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Ms Yeo Tiew Kin (VP/Academic)

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1 Ms Yeo Tiew Kin (VP/Academic)
Secondary 2 Streaming Talk 2013 Subject Briefing for Express and Normal Academic Streams Ms Yeo Tiew Kin (VP/Academic)

2 Common subjects (compulsory)
English Language Mathematics Mother-Tongue Languages

3 Important to note ……. Choices of Poly courses drop drastically if students do not obtain C6 in EL and Maths Eligibility for JC (EL: A1 to C6) and (Maths: A1 to D7)

4 Elective Subjects Additional Mathematics Science
Pure Sciences (Biology or Physics) – only for Express Combined Sciences (Biology or Physics) Humanities Social Studies/Hist or Social Studies/Geog Principles of Accounts (Normal Academic) Principles of Accounts / Literature in English (Express) Aesthetics and Innovation (one of following subjects) Art Design and Technology (D&T) Food and Nutrition (F&N)

5 Choice of Elective Subjects
Consider your Aptitude Interest Choice of courses in JC or Polytechnics

6 (1) Additional Mathematics (Express and NA)
Must be good in Mathematics, in particular, Algebra Must be disciplined to spend a lot of time on practice For Sec 3 Express Must achieve at least 75% for Maths for the end-of-year examinations (SA2) For Sec 3 Normal Academic (NA): Must qualify to do Express Maths Must achieve at least 75% at SA2 for NA Maths Must pass the interview by HOD/Maths and Maths subject teacher

7 Add Maths is useful ….. JC:
Add Maths is a requirement for A-level H2 Maths. Polytechnic: Add Maths is NOT compulsory for all polytechnic courses. It can be included as one of 2 relevant subjects for ELR2B2. “Mathematics (Elementary/Additional)” Add Maths is helpful to pupils who intend to take Engineering or Maths related courses in Poly or University.

8 2. Science Subject Either Option Pure Sciences (Exp)
Chemistry AND Physics Chemistry AND Biology Combined Science (Exp & NA) Sc(Phy/Chem) Sc(Chem/Bio) Pure Science is for JC bound students who wants to do Science in JC. For all Poly courses that require Science as a subject, both Pure and Combined Science are accepted.

9 Pure Science (For Express stream pupils)
Must have a strong interest in Science. Must have attained very good results for Science at Secondary 1 & 2. For pupils who wish to study Science (H2 Level) at JC and proceeding to pursue Science / Medicine / Dentistry / Pharmacy at University Medicine & Dentistry in NUS require ‘A’ Level Chemistry and Biology or Physics. Pharmacy in NUS requires ‘A’ Level Chemistry and Biology.

10 Comparing Combined Science & Pure Science
The Physics, Chemistry & Biology of Combined Science covers about 70% to 75% of the content in the respective Pure Science. Pure Science examination questions require a lot more in terms of application of knowledge compared to Combined Science. Combined Science is easier to score compared to Pure Science.

11 3. Humanities (Express) Subject Either Option
1st Humanities subject - Combined Humanities (compulsory) Social Studies AND History Social Studies AND Geog 2nd Humanities subject Principles of Accounts Literature in English

12 History or Geography? History Geography
Understand broad fundamental concepts through study of history international affairs and the forces that shaped twentieth-century world history Geography Understand geographical concepts, terms, facts, trends and theories Observe, collect, record, organise, interpret geographic information to deduce relationships

13 Principles of Accounts or Literature in English? (Express)

14 POA is useful …… POA is offered by Millenia Institute as a H2 subject.
POA is helpful for courses in Poly e.g. Business, Finance and Accounting For some Higher Nitec courses at ITE, e.g. Business, Banking and Accounting, POA can be offered in lieu of Mathematics. Develops skills in managing own finance and starting a business

15 Literature in English Must enjoy reading a variety of texts
Must be able to articulate perceptive and analytical thinking when discussing and writing about literary texts Literature in English may be offered as a relevant subject to apply for JC / CI or as a ‘best 2 other subjects’ for the Polytechnics

16 4. Aesthetic and Innovation (Express and NA)
Art Design and Technology (D&T) Food and Nutrition (F&N) * Students who choose A&I do one out of the three subjects

17 Art, Design & Technology, Food and Nutrition
Awareness of and application of visual art and give form and meaning to ideas, thoughts and feelings through visual and tactile form Design and Technology (D&T) Develop disposition for enterprise, creativity and innovation through research & exploration, idea conceptualization and development, communication, working with materials and tools in response to needs identified Food and Nutrition (F&N) Apply the concepts of nutrition, principles of food science and understanding of diet and health to do meal planning and apply investigative skills for problem solving in coursework tasks

18 Drawing and painting: 40%
Assessment of A&I Assessment of A&I subjects in O-level and N-level Subject Art Design & Technology Food & Nutrition Coursework 60% 70% Others Drawing and painting: 40% Written theory: 30% Written theory: 40%


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