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2 A Background  100% student body membership in ADEA  Leadership board consists of 18 members  Includes a 10 member Outreach Committee  One of the largest RCO’s on campus  Put on 15+ events involving entire student body over the year  Academia, Education, Outreach all strongly emphasized  Our chapter is traditionally strong in OUTREACH

3 Our Mission: The American Dental Education Association Student Chapter at the UCSF School of Dentistry strives to promote excellence in all aspects of dental education by providing opportunities for professional development and leadership. Our aims are:  to address the need for dental educators  to encourage the pursuit of careers in academia and research  to further post-graduate education  to outreach, mentor and recruit under-represented students into dentistry

4 Overview of Events: ACADEMIA  What Matters to Me and Why  Allow professors the opportunity to speak at a casual lunch hour about how they picked dentistry as a profession, their personal lives and family, what they enjoy, and what makes them happy overall  Incredibly successful event, usually “SRO,” other faculty members come out to support their colleagues

5 Overview of Events: ACADEMIA  Student/Faculty Appreciation Night  Acknowledge and celebrate professors and students who have demonstrated excellence in academia, education, and outreach  Pathways to Academia  Professors come and talk about how they became involved in teaching/research at UCSF

6 Overview of Events: EDUCATION  D1/D2 Tutorials  D3/D4 students help students with pre-clinical skills  Often coordinated with pre-clinical faculty to help students get sign-offs  D3/D4 students can earn teaching credit  True Life Series  Faculty in different aspects of dentistry talk about their “true life” as a practicing dentist.

7 Overview of Events: EDUCATION  Post-graduate Series Night  Organized by a team of dental students, led by an ADEA Board Member Work with UCSF Office of Career and Professional Development (Career Center)  3-part series occurring in February  Hear from department chairs directly what their specialty entails, what they look for in a strong candidate  Break out sessions with residents, D4 acceptants to learn more about the application process, different programs, etc

8 Overview of Events: OUTREACH  We aimed to target all age groups !  I’m Going to College Day  In conjunction with UCSF Financial Aid office  100 4 th graders from low-income areas participate in a series of workshops to encourage them to go to college  Impressions Undergraduate Outreach Conference  An event co-organized with SNDA, ADEA, HDSA  Invite undergraduate students from Bay Area universities, colleges, community colleges to expose them to dentistry  Full day event includes tour, keynote speech, admission help, hands-on lab activities, test preparation, personal statement evaluation and mock interviews

9 Overview of Events: OUTREACH  Seniors Brush Up  Event catered towards elderly minorities within San Francisco  Cantonese Grandparents Group  Latino Seniors in the mission  Instruction on oral health, hygiene. Oral Cancer Screening  Give Kids a Smile  Help other outreach RCO’s on campus to organize

10 Overview of Events: OUTREACH  High School Outreach Conference  Event coordinated with organizations from all disciplines at UCSF Dentistry Medicine Nursing Pharmacy Physical Therapy Graduate Studies  Expose high school students to all health professions with hands-on demonstrations  Also provide motivational speakers, financial aid workshops, college planning advice  Over 350 attendees and volunteers


12 Organization of our Leadership Class Reps (5) Outreach Coordinators and Committee Members (10) Post-Graduate Committee (10) ADEA at UCSF

13 Leadership Board Outreach CommitteeADEA Student Chapter at UCSF Board 2009-2010

14 Relations with ASDA  ASDA has difficulties at our school because their fee is not included in tuition  ADEA is Free! (but ASDA is richer…)  Have had problems in the past  E.g. ASDA tried to use unprofessional means to attract members  Sometimes, times of events clash  Improved relations  Work together to put on D1/D2 tutorials  Have done outreach events together  Go to Lobby Day together  Important to establish events as yearly so no other RCO can “steal” idea  Have been good to collaborate with other orgs like SNDA

15 Travel to National Meetings  Fall Meetings  President, Vice-president, any national positions  Spring Meetings  President, Vice-president, 2 D1’s (usually D1 rep and Outreach Coordinator), 1-2 general student body members For general student body – ask for LOI and vote on attendees at board meeting  Others: Depend on finances (usually take ~10)  Funding awarded from our “associated dental students” board  In order to obtain funding, must invite others than just officers

16 For those struggling chapters out there…  Establish a specific mission statement and plan events according to that.  Obtain a solid leadership board that knows their responsibilities and lives up to them  Come up with a handful of yearly events that are unique and attractive to the student body  Set yourself apart from the other student organizations  Students like anything that will enrich their dental experience: interaction with faculty, help with school, more info about specializing, grand-scale outreach, FOOD  Faculty Advisor – ask for help and support!  Advertise, advertise, advertise!

17 Questions?  Email  President:  Vice-president:  Visit our website 


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