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Internationalising Professional Skills Development Dr Deborah Sporton:

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1 Internationalising Professional Skills Development Dr Deborah Sporton:

2 A flag ship student run embedded social enterprise that operates as an NGO and seeks to embed knowledge exchange and social enterprise within the new University of Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID). Dr Deborah Sporton:

3 To provide students with practical experience of the skills needed, and challenges encountered in the International Development workplace and beyond. To do this through engagement and partnership with stakeholders involving different strands of student led activity To promote a socially just understanding of international development and introduce students to the complexities of international development as experienced on the ground. To encourage student participation from all disciplines and all levels within the University. Our Aims:

4 Why SIIDshare? We already work with over 40 organisations (both within the UK and across the world). SIIDshare will provide a vehicle for formalising and adding value to this activity and consolidating our engagement with partners providing training, resources and practical work experience for students across the University. SIIDshare has a student committee and an Advisory Board SIIDshare is supporting student associations from across the University – e.g. EWB, Red Cross, SIFE, Model UN.


6 Professional Skills Training All student members receive skills training before embarking on a project or challenge. All student groups are mentored by an ID professional All sign up to a code of ethics and professional practice.

7 Professional Skills Training 5 workshops externally facilitated by BOND Advocacy Essentials Building better North-South partnerships Project planning using a logical-framework approach Impact Assessment: What difference did we make Writing Funding Proposals

8 Professional Skills Training PGR students then cascaded workshops down to SIIDshare members and local NGO partners. Training materials produced and uploaded on to our Virtual Incubator (VLE). These resources will be updated and workshops will be repeated this year.

9 Project Contributes to: The internationalisation of the curriculum Development of international competencies/global Internationalisation of the civic curriculum Enhancing employability Integration of international students

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