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Geometry Unit Today’s objectives:

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0 PTT - 5 minutes - Silence The teacher will assign each table 3 words that they have to look up using the following websites: (Username and Password are asfmbp) (area, perimeter, dimensions, length, width, height, base, volume) Write the meaning of the words you are assigned in the place where you write your notes. You may add or use pictures to illustrate the meaning.

1 Geometry Unit Today’s objectives:
To learn the definitions of certain words that are used frequently when dealing with shapes and objects. (You can get this presentation off of our blog in the “Sites That Help!” section). Do the pre-test (overview) to see what you know and remember.

2 What is it used to measure?
Measurement Units Units Full Word What is it used to measure? mm cm m km

3 What is perimeter and what is area and how do units apply to both?
Perimeter - distance units (cm, m, km, etc.) Area - squared units (cm2, m2, km2, etc.)

4 Volume The space that an object occupies.
Expressed as cubic units (e.g. mm3, cm3, m3, etc)

5 Dimensions 0d - a point 1d - a line
2d - a shape like a triangle, square, rectangle, parallelogram, trapezoid. The dimensions generally determine the area. The units for area are to the power of 2. These are flat pictures that we cannot hold in our hands. (draw pictures on the board to illustrate this) 3d - an object like a box, pencil case, a person, a water bottle. The dimensions generally determine the volume. The units for volume are to the power of 3. We can hold these in our hands. (draw pics on board to illustrate this) Interesting thought - What is the 4th dimension in a 4d-figure?

6 Triangles

7 Properties of Quadrilaterals and the Types
4-sided shape? Yes - Quadrilateral Parallel sides? One set? Two sets? Trapezoid Parallelogram Right angles? Yes! No! Rectangle Rhombus Equal sides? Square

8 Circles Radius Diameter Pi Circumference Area Total degrees =

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