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Red, Yellow, Green Light Session

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2 Red, Yellow, Green Light Session
Presenter: Nirav Gohil, Nishant Shukla, Vivek Bhatia, Shubham Mittal & Aniruddh Gupta Branch: Vadodara

3 Our Trends Lknl;knkl;nkmjnl.

4 Our Trends Year Target OBCM % change OECM FY 10-11 FY 11-12 FY 12-13
FY 10-11 70 98.97 - 70.5 FY 11-12 110 129.5 30.84% 128.65 82.48% FY 12-13 150 139.57 7.77% 136.28 5.93% FY 13-14 168 117.11 -16.09% 107.38 -21.20% FY (till 15th Sept) 175 115.25 51.86

5 Current FY Trends – Civil Ind.
Month Target OBCM % Achd. OECM Achd (Rs. In Lakhs) Achd(Rs. In Lakhs) Q1 23 26.2 113.91% 15.65 68.04% Q2 42 51.14 121.76% 25.31 60.26% September 14 21.72 155.14% 0.42 0.03 %

6 Current FY Trends – Civil Imp.
Month Target OBCM % Achd. OECM Achd (Rs. In Lakhs) Q1 8.75 20.31 232.11% 0.85 9.7% Q2 16.70 190.85% 10.04 114.74% September 3.00 12.84 428% 1.64 54.66%

7 Current FY Trends – Team Performance
Engineer Target OBCM % Achd. Achd. (Rs. In Lakhs) Vivek Bhatia 91 L 65.03 71.42% Shubham Mittal 49 L 12.29 25.08% Nishant / Aniruddh 35 L 37.02 105.7% Total 175 L 114.34 65.33%

8 Current FY Trends – Distributor Performance
Target OB % CM Contributed Achd (Rs. In Lakhs) Gujarat (Tirth) 200 L 133.88 66.5 % 57.58 MP (STC / Skof ) 140 L 24.02 17.15 % 10.79 Total 340 L 157.9 46.44 % 68.37

9 Current FY Trends – Segment Analysis
(Civil Indigenous)

10 Current FY Trends – Segment Analysis
(Civil Imported)

Continuous efforts for 2 years, the wheel is now rolling A comprehensive range Covering a vast array of applications A strong geophysical range Improved technical and after sales assistance The sales teams has much better technical and application knowledge

Very less workable margins specifically in Dynatest and Proceq A lot of hidden costs in some of the principals Exorbitant pricing for Dynatest, GDS, Phoenix Very less knowledge in MT Systems No other alternative to Proceq

With IRC-115, road contractors going for FWD With IIT’s in our region, geotech and concrete research picking up ISR is making huge investments in geophysical instruments every year SVNIT is gunning for grants from DST for advance highway testing laboratory Kachchh and Saurashtra region seeing a lot of exploration activities for geothermal, water and earthquake studies

Controls is planning to indigenize a number of their systems in India HEICO has developed a range of advanced geotech Testing systems Efforts are being made to locally manufacture the FWD Strong competition in Geophysical Range Troxler proving to be weak in front of Humboldt and CPN

15 Lost to FIE, UTM and other material testing instruments
Order Lost Analysis DDIT Nadiad Lost to FIE, UTM and other material testing instruments IIT Gandhinagar Didn’t qualify technically !!! AMPRI, Bhopal Lost to HEICO MPRRDA, Bhopal Currently we are highest Reliance Industries, Jamnagar Lost to KJ Enterprise, total OV 15 L

16 Strength : Soil instruments
Competition Analysis HEICO Strength : Soil instruments Has a resident representative in Ahmedabad Planning for Gujarat office More Aggressive in Education sector EIE Instruments Strength: Service Center and main operation from Ahmedabad Better in Soil & Bitumen instruments Presence in Education, RMCs, Construction company, Govt. Very less price and off the shelf delivery with good service

17 Strong in Govt. Dept. price advantage FIE
Competition Analysis Enkay Strong in Govt. Dept. price advantage Weak in delivery period and overall quality Weak in after sales service FIE UTM and other material testing lab Good delivery K J Enterprise Ex Employee of Ex Aimil Dealer Competes in Govt., Contractors Main office in Ahmedabad Very low in price, main customer Reliance Jamnagar Offers very less servicing and calibration charges for Aimil Instruments

18 Hurdles We Faced Lack of detailed Technical Specifications Delivery
Lack of technical knowledge for esp. hydraulic, geotextile & material testing range Application Support for new range Territory infringement by dealers

19 Suggestions To Combat Hurdles
Detailed Technical Specifications Online stock availability Timely circulation of User manual and service manual Training to service engineer for new range of products

20 Opportunities Ahead – Segment Wise
Cement Industry/RMC : Reliance Expanding unit at Katni Ambuja cement plant at Bhanpura JK Lakshmi Cement Ltd ,Surat Abhijeet Group in Katni Dhara Cement India Pvt Ltd ,Sabarkantha Reliance Cement, Kutch Projects : Statue of Unity, Gujarat NSDC – SVNIT, Surat MPPWD, Bhopal Irrigation Divisions – Ukai Dam and Bodeli Dam Highways : Vadodara – Mumbai Expressway – Biggest till date Mehsana-Himmatnagar – 50 km Padi-Dahod – 85 km

21 Opportunities Ahead – Segment Wise (continued)
Education Segment : IIT Indore – Introduction of Civil Branch IITRAM Ahmedabad – Dream project of PM Narendra Modi 5 Universities (20 cr.) under Rashtriya Uchchatar Siksha Abhiyan (RUSA)  MS University Sardar Patel University Krantiguru Shamji Krushna Verma, Kutch University Rajkot-based Saurashtra University Surat-based Veer Narmad South Gujarat University University in making - Jabalpur Engineering College L&T – PDPU partnership worth Rs. 5 crores for R& D

22 New Strategies That We Will Employ
“AIMIL Brand” Introduction of new Dealer in MP (SKOF India) Product mixing with Survey Range of Instruments for big Govt. Tenders Customized Solutions Use of IRC – 115 for FWD sales/services Promotion of newly introduced range -Hydraulic Lab/Material testing lab Special promotion for Loyal Customers: Buyback/Loyalty Bonus/Upgradation

23 New Applications/Products/Industries We Plan To Venture Into
Govt. Irrigation divisions MPPWD Power Sector Adani Power Tata Power Customized Solutions R&D divisions (IFGL Refractories, PDPU)

24 Our Success Stories PDPU, Gandhinagar – First order of PASI - MASW in India Kerakoll India – EN Standard Instruments Asian Lab, Palanpur – Full Aimil Lab (OV 50L) IIT Gandhinagar – GPR case Gujarat Dealer – Tirth Enterprise Marwadi Engineering College – converted EIE customer into Aimil Order for 2 nos. FWDs

25 Our Special Achievements
CSG – continued sales-service co-ordination Adherence to Systems : CRM and KPI

26 Orders From New Segments /Applications/Products
Customized Solution (EN standard) Kerakoll India, Vadodara Cement Tensile Testing Machine Sanghavi Industries, Kheda Geotextile Range Khator Textile Company, Silvassa Agricultural College Rajmata Krushi Vishwavidyalaya, Gwalior Power Plant NTPC Limited, Gadarwara

27 Strategies & Plans Ahead
Focus on Large Projects – Mr. Kandarp Bhatt Promoting EN standard instruments Delivering customized solutions Help from Liasoning Agents – Nuchem Jabalpur Introducing new dealer for MP – SKOF India Use of Aimil Network – taking orders from large contractors Keep focus on Govt. Departments esp. Irrigation New Segment - Ports New Lead Generation (monthly tracking) Opportunities in Geophysical Field Promotion of OYO/IRIS and Micro Tremor Systems

28 Consultancy/Services
Forecast Year Indigenous Imported (JS) Geophysical (LDM) Consultancy/Services Total % Change Expected Closure  145  25  20  210  -  165  28  35  253  20.47  190  30  50  305  20.55  220  40  70  370  21.31

29 Support Required From NM, Engineering & CPU
Training to Service engineers for new range USPs in our main selling instruments should be updated regularly and circulated ECN should be circulated regularly and immediately Dispatch details – to be send in a day’s time of dispatch Online stock availability Special prices for large tenders

30 Support Required From AM and Team CSG
Continued Support…..

31 Our Aim: Customer Delight
Thank You!!

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