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High efficiency system design with Infineon power discretes -Infineon CoolMOS TM,OptiMOS TM, IGBT and SiC diode Vincent Zeng( 曾伟权 ) System application.

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1 High efficiency system design with Infineon power discretes -Infineon CoolMOS TM,OptiMOS TM, IGBT and SiC diode Vincent Zeng( 曾伟权 ) System application engineer Infineon Technologies China

2 Infineon Products help reduce losses along the Entire Energy Distribution Chain  AC/AC  AC/DC/AC  Motor Drives, Traction AC/DC/AC  Power Supply AC/DC  Point of Load DC/DC ~10% Losses Energy Generation Energy Distribution Energy Consumption

3 Mature Super Junction Technology n epi p + n D p n + sub S G Blocking state n epi D p - n + sub G S p + n p Conducting state The evolution on power semiconductor is never end 1200V SiC JFET Bi-Polar Boost like Structure SiC Diode New Packaging Concept <1mm HV ThinPAK, TO-247 High Creepage New die attachment method Diffusion soldering technology Trench+ Field Stop IGBT

4 Copyright © Infineon Technologies All rights reserved. Content CoolMOS technology TrenchStop IGBT technology SiC diode technology OptiMOS technology

5 What is CoolMOS™ technology On state: Reduction of resistance of epitaxial layer by high doped n-columns  Higher doping level in n-type drift region results in lower Rds(on) Blocking state: Compensation of additional charge by adjacent p-columns  Half of active chip area is covered by p- columns  During blocking state the p-column compensates the charge of the adjacent n- column resulting in high breakdown voltage at an area specific on-resistance below the silicon limit! Standard MOSFET CoolMOS™

6 CoolMOS TM – Technology leader in high voltage MOSFETs  High voltage MOSFET in 500V, 600V, 650V, 800V and 900V  Offers a significant reduction of conduction and switching losses  Enables high power density and efficiency for superior power conversion systems  Best-in-class price/performance ratio A short description of CoolMOS™ R on x A [  mm 2 ] New horizons for high voltage applications Standard MOSFET R on x A ~ V (BR)DSS 2,4...2,6 CoolMOS TM Fig.: A near-linear relationship between R ds(on) and V (BR)DSS indicates the significant difference between CoolMOS and conventional MOSFET

7 Page 7 Performance Time CoolMOS TM CP(C5) 50% parastic Cap. and Qg. reduction Best-in-class : 99 mOhm in TO220, 45 mOhm in TO247 IPW60R045CP CoolMOS TM S5 SJ Revolution in conduction loss Lowest R ds(on) on the market: 70mOhm Best-in-class: 190 mOhm in TO Self-limited dv/dt, di/dt, easy-to-use. Enhanced Diode Commutation 37 mOhm/650V in TO247 CoolMOS TM C6/E6 CoolMOS TM generation and milestone CoolMOS TM C3 Revolution in switching losses Fast Diode “CFD” Series High current capability. Best-in-class: 160 mOhm in TO220

8 CoolMOS™ C6 high affordable costs CoolMOS™ C6 is the new generation of Infineon´s market leading high voltage power MOSFET´s designed according to the revolutionary superjunction (SJ) principle The new 600V&650V C6 portfolio provides all benefits of a fast switching SJ MOSFET while not sacrificing ease of use

9 CoolMOS™ C6 high affordable costsFeatures:  lower area specific on-state resistance (R DS(on) )*A)  reduced energy stored in output capacitance (E oss )  high body diode ruggedness  reduced reverse recovery charge (Q rr ) Benefits:  lower costs compared to previous CoolMOS™ generations  proven CoolMOS™ quality combined with high body diode ruggedness guarantee outstanding reliability  easy control of switching behavior  low switching losses (due to low E oss )

10 CoolMOS C6 reduced energy stored in output capacitance CoolMOS™C6 shows the best Figure-of-merit Ron ∗ E oss Low energy stored in output capacitance make make CoolMOS™C6 the right choice for hard switching applications.

11 CoolMOS™ C6 600V efficiency measurement Efficiency comparison CoolMOS C6 versus C3 Ease of usegood efficiency Ease of use & good efficiency especially in light load conditions!

12 DCM PFC stage, 150W, AC in 90V Ecellent price performance ration, ease of use and good efficiency especially in light load conditions make 650V CoolMOS™C6 the right choice for hard switching applications. CoolMOS™ C6 650V efficiency measurement

13 C6 shows no gate spikes up to pulse currents beyond 2 times rated current C6 Nominal current pulse current 40A 20A Vgs Id Comp SJ Nominal current pulse current 40A 20A Dynamical allowed value of gate voltage (30V) Vgs Id Competitor part shows turn off gate spikes even below nominal current. CoolMOS C6 gate switching behavior Under high conduction current

14 Hard commutation of body diode CoolMOS™ C6 shows less reverse recovery charge than C3 and better softness than CFD

15 4/14/2015 Page V DC 230V AC Isolation + Rectification Buck DC/AC stage S1 D1 S2 S3 D2..5 S6..7 S8..9 But, a MOSFET with integrated fast body diode is required in some design… S5 S4 ZVS topology S2..S5 require the MOSFET has low reverse recovery charge Qrr and robustness body diode for hard-commutation Reactive power operation S6,S7 switches to hard commutation of body diodes …Infineon has officially launched CoolMOS CFD2

16 Set date Page 16 Main differences between CFD and CFD2 CFD2 is a 650V class MOSFET (CFD is 600V) Better light load efficiency due to reduced gate charge Softer commutation behavior and therefore better EMI behavior CFD2 offers customers a new cost down roadmap CFD: fast switching of voltage or current i.e. di/dt or dv/dt (main causes of EMI) CFD2: softer commutation reduces this problem saving customer time and money in designing in the part

17 Voltage overshoot CFD2 vs. CFD vs. Competition 676V 569V 452V 224V less overshoot with CFD2 for reliable systems

18 CoolMOS ™ C6/E6 Portfolio 600V Ω 35 A Ω 30 A 0.16 Ω 24 A 0.19 Ω 20 A 0.28 Ω 15 A 0.38 Ω 11 A 0.45 Ω 9.5 A 0.52 Ω 8 A 0.6 Ω 7.3 A 0.75 Ω 6.2 A 0.95 Ω 4.5 A 1.4 Ω 3.2 A 2 Ω 2.5 A 3.3 Ω 1.8 A TO-252 D-Pak [D] TO-263 D²PAK [B] TO-220 [P] TO-220 Fullpak [A] TO-262 I²-PAK [I] TO-247 [W] IPW60R070C6 IPW60R099C6 IPW60R160C6 IPW60R190E6 IPW60R280E6 IPA60R160C6 IPA60R190E6 IPA60R280E6 IPA60R380E6 IPA60R450E6 IPA60R520E6 IPA60R600E6 IPA60R950C6 IPP60R160C6 IPP60R190E6 IPP60R280E6 IPP60R380E6 IPP60R450E6 IPP60R520E6 IPP60R600E6 IPP60R950C6 IPP60R750E6 IPP60R1k4C6 IPI60R190C6 IPI60R280C6 IPI60R380C6 IPB60R160C6 IPB60R190C6 IPB60R280C6 IPB60R380C6 IPB60R600C6 IPB60R950C6 IPD60R380C6 IPD60R450E6 IPD60R520C6 IPD60R600E6 IPD60R950C6 IPD60R750E6 IPD60R1k4C6 IPD60R3k3C6 IPP60R099C6IPA60R099C Ω 47 A IPW60R125C6 IPP60R125C6IPA60R125C6 IPB60R099C6 IPD60R2k0C Ω 77 A IPW60R041C6 IPA60R750E6

19 CoolMOS ™ C6 Portfolio 650V IPW65R037C6: 650V 37mΩ TO247

20 CoolMOS ™ E6 650V Portfolio

21 650V CoolMOS™ CFD2 Portfolio Set dateCopyright © Infineon Technologies All rights reserved.Page mΩ, 80 mΩ, and 41 mΩ are already launched. 420 mΩ to 110 mΩ will be launched around February to March mΩ and 950 mΩ will be launched around May 2011.

22 Copyright © Infineon Technologies All rights reserved. Content CoolMOS technology TrenchStop IGBT technology SiC diode technology OptiMOS technology

23 Server VRD/VRM Notebook Bricks, IBC, POL Telecom SMPS 48V SR Server SMPS 12V SR NB Adapter 16-20V SR Low Voltage Drives Solar µ-inverter LED Automotive SMPS AC/DC Low Voltage MOSFETs Target Applications Computing Telecom DC/DC Industrial Small Signal HP Vantage Platinum 2,5kW; 94% Eff. NB Adapter

24 Beyond the silicon limit normalized on-resistance breakdown voltage [V] Si-limit (die) Si-limit in SuperSO8 Si-limit in TO-220 IFX- products OptiMOS™CoolMOS™

25 Set date Infineon OptiMOS TM (25V~250V) Efficiency  Lowest R DS(on) and FOM R DS(on) *Qg against competitors InfineonNext Best Competitor V V FOM R DS(on) *Qg R DS(on) CanPAK MSuperSO8D²PAK-7 pinD²PAKTO V BSB044N08NN3 G 4.4 mOhm BSC047N08NS3 G 4.7mOhm IPB019N08N3 G 1.9mOhm IPB025N08N3 G 2.5mOhm IPP028N08N3 G 2.8mOhm 100V BSB056N10NN3 G 5.6mOhm BSC060N06NS3 G 6.0mOhm IPB025N10N3 G 2.5mOhm IPB027N10N3 G 2.7mOhm IPP030N10N3 G 3.0mOhm 120V BSC077N12NS3 G 7.7mOhm IPB036N12N3 G 3.6mOhm IPB038N12N3 G 3.8mOhm IPP041N12N3 G 4.1mOhm 150V BSB150N15NZ3 G 15mOhm BSC190N15NS3 G 19mOhm IPB065N15N3 G 6.5mOhm IPB072N15N3 G 7.2mOhm IPP075N15N3 G 7.5mOhm 200V BSC320N20NS3 G 32mOhm IPB107N20N3 G 10.7mOhm IPP110N20N3 G 11.0mOhm 250V BSC600N25NS3 G 60mOhm IPB200N25N3 G 20.0mOhm IPP200N25N3 G 20.0mOhm Best-in-class

26 DPAK SO8 D²PAK/TO220 Package Size Performance SuperSO8 S3O8 Package resolution

27 SMD leadless package has higher efficiency Tested in a 12V server power supply in the Sync Rec stage

28 SMD leadless has lower voltage overshoot Longer electrical MOSFET connections mean ¬Higher inductance ¬Higher voltage stress for the MOSFET

29 Adapterboard TO220 to SuperSO8 Gate Drain Source Drain Gate What do I need this board for? - quick replacement of TO220 in existing designs - electrical verification of SuperSO8 Sync Rec MOSFETs: Q1, Q2 MOSFET – Gate Resistor: R1 RCD Snubber – Diode: D3 RCD Snubber – Capacitor: C3 RCD Snubber – Discharge Resistor: R3 Connectors for RCD Snubber: A Screw holes

30 Copyright © Infineon Technologies All rights reserved. Content CoolMOS technology TrenchStop IGBT technology SiC diode technology OptiMOS technology

31 How to improve the standard IGBT-technology? n (fieldstop) Concept of thin wafer with Fieldstop- technology reduces V CE(sat) dramatically  Reduction of Conduction Losses for higher Efficiency and improved thermal properties  Reduction of Swtiching Losses for higher Efficiency Introduction of trench gate technology reduces V CE(sat) further  Reduction of Conduction Losses for higher Efficiency

32 TrenchStop TM in thin wfr technology with carrier profile optimized for fast switching IGBT Technology selection High Speed 3

33 New Highspeed 3 IGBT technology Applikationsbewertung High Speed 3 Trench gate+ Field Stop offers superior trade-off  Reduced switching losses for switching Frequencies above 30 kHz  Soft switching behaviour  Optimized diode for target applications

34 New highspeed 3 IGBT switching behavior Elimination of tail current at high temperature… …for MOSFET-like switching behavior High Speed 3 Std IGBT3 High Speed 3 CoolmosC3

35 Powerloss comparison Simulation with IPOSIM TM In comparison with the previous generation TrenchStop2, the HighSpeed 3 shows 30% reduction in switching losses and only 16% increase in conduction losses. The HighSpeed 3 shows approx 10% lower losses than the best competitor, setting benchmark performance. 3-phase inverter Vbus=600V Fsw=20kHz Iload=40A 3-phase inverter Vbus=600V Fsw=20kHz Iload=40A

36 Turn-off Waveform comparison IKW30N60H3 IGBT Best competitor Smooth switching waveforms Low dV/dt and dI/dt for reduced EMI Ic=5A Vce=400V Vge=+15/0V

37 Infineon’s High Speed 3 IGBT Portfolio 600V and 1200V Product Family Continuous collector current at T C =100°C 20A Single IGBT 30A TO-247TO-220 DuoPack ™ 20A 30A 50A IGP20N60H3 IGP30N60H3 IKW20N60H3 IKW30N60H3 IKW40N60H3 40A IGW50N60H3 IGW40N60H3 40A 15A IKW15N120H3 IKW25N120H3 IKW40N120H3 15A IGP15N120H3 IGP25N120H3 25A IGP40N120H3 TO V 1200V 25A IGB20N60H3* IGB30N60H3* TO-263 IKB20N60H3* IKB30N60H3* IKP20N60H3* IKW50N60H3 50A 75A IKW75N60H3* √ Devices are fully released! * Engineering samples October 2010

38 TrenchStop IGBT for low switching frequency Continuous collector current at T C =100°C TO-247 IKW20N60T DuoPack ™ IKW30N60T 20A 30A IKW50N60T IKW75N60T 50A 75A Continuous collector current at T C =100°C TO-247 DuoPack™ 15A 25A 40A IKW15N120T2 IKW25N120T2 Polarity selection switch switching frequency  conduction loss dominated

39 Copyright © Infineon Technologies All rights reserved. Content CoolMOS technology TrenchStop IGBT technology SiC diode technology OptiMOS technology

40 This is a huge application potential for Schottky diode in high voltage application, but … … today’s voltage range of Schottky ends at 250V Reasons: very high leakage currents (reverse loss~forward loss) on resistance increases with U br 2.5 and increasing the area again increases the reverse loss With SiC Schottky diodes the range can be extended exceeding 1000V

41 SiC feature fast forward conduction Reduce t he Maximum V DS Stress of Power MOSFET! Replacement of diode allows spike reduction of more than 100 V Full switching speed range of boost MOSFET useable for highest efficiency Very low Vds spike with SiC Schottky diode Improved gate waveform V DS spike up to 600 V with extremely fast switching boost MOSFET and competitors tandem diode High losses and EMI problems Using competitor tandem diode Using SiC Schottky diode Due to unipolar nature of shottky, No need for forward recorver time to get conductive Vgs Vds

42 Zero reverse recovery charge only with unipolar devices… SiC Schottky diode Not possible with Si technology at 600 V rating… …therefore SiC Schottky diode concept required!

43 Switching loss of SiC keep constant vs Io,Rg and Tc Advantages of your design: switching loss does not change with load condition, Rg of Boost MOSFET and temperature.

44 Ruggedness and improved surge current elevated Tc (Infineon Patented) current surge capability Low power dissipation at operation mode bipolar pn diode forward characteristic Ideal characteristic: merged pn- Schottky diode unipolar diode forward characteristic

45 SiC diode 3 rd generation Package updated Average creepage distance 1.78mm Average creepage distance 3.64mm TO-220 real 2pin package 2G 3G Creepage distance improved by a factor of 2 Besides, SiC diode in SMD package is available

46 SiC 3 rd generation R thJC updated Thin soldering technique reduces dramatically solder contribution to R thJC Thermal margin (Tcase) in your design may be improved. Reduction of thermal resistance junction to case New die attachment method Diffusion soldering technology

47 SiC 3 rd generation stored Qc updated 3G offers ever lowest Qc(Qrr) per given current rating in the market Enable higher switching frequency and smaller form-factor design Reduction of device capacitances

48 SiC Diode Portfolio overview DPAK(TO-252) TO-220 real 2pin

49 V SiC Diode in TO-247HC IDY10S120 IDY15S120 package pin dimensions compatible to TO3P / TO247 full green package (RoHS compliant & halogen free) high creepage / air distance of 6.35 / 3.6mm at pins no pin shoulders distance “screw hole center” to “pin out plain” is compatible to TO247 / TO3P => no change of heatsink design required

50 SiC Diode in TO220FullPAK package  System cost / size savings due to reduced cooling requirements  Good thermal performance without the need for additional isolation layer and washer  Higher system reliability due to lower operating temperatures and less fans IDV02S60C 2A IDV03S60C 3A IDV04S60C 4A IDV05S60C 5A IDV06S60C 6A

51 Summary Explore our website, put us to the test and see why Infineon's power semiconductors lead to your Superior Solutions.  CoolMOS (500V~900V) ¬  OptiMOS (25V~250V) ¬  IGBT ¬  SiC diode (600V/1200V) ¬


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