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4-C6 Lions Orientation Who are Lions? What do we do? How do we help? Who do we help? How can you help?

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1 4-C6 Lions Orientation Who are Lions? What do we do? How do we help? Who do we help? How can you help?

2 4-C6 Lions Orientation

3 Local Lions look on as San Jose District 8 City Councilman Dave Cortese delivers proclamation declaring May as “Lions Eyeglass Recycling Month” 4-C6 Lions Orientation

4 “I appeal to you Lions, you who have your sight, your hearing, you who are strong and brave and kind. Will you not constitute yourselves Knights of the Blind in this crusade against darkness?” -Helen Keller Delivered at the 1925 International Convention Cedar Point, Ohio USA June 30, 1925 4-C6 Lions Orientation


6 How do we help? 4-C6 Lions Orientation

7 Programs at meetings 4-C6 Lions Orientation

8 Local projects in each community

9 4-C6 Lions Orientation SJ Holiday Parade Good Public Relations!

10 4-C6 Lions Orientation Community Involvement Little League Baseball Girl Scouts

11 4-C6 Lions Orientation Blind Centers – Santa Clara and Pacific Grove

12 4-C6 Lions Orientation AJ Robinson unit Alum Rock Schools Eye Screening Project

13 4-C6 Lions Orientation Lions in Sight "I truly believe that, beyond life itself, sight is our most precious possession." -Wayne Cannon, Founder

14 4-C6 Lions Orientation Lions Eye Foundation of California-Nevada, Inc. The Lions Eye Foundation (LEF) and the California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC) are two organizations with a common mission. The LEF supplies financial sustenance and a flow of needy patients to CPMC, where they are provided with complex care, including surgeries.

15 4-C6 Lions Orientation Children who need glasses

16 4-C6 Lions Orientation Diabetes Luncheon Fundraiser

17 4-C6 Lions Orientation "Canine Companions for Independence is a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs and ongoing support to ensure quality partnerships.

18 4-C6 Lions Orientation Peace Poster Contest " Peace Without Borders" 2005-06 Grand Prize Poster Lions clubs can sponsor the program in their community for children in local schools or organized, sponsored youth groups. Students, ages 11, 12 or 13 are eligible to participate.

19 “Having the opportunity Student Speakers to compete against so many quality speakers was an experience of a lifetime. The fact that my presentation was chosen over theirs was both an honor and a humbling experience. I was able to grow personally in having the confidence that I could give an inspiring speech in a public forum. At each level of the competition I was supported by Lions Club members both before and after each presentation. I appreciated the club members warmth in accepting me and I took into consideration all of their suggestions in perfecting my presentation. 4-C6 Lions Orientation

20 City of Hope City of Hope’s guiding philosophy was well expressed by former executive director Samuel H. Golter: “There is no profit in curing the body, if in the process, we destroy the soul.” Get on the Bus! City of Hope Annual Bus Trip March 2007

21 “To create and foster a spirit of understanding among the peoples of the world.” International Youth Exchange

22 4-C6 Lions Orientation Leo’s Forty-nine years ago, Coach Jim Graver started the Leo ball rolling. Chances are, that ball was a baseball. Back in 1957, Graver was the coach of the Abington High School, Pennsylvania, USA, baseball team. Graver was also an active member of the Glenside, Pennsylvania, Lions club. Carmel - Los Gatos - Milpitas - Leigh – Salinas – Mt. View – Saratoga- Cupertino - Branham

23 4-C6 Lions Orientation Hurricane – USA Earthquake – Indonesia Earthquake – Pakistan Tsunami – S.E. Asia Emergency Grants Core 4 Grants

24 4-C6 Lions Orientation SightFirst II $200M – 3 Yrs EducationPreparation InspirationMotivation ParticipationCelebration

25 4-C6 Lions Orientation Who do we help?

26 4-C6 Lions Orientation “As Lions, we need to first take care of our own communities, where our members live. This is my basic philosophy of our commitment as Lions. If we do this, we will encourage other community- minded citizens to join our clubs, and upon meeting local needs, we can expand our outreach on a global humanitarian basis.” 2006-’07 International President Jimmy Ross, Quitaque, TX

27 4-C6 Lions Orientation

28 People in our own community w/blindness

29 4-C6 Lions Orientation Local people who need eye surgeries and can’t afford them

30 Local people who need glasses and can’t afford them 4-C6 Lions Orientation

31 People in 3 rd world countries who need glasses and can’t afford them

32 4-C6 Lions Orientation People with preventable or correctable blindness worldwide

33 4-C6 Lions Orientation How can you help?

34 4-C6 Lions Orientation Time Talent Treasury

35 4-C6 Lions Orientation Find one of these projects that you like and help us: AJ Robinson Mobile Health Screening Unit Pancake BreakfastsFlag Days Kases for KidsBooks Aloud Spinoza BearWhite Cane Days Habitat for HumanityGolf Tourneys Holiday ParadeChariots for Charity

36 4-C6 Lions Orientation

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