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Preparation of D1.7 Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova.

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1 Preparation of D1.7 Massimo Sgaravatto INFN Padova

2 Introduction D.17 Final evaluation report We should report (as we have been told): Achievements Fulfilments and deviations (explaining why) of the original plans Evaluation Future Directions

3 Proposed Outline Introduction and executive summary Summary of activities of WP1 in these 3 years First WMS prototype Review of WMS architecture and second release of WMS Support and bug fixes Activities within Iteam, ATF, QA, Security group

4 Proposed Outline Achievements and evaluation Summary of capabilities of the WMS Some numbers on performance ? Use of the WP1 software WMS used in different environments, and not only in EDG (used by LCG, CrossGrid,, …) Contributions to standards Activities within GGF Grid Accounting GridCPR activities What else ? Glue Schema activities Papers for journals and conferences ? We didn’t do a very good job here … What else could we write for “evaluation” ? Some performance numbers ? Which ones ? Difficult to rely on evaluation criteria written in D1.2 (they were quite generic)

5 Proposed Outline “Deviations” (Final results wrt what was initially planned in the TA) What was not done (or was not deployed) but was planned and why ? What was done even if not initially planned and why ? What was done but was not deployed and why ? Future work See i.e. talks given by F. Prelz at INFN-GRID worksop in Catania Going towards a Service Oriented (OGSA) architecture Conclusions

6 Proposed schedule Friday 14/11: first version ready for internal (WP1) review I should basically write it, but I will ask contributions for some specific parts (e.g. participations to ATF, QA, …, activities within GGF) Thursday 20/11: deadline for comments Much better if comments can arrive earlier 24/11/2003: D1.7 ready for internal (EDG) review Moderator: J. Jensen (WP5) Reviewers: M. Corvo (WP8) A. Terracina (WP9) J. Montagnat (WP10) 15/12/1003: PTB approval

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