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Semester S2 at Tor Vergata University S1 S2 S3 S4

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1 Semester S2 at Tor Vergata University S1 S2 S3 S4

2 Astromundus is now in its forth edition. Five students of the first two editions got their master degree in Tor Vergata Khan Muhammad Bin Asad ( Tutors: Prof. P. Mazzotta/Dr. G. De Gasperis) Cigdem Kanberoglu (Tutor: Dr. G. De Gasperis) Paritosh Verma (Tutor: Prof. V. Fafone) Wilnelia Edith Adams (Tutor: Prof. F. Berrilli) Vladimir Lukovic (Tutor: Prof. N. Vittorio) Two students of the third edition are going to start their thesis Balakrishna Sandeep Haridasu and Hoang Le Nguyen

3 Astromundus people (… not only) at Tor Vergata for semester S2 Prof. Roberto Buonanno Prof.ssa Viviana Fafone Prof.ssa Viviana Fafone, Dr. Amedeo Balbi, Dr. Dario Del Moro, Dr. Giancarlo De Gasperis Dr. Marina Tesauro, Dr. Anna Gambogi Dr. Demetrio Falcone, Dr. Angelina De Benedictis, Mrs. Eliane Clot Prof. F. Berrilli Prof. G. Bono Prof. P. Mazzotta Dr. G.Pucacco Prof. Fausto Vagnetti Prof. N. Vittorio Tutors will be available for the three compulsory courses: Extragalactic Astrophysics 1, Relativity and Cosmology 1, Stellar Astrophysics Local Coordinator Academic Advisor Local Organising Committee International Relations Office Foreign Students Office Lecturers Being defined Astromundus IV edition students: Miles Timpe; Efşan Sökmen; Mija Lovrić; Kristhell Marisol López López; Dan Josué Deras; Lawrence Anthony Short; Konstantina Loumou; Pietro Olmo Piana; Grega Belšak Astromundus III edition students: Balakrishna Sandeep Haridasu; Hoang Le Nguyen Italian students sharing lectures with Astromundus students: Lorenzo Aiello, Francesca Bisi, Adriano Clementi, Riccardo Ferrazzoli, Diana Lumaca, Erica Massera, Riccardo Middei

4 You have to choose two optional courses among those listed (please let us know your choice asap) Lectures will start on Wednesday 5 th. Compulsory courses Extragalactic Astrophysics 1: Prof. Fausto Vagnetti Relativity and Cosmology 1: Prof. Nicola Vittorio Stellar Astrophysics: Prof. Giuseppe Bono Optional courses Celestial Mechanics: Dr. Giuseppe Pucacco Extragalactic Astrophysics 2: Prof. Pasquale Mazzotta Stellar Populations: Prof. Giuseppe Bono Sun and Space Climate: Prof. Francesco Berrilli


6 CACCIN (Floor 0) RIUNIONI 2 (Floor 1) ASTROMUNDUS WORK PLACES (Floor 1) T5BIS (Floor 1) YELLOW BAR (Floor 2) building GRASSANO (Floor 1) YOU ARE HERE Map of the lecture rooms BUS 500 / 046 SHUTTLE CAMPUSX BUS 20 / 511


8 good work !

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