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Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Wrestling Team Brief Jeffery Hale, Ph.D. President Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College 200 I Street NE Miami, OK 74354-6497.

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1 Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Wrestling Team Brief Jeffery Hale, Ph.D. President Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College 200 I Street NE Miami, OK 74354-6497 Office (918) 540-6201 August 17, 2011

2 PRESENTATION TEAM Executive Steering Committee: Lee Roy Smith Executive Director National Wrestling Hall of Fame Stillwater, Oklahoma Mike Moyer Executive Director National Wrestling Coaches Association Manheim, Pennsylvania Phone: 717.653.8009 Email:

3 PURPOSE & AGENDA Purpose: To gain the support of Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College administration to add intercollegiate wrestling as a Junior College sport. Agenda: The Need. Why Not Wrestling. The Cost of Wrestling Why Wrestling. Why Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College Conference Affiliation. Oklahoma Wrestling Overview. New Intercollegiate Programs Supporting Agencies. Summary.

4 Why Wrestling? "As a young man, I participated in wrestling, and later had the privilege of helping others experience the sport as both a teacher and a coach. Wrestling has played a vital role in developing our nation's young people. No sport demands more in courage, discipline, and perseverance.“ Dennis Hastert, Former Speaker of the US House of Representatives “The addition of a wrestling program provided Tri State University the opportunity to increase enrollment with outstanding academic male student-athletes” Shelia Kovalchick, Vice President of Administration, Trine University

5 THE NEED There are currently 267,000 high school wrestlers across America and only 260 four-year intercollegiate wrestling teams and 65 Junior College wrestling teams to accommodate that interest. In Oklahoma and neighboring Texas, there are nearly 11,000 high school wrestlers and only 6 four-year college wrestling teams and no junior college wrestling teams. Northeastern Oklahoma A&M can help to replenish the depleted pool of teachers and wrestling coaches in the mid-west.

6 THE NEED Wrestling is a popular high school sport that is not served at the Junior College level. Source: NFHS Participation Report Men’s Sport Oklahoma High School Participants Junior college Programs in Oklahoma Football12000 Basketball7200 Track & Field 5000 Baseball8000 Wrestling29600 Soccer2691 Golf1265 Cross Country 2212 Tennis762 Swimming & Diving 250

7 WHY NOT ADD WRESTLING? According to the EADA report, intercollegiate wrestling is among the cheapest sports to sponsor Wrestling is one of a few sports that accommodates student- athletes of all sizes, weights, etc. High School Wrestling is the 6th most popular high school boys sport in America (over 267,000 high school wrestlers) Oklahoma has a rich and strong history of success in wrestling 72 new college programs added since 1999 and 19 in the last 18 months Effective way to bolster male enrollment

8 Cost Effective Sport One time Start Up Costs: Wrestling Mat: $9,000 Wrestling Room: 50 ft x 80 ft Ongoing Costs: Coaches Salary - $30,000 to $35,000 (can be combined with other administrative duties such as admissions, etc. Travel - $5,000 Uniforms - $3,000 (typically lasts 2-3 years) Scholarships – the NJCAA allows each school to provide anywhere from zero to 16 scholarships. There is a non scholarship division at the NJCAA national championships. 1 May 2007 Intercollegiate wrestling is one of the most cost effective sports to add as evidenced by the following:

9 WHY WRESTLING Tradition: World’s Oldest Sport (with track & field) Intercollegiate wrestling in existence for over 100 years Included in ancient and modern Olympic Games Amateur wrestling fully embraces diversity Minimal costs for facilities and equipment enables nearly every country to compete Wrestling is typically one of the United States’ three top medal winning sports in the last several Olympic Games Military Services have competitive international teams. The Army has a full time World Class Athlete’s Program

10 Wrestlers Perform on and off the Mat The average G.P.A. of the nation’s top elite high school wrestler competing in the High School National Championships is 3.0. Elite academic institutions are succeeding in Division I wrestling: - Success of the Ivy League - Penn, Cornell, Stanford, Harvard and Lehigh have had recent NCAA Division I Champions Elite wrestlers succeed in classroom as eight of the 20 NCAA Division I finalists were recognized on the NWCA All Academic Team. In addition, nearly 30% of the Division I All-Americans were also named to the All-Academic Team

11 Outstanding Americans Who Wrestled (Partial List)   US Presidents: George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt   John Irving - Author & Academy Award Winner   Joe Allen – Astronaut   Edward Liu - Astronaut   Billy Baldwin - Actor   J. Dennis Hastert – Former Speaker of U.S House of Representatives   David Pottruck – Former President/CEO of Charles Schwab   Roone Arledge – Former President ABC News/Sports   Norman Bourlag – Nobel Prize Winner   Stephen Friedman – Former CEO, Goldman Sachs   James Bigger – Former CEO of Nestle   Kirk Douglas – Actor   Pat Day - Jockey

12 Embraces Diversity 10 Weight Classes provide opportunities by size Women Wrestlers: U.S. women won Bronze & Silver medals at last Olympic Games Three NCAA D-I Champions in 2011 were minorities Five of the thirteen 2008 Olympic wrestlers were minorities Earl Jones 3x Kansas HS Champion 3x Kansas HS Champion 2x JUCO National Titles, at Labette Community College 2x JUCO National Titles, at Labette Community College Named outstanding wrestler Named outstanding wrestler Division II at University of Central Oklahoma Division II at University of Central Oklahoma 3rd in D II Nationals 3rd in D II Nationals Anthony Robles NCAA D-I National Champion at Arizona State University NCAA D-I National Champion at Arizona State University

13 WHY NORTHEASTERN OKLAHOMA A&M COLLEGE Bolster enrollment with quality students To provide scholastic wrestlers in Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico with at least one junior college option Can be nationally competitive at Junior College level immediately (on average, approximately of all NJCAA institutions with wrestling will advance at least one wrestler to the NJCAA Championships on any given year Can develop academic/teaching credentials for HS coaches Progressive university and athletic department Establishing a program can be funded inexpensively Can generate momentum for all other sports programs Can build upon the school reputation and gain national visibility

14 CONFERENCE AFFILIATION LaBette (KS) Parsons (KS) Colby (KS) Northeast Technical School (KS) Pratt (KS) Neosho (KS) Arkansas Baptist College (AR) Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College *You can also compete against all of the four year programs in the region. The Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College wrestling program could compete in a NJCAA Regional comprised of:

15 OKLAHOMA WRESTLING OVERVIEW JUNIOR COLLEGE WRESTLING IN MIDWEST REGION WrestlersCollege Programs StateHSDIDIINAIANJCAA Oklahoma2,9602120 Missouri7,1341421 Tennessee4,2901110 Texas7,8250010 Louisiana2,1890000 Arkansas1,7910111 Kansas5,3190235


17 High School VS 4 Year Schools

18 SUPPORTING AGENCIES National Wrestling Coaches Association Who are they? 34 member Board of Directors affiliated with: NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, California Community Colleges National Federation of State HS Associations National Wrestling Officials Association USA Wrestling and National Wrestling Hall of Fame Business Interests Eight full time staff and over 10,000 members Building Grass Roots Support Identifying Coaching Prospects Securing Startup Funds and Equipment Promote New Team Nationally Assist with Title IX compliance Coaching development Recognition Premier national events Public Relations How can they help?What programs do they have

19 SUMMARY Oklahoma and Texas need and deserves a Junior College wrestling program so it can develop future coaches and mentors to serve at the scholastic and youth level. An intercollegiate wrestling team will help recruit more male students to campus (most universities across the nation are challenged with declining male enrollment). Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College has the ability to instantly field a nationally competitive Junior College team with student-athletes who reside regionally. Wrestling embraces diversity and is cost-effective. Oklahoma’s top scholar and minority wrestlers would benefit from a program at Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College.

20 SUMMARY Northeastern Oklahoma A&M college is in a unique position to build a nationally competitive wrestling team with many of the nation’s top student-wrestlers from the region. In doing so, it will undoubtedly serve a vital role of replenishing the depleted pool of scholastic teachers, wrestling coaches, and mentors in Oklahoma and the mid- west region. How do we proceed? Parlay: “To increase or otherwise transform into something of much greater value.”

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