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Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH) Non-Profit Research Institute, 501.C6 Assuring the Business Value of Technology Senior Leadership Capability Briefing.

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1 Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH) Non-Profit Research Institute, 501.C6 Assuring the Business Value of Technology Senior Leadership Capability Briefing January Clifton Drive * Alexandria * Virginia * * (703) ™ ™

2 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 1 ICH Overview Assuring The Business Value of Technology ICH Methods Focus: Improving IT Acquisition Efficiency and Effectiveness Services: Objective, transparent, conflict free, Top Secret … Methods: Measurable, repeatable, proven... Results: Achieving predictable outcomes & cost avoidance... Impacts: Assuring tech enabled missions; Cyber Security, HealthIT, Business Systems, IT Infrastructure, InfoSharing

3 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 2 Information Technology Evolution Information Driven Capability Central computer center, slow turn around One size fits all Limited reuse of application modules Centralized - Mainframe 2.Client/Server - Decentralized 3.Internet - Cloud PC enabled and network Software distributed in both server and client computers Heavy focus on software development Virtualized compute; global network enabled, plug & play IT Infrastructure decoupled from Applications COTS & OSS Integration, Software as a Service Adding functional capability has become easier with each new wave We are in early stages of Wave 3 information technology Mainframe and Client-Server waves remain in place Waves represent many co-dependent technologies, matured over time But enterprise infrastructure gaps & vulnerabilities have become more critical DoD is using Wave 2 acquisition & budget processes; to acquire Wave 3 capability The IT Acquisition Challenge Wave 3 Technologies can’t be acquired using Wave 2 processes…

4 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 3 Maximizing Innovations of the Market An honest broker for buyers and sellers ICH provides a highly ethical interchange between buyers and suppliers of innovative solutions;  Expose to Decision Makers Innovations of the Market; Cyber Security, Health IT, IT Infrastructure, Bus Systems, InfoSharing  Streamline IT Requirements, align with Architecture, Engineering and Acquisition Processes.  Reduce “cost of sales” and barriers to entry for small, innovative companies  Provide contract vehicles and forums for innovators to validate their value proposition to enterprise buyers  Define Realm of the Possible with many communities of practice (COTS, Open Source)  Provide standardized decision frameworks that accelerate IT investments decisions with Stake Holder Business Objectives and Mission Outcomes.  De-conflict the IT requirements, architecture & acquisition processes.  Assist integrators and major suppliers in identifying and validating technical solutions for inclusion in major contract actions.

5 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 4 ICH’s Methods & Tools Acquisition Assessment Method (AAM) Decision analytics for rapid AoA, EoA, BCA, Risk and Technical Assessments Measurable, repeatable and sustainable method to enable cost avoidance and savings Incorporates by reference: SOA best practices, IT Infrastructure Libraries (ITIL) and Evidenced Based Research (EBR) Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL) Open and Inclusive structure by which innovators can validate their technologies Reusable solution architecture templates for e-Gov, IT Infrastructure, Cyber-Security & Health IT Leverages existing testing and implementation results from multiple communities GSA, Sole Source and OTA Contract vehicles for rapid innovation discovery. IT-Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) A non-partisan Government and industry think tank created to drive sustainable IT Acquisition Reform Leverages expertise from academia, standards bodies, innovators and COIs Provide an interchange for senior level leadership interchange Trusted Research Coop … 10 Years of Refinement ™

6 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 5 Advisory and Analytical Services ICH Methods Studies and Assessments  Strategic IT Assessment: Emerging Technologies, SOA, Business Systems, Cyber, Health IT  Transition Architectures and Gap Analysis  Architecture Alignment: Aligning EA with Acquisition Strategies for line of sight  Performance Metrics and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)  Technology Readiness and Maturity Assessments using Evidenced Based Research Acquisition Advisory and Decision Analytics  Analysis of Alternatives (AoA), Business Case Analysis (BCA), Evaluation of Alternatives (EoA)  Value Stream Analysis: Requirements & Capability Gap Analysis  Standardized Metrics; Measures of Effectiveness (MOE) and Service Level Agreement (SLAs)  Economic Planning and Analysis: 8-Step Process  Strategic planning and alignment Direct Market and Industry Surveys  Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL), collaborative approach for defining realm of the possible  Conflict Free Research: More directed program and quality executive decisions  Solution Architecture Working Groups and Conferences that reach innovations of the market

7 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 6 ™ Predictable Outcomes Confidence Level Reduced Acquisition Time-line and Costs High Low Risk Delta Time & Cost Delta SAIL Portfolio Impacts Redundant Decision Analytics SAIL Collaborative Research and Validation Acceptable Risk Level Project A Project B Project C Strategy * Capability Definition * Technical Validation * AoA * BCA Acquisition Strategy * Source Selection Inconclusive findings

8 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 7 IT Acquisition Advisory Council (IT-AAC) Providing our National IT Leadership with an Actionable Roadmap for IT Acquisition Reform –Jim Young, former CIA, Google –Larry Allen, Executive Director, Coalition for Government Procurement –Ed Black, President, Computers & Communications Industry Consortia –Barry Robella, Professor of Systems Engineering, Defense Acquisition University –Stephen Buckley, Kerberos Consortia, MIT Sloan –Al Mink, Vice President SRA –Edward Hammersla, EVP Trusted Computing Solutions –William Lucyshyn, Director of Research, School of Public Policy, U of MD –Dan Johnson, Sr. Council, Computers & Communications Industry Association –Alan Balutis, CISCO Systems –Kirk Phillips, the Kirk Group –John Weiler, Founder, Chief Strategist, –Frank Weber, former AF ESC 554 Wing Commander –Marty Evans, former AF AQI Director –Honorable Michael Wynn, former Secretary of USAF –Honorable Dave Oliver, former OSD ATL, EADS –Lt General (ret) Jack Woodward USAF, former AF Deputy CIO and Joint Staff J6 –Army Gen (ret) Steven Boutelle, former Army G6, CISCO –AF General (ret) Thomas Verbeck, ICH Director –Dr. Marv Langston, former OSD C3I DCIO, ICH CTO –AF General (ret) Paul Nielson, CEO, SEI CMU –RADM (ret) Lenn Vincent, Industry Chair, DAU –Vint Cert, Founder of the Internet, Google –Dr. Robert Childs, President, NDU –Dave Patterson, former OSD Comptroller, University Of Tennessee –Kevin Carroll, former Army PEO EIS, ICH Corp Relations –Charles Tompkins Esq., Chair Systems Management Dept, NDU IRMC –Paul Brubaker, former OSD C3I DCIO, CISCO

9 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 8 Predictable Results Repeatable, measurable, sustainable success Navy: Assessment of AFLOAT Program – CANES SOA & Security Strategy Eliminated hi-risk Requirements by 23%, $100Ms in potential savings USAF: Streamlined COTS Acquisition Process. Applied to Server Virtualization. Established optimal arch with ROI of 450% & $458 million savings USAF: Procurement of E-FOIA System using AAM Completed AoA, BCA, AQ Selection in just 4 months USMC: AoA and BusCase for Cross Domain, Thin Client Solutions Greatly Exceeded Forecasted Saving in both analysis and acquisition GSA: Financial Mgt System consolidation using AAM. Moved FMS from OMB “red” to “green”. Eliminated duplicative investments that saved $200M BTA: Assessment of External DoD Hosting Options using AAM $300 million in potential savings with minimal investment BTA: Apply AAM to complete AoA and BCA for Hosting and SOA Reduced average cycle time and cost of Analysis by 80% GPO: Developed Acquisition Strategy for Future Digital System Led to successful acquisition and implementation on time, on budget and 80% cheaper than NARA RMS JFCOM: MNIS Evaluation of Alternatives for Cross Domain Solutions Evaluated 100’s of Options in 90 days, enabling stake holder buy in and source selection. “We have put to practice the AF Solution Assessment Process (ASAP) at the Air Force Communications Agency (AFCA) with some well documented success. It was developed with Interoperability Clearinghouse (ICH) and provides a structured and measurable IT assessment process with the agility to provide decision- quality assessments ranging from quick-looks to more in-depth capability-focused technology assessments and lightweight business case analysis.” General Mike Peterson, AF CIO

10 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 9 In Review: Business Case ICH’s ounce of prevention in these lean times…  Open & Inclusive Structure 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute: Conflict free support and secure services Access to market innovations and lessons learned: Rapidly applied to the Government 39 public/private partnerships, 3,000 industry fellows: Massive “think tank” Top Secret Clearances, Access to tens of thousands of SMEs  Repeatable, Measurable, Standardized Methods (Decision Analytics) Acquisition Assurance Method (AAM) streamlines JCIDS and AoA Evidenced Based Research (EBR) validates assumptions and vendor claims Solution Architecture Innovation Lab (SAIL) captures realm of the possible  Streamlined Studies, Assessments and Analysis Services AoA, EoV, BCA (ROI) and Risk Assessments at a fraction of the cost and time Reusable studies and benchmarks: COTS, Open Source, ERP, Infrastructure and SOA LEAN Six Sigma, Solution Architecture, IT Acquisition, Portfolio Mgt, SOA Governance, ITIL/VCA  Assured Mission Outcomes, Low Cost: AF, Navy, USMC, BTA, JFCOM, GSA Evidenced Based Research derived from real world results Reduced acquisition time-line, measurable and predictable outcomes Significant cost-avoidance and savings, reduced analysis/paralysis

11 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 10 Contacts & Contract Vehicles ICH Leadership  Honorable Michael “Mike” Wynne, 21 st Secretary of the USAF, Chairman Advisory Council  Kirk Phillips, Executive Director  Dr. Marv Langston, Chief Technology Officer  Kevin Carroll, Director Corporate Relations  John Weiler, Founder, Chief Strategist  John Bird, Director of Strategic Partnerships ICH/IT-AAC Contract Options Prime:  GSA Schedule 70, 5 Firm Fixed Price offerings under $500K  GSA MOBIS, Small Business  FAR Sole Source Pilots  SOSSEC Other Transaction Authority (OTA) Sub Contractor:  SAF/XC BETA (TAG)  SAF/FM A&AS (Kerney)  Navy SPAWAR EC2 ATS (SAIC)  VETS GWAC  Seaport IDIQ  ENCORE II IDIQ

12 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 11 Backup Slides "Weapons systems depend on stable requirements, but with IT, technology changes faster than the requirements process can keep up," he said. "It changes faster than the budget process and it changes faster than the acquisition milestone process. For all these reasons, the normal acquisition process does not work for information technology.” DepSec Bill Lynn statement at the 2009 Defense IT Acquisition Summit hosted by IT-AAC

13 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 12 Typical ICH Engagement Profile from past AAM Successes (6 months vs 36 months) 1.Readiness Assessment / Baseline Analysis: Gaps and cost of current Process/Tech Baseline. 2.Facilitated Value Chain Analysis (VCA) Working Groups: Agree on Measure of Effectiveness 3.Capability Analysis: What capabilities & services exist that can be readily leveraged (the known) 4.Transformation Roadmap: What it will take to close the capability gap, what is expected ROI. 5.Pilot Implementation of enhanced Governance and Streamlined Acquisition Methods (AAM applied). 6.Evaluation of Alternative, Business Case Analysis and Acquisition Strategy. Mitre Assessment of ICH “... the concept of the Interoperability Clearinghouse is sound and vital. Its developing role as an honest broker of all interoperability technologies, no matter what the source, is especially needed. Such efforts should be supported by any organization that wants to stop putting all of its money into maintaining archaic software and obtuse data formats, and instead start focusing on bottom-line issues of productivity and cost-effective use of information technology.”

14 501.C6 Non-Profit Research Institute ICH Proprietary © All Rights Reserved ™ 13 Critical Success Factors for Acquisition Assurance ICH compliments existing federal resources Contractor Type CSF for IT Acquisition Non-profit Research Institute (ie. ICH) System Integrator Consultancy FFRDCAcademia Open, inclusive structure by which innovations of the market can be quickly assessed  ICH Does not buy, sell, develop or test any IT, while integrating many communities of practice.  reseller agreements & implementation interests cannot be firewalled.  Best suited for assessment of specific configurations.  Best suited for R&D activities associated with specific solutions CCA; Access to commercial best practices, Lessons learned  ICH brings forward 38 PPP and access to over 100K SMEs  focus on stock holder value and profit disincent reuse of 3 rd party success  FFRDC restrictions prevent partnering with industry, limited access to real world expertise.  Focus on research issues. Most work done by students. Ability to leverage a wide range of expertise & SMEs  Virtual corporation model leverages widest range of expertise.  SI focus is butts in seats, limiting ability to bring in real experts  Often have higher percent of SMEs with advanced degrees NDAA Sec 803 Tech Clearinghouse 2010 NDAA Sec 804 New IT Acqu Process  Organically structured for reuse. Already proven method for Rapid IT Acquisition (AAM)  Evidences suggests little incentive to use COTS, prefer costly build to spec model.  Not a focus area of FFRDCs.  Not a focus area OMB A119; requires standards over MilSpec processes  AAM is a proven standard for acquisition analytics.  Commercial entity cannot set standards. Offer proprietary only.  Cannot set standards.  Cannot set standards

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