicts Reverting changes Working with tags Git remotes Git on the server Git peer-to-peer Git democracy

3 LMIT Software Limited – Who’s that guy ? Luca Milanesio LMIT Limited – Director / co-founder of Jenkins (formerly Hudson) contributor since 2007 founder of Over 18 years of experience in Software and Services Development and Application Lifecycle Worked for major UK, EU and US Customers – Banking, Retailers, Industry, Finance, Telecoms, Utilities, Government Git enthusiast since 2009 and innovator in Vodafone Group Services Ltd

4 LMIT Software Limited – About SCM … remember ? Picture courtesy of - All rights kindly reserved SCM = Source Code Management Multiple revisions of files Commit and rollback changes Define change-sets Tag important releases Manage branches of development Integrate the work of multiple teams together … and much more

5 LMIT Software Limited – Brief history of OpenSource SCMs Local SCMs (versions kept on local filesystem) SCCS (1972) … I was not yet born, don’t remember  RCS (1982) the most widely used on Unix Server-based SCMs (central repository server) CVS (1990) first widely used SCM server Subversion (2000) first widely Internet SCM … and then let’s to go distributed … DCVS (2002) who has ever used it ? Mercurial and Git (2005)

6 LMIT Software Limited – Centralised vs. distributed ? How many of you are using central repositories ? CVS-boys … raise your hands ! SVN-guys … it’s your turn ! How many are for distributed repositories ? Mercurial-scientists... raise your hands ! Git-explorers … brave men !

7 LMIT Software Limited – Who’s right ? Central SCM Unique “source of truth” Central back-up Seamless alignment for all developers Security and access control Distributed SCM Community code-base No single-point-of-failure Peer-to-peer alignment Continuous branching and merging

8 LMIT Software Limited – Why GIT ? It’s all about BitKeeper fault: they broke up with Linus Torvalds … and I’m not kidding Story: Linux Kernel SCM: BitKeeper Apr 2005 – Linus writes PERL scripts for Linux Kernel SCM Jul 2005 … Git 0.99 is out ! Git principles: Allow the BitKeeper SCM workflow Use CVS as the “not-to-do” example Check and prevent corruption Make it FFF … FAST FAST FAST !

9 BORED of too much theory ?

10 Let’s experiment Git in action !

11 LMIT Software Limited – Git installation (Ver. >=1.6) Linux (Git favourite of course !) – Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install git-core – other Linux ? … best from source code Mac OSX – Windows – (sucks … but it’s your fault not using Unix) – Cygwin HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (mandatory IMHO)

12 LMIT Software Limited – Step 1 – Git repository  create project  cd into project  $ git init

13 LMIT Software Limited – Step 2 – Git identity  Define your full name  Define your e-mail  Everything stored in.git/config

14 LMIT Software Limited – Step 3 – Add some files and commit  Create some files  Add to GIT (default = recursive)  Commit

15 LMIT Software Limited – Step 4 – Inspect GIT log  Get GIT history of commits  Display changes

16 LMIT Software Limited – Too simple ? … let’s add some states Three states of Git files 1. Unstaged2. Staged3. Clean Picture courtesy of git add git commit

17 LMIT Software Limited – State 1. unstaged Create a new file Change an existing file Check status

18 LMIT Software Limited – State 2. staged Add the two files to staging area Check status

19 LMIT Software Limited – State 3. work directory clean Commit the staging area Check status

20 LMIT Software Limited – Display Git lifecycle Add another file and make some changes $ git gui

21 LMIT Software Limited – Stage with git gui Select files and chose “Stage to commit”

22 LMIT Software Limited – Commit with git gui Enter commit message and click “commit”

23 LMIT Software Limited – Git graph log with gitk

24 Playtime is over 

25 LMIT Software Limited – Git stores the whole file Git is different from SVN: no diffs, just whole files Git stores changed files between snapshots (BitKeeper docet) Picture courtesy of

26 LMIT Software Limited – Git object types: blobs Git stores all files (and their versions) as objects (blobs) Each object has a SHA-1 160-bit identifier SHA-1 provides: – Unique Global ID – Integrity check Example: – File content: “ You're GIT too ” – SHA-1: bbecf72783dfba9e0243e13dbb5fb04ed39ed4e4 (Hex) Track content (not files) Automatically detect renames … cool !

27 LMIT Software Limited – SHA-1 ? WTF … Why Linus Torvalds has chosen SHA-1 hashing ? – Need for track content globally – SHA-1 collision probability is 1/2 51 What happens if two files have same SHA-1 ? – BOOM ! What is the probability of it ? – World’s population (7 BN people) sharing files of 10 times Linux Kernel Possible ? More likely to be hit by a 15 KM asteroid NOW !!!

28 LMIT Software Limited – Git object types: commits and trees Git tree identifies a snapshot (set of files) Git commit identifies – Author / Committer – Commit message – Timestamp – Tree Picture courtesy of

29 LMIT Software Limited – Git history: graph of commits Every commit points to its predecessor Series of commits make Git repository history Picture courtesy of

30 LMIT Software Limited – Where are Git objects ? Git objects are in.git/objects SHA-1 identify directory / file

31 LMIT Software Limited – Curious about Git objects ? Git objects are compressed Use git show to display content

32 LMIT Software Limited – Getting lost ? How to remember SHA-1 hashing codes ? How Git stores the “pointers” to Commit graph ? Git references are the solution ! – Head of the Git history – Intermediate tags – Branch points – Relative points

33 LMIT Software Limited – Git references References: “labels” for Git SHA-1 commit IDs Stored as files under.git/refs Reference types: – Tags – Heads (branches) HEAD is a special ref: always points to head of current branch.

34 LMIT Software Limited – How Git commits graph looks like ? Picture courtesy of Reference Commit Tree

35 LMIT Software Limited – What is a branch for Git ? Git named branch = reference to a commit ID (head of branch) Git supports “network” of commits, with named and unnamed branches … don’t know why Git reminds me some “underground” branches

36 LMIT Software Limited – Real-life Git branches Think I’m exaggerating ? Look at this example ( it’s real, swear ! )

37 Let’s practice on Git branches !

38 LMIT Software Limited – Wear “life jacket” first Get Git bash extensions source git/contrib/completion/git-completion.bash Redefine prompt export PS1='\W$(__git_ps1 " (%s)") \$ ’... and your current branch is visible on your prompt: you will not get lost

39 LMIT Software Limited – Creating branches Create branch  create a new ref to current commit

40 LMIT Software Limited – Switching branch Use git checkout to switch branch Current displayed branch changed to experimental Note that HEAD points to experimental

41 LMIT Software Limited – Commit on branch Add a new commit to experimental branch See the new branch graph ( gitk )

42 LMIT Software Limited – Merge When experiments are completed … merge back ! – Checkout master – Merge experimental

43 LMIT Software Limited – Git graph after merge Let’s have a look on the result with gitk Merge-type applied: Fast-forward (move refs in history) Branch has been “flattened” Experimental just another ref to master

44 LMIT Software Limited – Git recursive-merge Let’s create some divergence Changes on both master and experimental Fast-forward merge = move branch ref to another commit ID

45 LMIT Software Limited – Git diverging branches Use gitk --all to display all branches NOTE: no args displays just current branch experimental is really diverging from master

46 LMIT Software Limited – Git recursive merge Let’s merge again with master This is a real merge folks ! NOTE: Merge is a Git commit: you can associate a comment, or revert it later ! Don’t be scared by Git-managed merge

47 LMIT Software Limited – Merge alternatives: rebase Picture courtesy of

48 LMIT Software Limited – Git rebase in action Let’s diverge again between master and experimental Magic ! … rebase flattens the branching history

49 LMIT Software Limited – Git graph after rebase Experimental is no more a diverging branch NOTE: Marconi’s test is on “unnamed branch” and experimental branch history has changed !

50 LMIT Software Limited – Merge alternatives: squash C1C2C3C4 C5C6 origin mywork C1C2C3C4C3C4 origin mywork C3’+C4’

51 LMIT Software Limited – Git squash in action Get branch changes but do not join them git merge –squash experimental  commit

52 LMIT Software Limited – Git branch graph after squash Branches are still diverging Get all the branch changes in a single commit (squash changes together)

53 LMIT Software Limited – Merge alternatives: cherry-pick C1C2C3C4 C5C6 origin mywork C1C2C3C4C5C6 origin mywork C6’

54 LMIT Software Limited – Merge alternatives: cherry-pick Get individual commit IDs Apply individual changes to another branch

55 LMIT Software Limited – Git branch graph after cherry-pick Individual commit has been copied from tesla-test Both branches are kept

56 Too easy ? … let’s create some conflict !

57 LMIT Software Limited – Merge conflict Same file changed, same range, two different branches

58 LMIT Software Limited – Resolving conflict Get list of conflicts with git status Display and edit conflicted file

59 LMIT Software Limited – Completing merge Add edited file to stage Commit and finalise the merged commit … wasn’t that scary isn’t it ?

60 LMIT Software Limited – Rebase / cherry-pick conflict Same file changed, same range, two different branches

61 LMIT Software Limited – Don’t panic … unnamed branch Check in which branch you are Check files in conflict

62 LMIT Software Limited – Resolve conflict and continue rebase Resolve conflicts Continue rebase

63 Got lost with commands, merge and conflicts ?

64 LMIT Software Limited – Merge recap Type of mergeConflict whenBranch results git mergeSame file, same rangeBranches merged (keep branch history) git rebaseSame file, same rangeFast-forward, flatten history git merge --squashSame file, same rangeKeep branches, apply changes git cherry-pickSame file, same rangeKeep branches, apply individual commits

65 Reverting changes

66 LMIT Software Limited – Git is powerful and dangerous Git has full control on history – Amend existing commits – Remove commits – Revert changes Be careful: you could destroy your history ! Be even more careful: history revert is unrecoverable SCARY !!!!!

67 LMIT Software Limited – Change existing commits Git commit support the “amend” option to overwrite committed data What can be amended – File changes – Author / comment – Date The original commit will disappear : amend is NOT revertible (but just amended again)

68 LMIT Software Limited – Amend last commit Let’s display the last commit on master

69 LMIT Software Limited – Amend last commit Let’s change commit content

70 LMIT Software Limited – Git reset: back to the past Git reset allows to: – Put committed data back to the working dir  soft reset – Remove completely committed data  hard reset Git reset is NOT revertible You want to reset ? – Do you really need it ? – Do you really want it ? – What do you want to achieve ? – … and then think again …

71 LMIT Software Limited – Soft reset Remove the last commit and put changes back to workdir Hint: master~1 = reference to “one commit before master head” Commit is lost, but you still have the changes in workdir

72 LMIT Software Limited – Hard reset Remove commit and all the changes associated Commit is lost FOREVER : there is no way to restore the data

73 LMIT Software Limited – Git revert Git revert allows to: – Revert the changes and to workdir – Revert the changes and create a “reverted commit” Git revert is revertible Revert = negative commit (eliminates effect of reverted commit)

74 LMIT Software Limited – Display last commit Let’s display the last commit changes on master

75 LMIT Software Limited – Create reverted commit Let’s revert last commit

76 LMIT Software Limited – Now: how to revert the revert ? Reverted commit is a commit Use reset to eliminate the revert operation

77 Working with Tags

78 LMIT Software Limited – Importance of Git tags Why using tags ? … yeah, you know it Why is MORE IMPORTANT in Git than in SVN ? – Git commit IDs is SHA-1 hashing (WTF $!#@$!%@^!) – Tags = reference to a commit (zero payload) Type of Git tags – Lightweight tags (simple Git ref to a commit ID) – Annotated tags (author, description, signature)

79 LMIT Software Limited – Lightweight tags Let’s create a lightweight tag … that’s easier to remember than b7dbbe69f0be…. !

80 LMIT Software Limited – Fully annotate tags Fully annotated tags contains meta-data: – Timestamp – Author name and e-mail – Description – Commit ID – GPG Digital Signature Create your private GPG Key-pair first – GPG Public Key identify your user – GPG Private Key is used to sign content (tags, commits) – Exchange GPG Public Key with your peers

81 LMIT Software Limited – Create GPG Key pair

82 LMIT Software Limited – Create annotated tag Let’s create a fully annotated and signed tag Tags are just Git references

83 Git remote management

84 LMIT Software Limited – Git nature: peer-to-peer distributed Git designed to be distributed – Global unique IDs for files and commits (SHA-1) – Completely disconnected operations – Rich set of merging capabilities – Compression and integrity check Natural way of using it is peer-to-peer … the Linus way, yeah

85 LMIT Software Limited – Remote Git repositories Points to other’s people repository – Remote Git servers / location – Remote Git branches Example: clone GIT source code repository via “remote” – git clone git://

86 LMIT Software Limited – Inspecting remote pointers List of remote Git repositories Name “origin” refers to remote Git repository List of remote Git branches

87 LMIT Software Limited – Push changes to remote Git repository Add pointer to remote Git repository Push all local branches to remote Git repository

88 LMIT Software Limited – Getting remote Git repository updates 1.Fetching remote changes with git fetch 2.Merge (or rebase) changes

89 LMIT Software Limited – Getting changes: shortcuts 1.Use git pull for merging with remote changes git pull = git fetch + git merge … beaware of the branches merge mess ! 2.Use git fetch + git rebase with a macro: git update update = !sh -c 'git stash clear && git stash && git fetch origin && git rebase origin/master && git stash pop’ git update = git fetch + git rebase … flat and clean history … seems like SVN isn’t it ?

90 LMIT Software Limited – Git repositories (local/remote) recap

91 Choosing your Git Server

92 LMIT Software Limited – Public Git Server: github Many choices … but github is the best ! 1.Create your SSH Key-pair ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 2.Create your free acount on: 3.Create your repository on: 4.Add your remote git remote add origin

93 LMIT Software Limited – Private Git Server: GitEnterprise Many choices … but this is the best for FREE 1.Create your SSH Key-pair (optional: you can use HTTP/basic auth, firewall frendly ) ssh-keygen -t rsa -b 2048 2.Create your free acount on: 3.Create your repository on: 4.Add your remote git remote add origin ssh://lmilanesio@gitent-

94 LMIT Software Limited – 3 rd choice: make your own ! Installed on your network, running on your hardware NOTE: make daily backups … GIT is dangerous ! Gitosis ( – Users / Groups / Keys – Repository management – Everything managed with Git Management Repository Gerrit ( – Full Web-based Interface – Users / Groups integrated with LDAP, OpenID, … – Full repository and security management – Full code-review lifecycle management

95 Git collaboration: anarchy

96 LMIT Software Limited – Everybody fetch/pull from each other AnnaJohnCathyLinusLukePeter Nobody pushes: everybody fetch or pull Every Git repository has the same importance

97 LMIT Software Limited – How does it work ? Run your own Git server with git daemon Others can clone and fetch from your repository You see them fetching

98 Git collaboration: dictator and lieutenants

99 LMIT Software Limited – Developers fetch/pull, dictator pushes Developers pull, Lieutenants integrate Dictator get integration branches together: he is the only one that PUSH to Git git push Picture courtesy of

100 LMIT Software Limited – GitHub variant git push Developers pull from “blessed” and have their own public Git Integration manager is the Dictator Revolution allowed : developer nominates himself “new dictator” Picture courtesy of

101 Git Democracy

102 LMIT Software Limited – Unique central repository Everybody can push / pull from shared Git Repository Central repository dies  elections of new repository Picture courtesy of

103 LMIT Software Limited – Back to centralisation ? WTF ? Does it seems like SVN ? … much more guys Git Democracy vs. SVN – Horizontal collaboration between developers (P2P) – Continuous branching / merging – “promotions” of changes through voting (Gerrit model) – Control over integration / release Does it seems like Git is mature for the Enterprise ?

104 LMIT Software Limited – Git branching model Picture courtesy of

105 LMIT Software Limited – Working with topic branches Developers work on topics Code-review / votes promote them to master Topics branches removed after merge NOTE: better rebase than merge Picture courtesy of

106 LMIT Software Limited – Topic branches example Developer A starts working on topic-1 Developer B starts working on topic-2

107 LMIT Software Limited – Code-review: merge topic-1 Get topic-1 code and code-review on integration branch Everything’s fine: commit the merge and remove topic-1

108 LMIT Software Limited – Code-review: merge topic-2 Repeat the same with topic-2

109 LMIT Software Limited – Release manager: merge integration Release manager decides about releasing integration branch NOTE: No conflicts are generated  all merges are from integration branch

110 LMIT Software Limited – Further reading and references Further reading  ProGit:  Git cheat sheets: Git Services:  github: http://github.com  GitEnterprise: http://gitenterprise.com

111 You resisted 3h … YEAH ! Thank you for your patience,

112 PicassoMatejko + CanalettoMalczewski + Chelmonski BOF: Hack your company Jakub Nabrdalik BOF: Web framework shootout Błażej Bucko, Tomasz Dziurko, Wojciech Erbetowski, Łukasz Kuczera, Paweł Szulc BOF: Future of Java EE Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine BOF: Those broken, broken class loaders Jevgeni Kabanov Main sponsor

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