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Begin $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 BattlesUSContinentalsGov.PlethoraBookOfActs.

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2 Begin

3 $100 $200 $300 $400 $500 BattlesUSContinentalsGov.PlethoraBookOfActs

4 C1-$100 Book Of Acts Book Of Acts - $100 This Act generated the most protest in the colonies Stamp Act

5 C1-$200 Book Of Acts Book Of Acts - $200 This was the first British law intended to raise revenue in the colonies Sugar Act

6 C1-$300 Book Of Acts Book Of Acts - $300 As a result of American opposition to this Act, British officials sent regiments of troops to Boston to restore law and order Townshend Act

7 C1-$400 Book Of Acts Book Of Acts - $400 The most drastic measure of the these Acts was the Boston Port Act. Intolerable Acts

8 C1-$500 Book Of Acts Book Of Acts - $500 These Acts asserted Parliaments’ absolute authority over the American Colonies Declaratory Acts

9 C2-$100 Battles Battles - $100 The Revolutionary War began with fighting in New England; then in 1777, 1778, fighting was concentrated in the middle colonies; and the fighting concluded in __________. the South

10 C2-$200 Battles Battles - $200 France waited to give open assistance to America until after the victory at ____ because the French thought the colonists’ chances of winning slim before the victory. Saratoga

11 C2-$300 Battles Battles - $300 Lord Cornwallis was the leader of the British Army that lost this final battle. Battle of Yorktown

12 C2-$400 Battles Battles - $400 In late 1776 and early 1777, George Washington helped restore confidence in America’s military by defeating the ____ at Trenton and the ___ at Princeton Hessians; British

13 C2-$500 Battles Battles - $500 The basic strategy of the British in 1777 was to try to isolate ____ New England

14 C3-$100 US US - $100 The first to sign the Declaration of Independence was ____ John Hancock

15 C3-$200 US US - $200 A pamphleteer who first organized committees to exchange ideas and information on resisting British policy Samuel Adams

16 C3-$300 US US - $300 A Massachusetts politician who opposed the moderates’ solution to the imperial crisis at the First Continental Congress John Adams

17 C3-$400 US US - $400 A radical group that favored liberty and was influential in staging the Boston Tea Party Sons of Liberty

18 C3-$500 US US - $500 He was a casualty of the Boston Massacre. The first African American man killed in the Revolution. Crispus Attucks

19 C4-$100 Continentals $100 This person wrote Common Sense Thomas Paine

20 C4-$200 Continentals Continentals - $200 A major purpose of ___was to explain to the rest of the world why the colonies had revolted Declaration of Independence

21 C4-$300 Continentals Continentals - $300 In order to for this economic theory to take root; Britain had to regulate colonial shipping and tobacco production in their colonies. mercantilism

22 C4-$400 Continentals Continentals - $400 This group was called to order to consider ways of redressing colonial grievances The 1 st Continental Congress

23 C4-$500 Continentals Continentals - $500 French officer who ultimately secured France’s assistance for the Colonials Marquis de Lafayette

24 C5-$100 Gov. Gov. - $100 This in 1783 stipulated the British to recognize U.S. independence, the boundaries of the U.S. were from the Atlantic Ocean to the Mississippi River between the Great Lakes and Spanish Florida and that Americans cease persecution of Loyalists Treaty of Paris

25 C5-$200 Gov. Gov. - $200 In a ____, power comes from the people themselves. Republic

26 C5-$300 Gov. Gov. - $300 This group called for a complete boycott of British goods. The First Continental Congress

27 C5-$400 Gov. Gov. - $400 When the ______ chose George Washington’s to lead the colonial army was as largely political matter. Second Continental Congress

28 C5-$500 Gov. Gov. - $500 This final initiative by the Continental Congress professed loyalty to the British Crown Olive Branch Petition

29 C6-$100 Plethora Plethora - $100 As the War for Independence began, ____ had the advantage of overwhelming national wealth and naval power. Britain

30 C6-$200 Plethora Plethora - $200 Hired soldiers that the Declaration of Independence rails against mercenaries

31 C6-$300 Plethora Plethora - $300 They believed that a country’s economic wealth could be measured by the amount of gold and silver in its treasury. Mercantilists

32 C6-$400 Plethora Plethora - $400 When Parliament passed these, colonists suspected that it was a trick to get them to violate their principle of “No taxation without representation. Tea Acts

33 C6-$500 Plethora Plethora - $500 These were beneficial to colonists because they were paid subsidies for producing ships’ parts and stores, tobacco growers were guaranteed a monopoly of the British market for their crop and colonial trading ships were protected by the Royal Navy. Navigation Laws

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