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The Dominican carnival is an explosion of joy. A show of cultural identity that takes in many aspects of Dominican society. This joyful explosion is made evident with the increasing popularity of carnival each year. Many characters enrich the popular celebrations with unlimited color. However, the most popular and the most appreciated are the devils.

2 The origin of carnival in The Dominican Republic is closely entangled with its history. Its mixed cultural heritage passes on its own unique style even as it is celebrated in the different regions of the country. At times, what is important at carnival time is that Dominicans share their festive warmth , modesty and passion for friendship. This joy is apparent every Sunday in every village square with the concluding carnival parades at the end of each season. The creativity of the people is evident in the chants that the characters exchange with spectators, in the costumes of all participants and in the themes chosen by the participants in every parade. Carnival has become a popular celebration that encourages complete family participation. From very young children to young adults and older adults, everyone participates in their own way in this spontaneous array of songs and dances that awaken the feelings of being a Dominican with every passing weekend in February.

3 In The Dominican Republic, carnival is expressed differently throughout the different regions of the country. Each community adds its own particular flavor to the celebrations. However, most towns have a parade with groups of people dressed in the same colors or wearing the same costumes, some may be in floats, or they may wear masks and represent various symbolic characters.

4 In many of the towns, the tradition may include devils chasing spectators when they venture across their paths. The devils playfully tap celebrants with their traditional vejigas.

5 The most authentic and original ways to celebrate are obviously produced by the people's spontaneity. People improvise with the most unexpected materials in order to have a chance to take part in the carnival celebrations. Cardboard, plastic, jugs, fruit, etc as well as improvised forms of make up are some of the ways the people make do. The people's imagination helps them create the most surprising images of illusion and fantasy allowing them to forget and to have a merry time even if it is only for the season.

6 How masks are used Masks have the power to transform those who wear them. When people wear masks, they transform into someone different. Masks not only change the person wearing them, but also those who interact with them. The most ancient masks were used to represent supernatural spirits or to let us contact higher beings whom we believe may influence our lives. This spiritual use of masks is evident in some ancient African traditions and many native American tribes of the American North and West.

7 creativity The fact that The Dominican Republic is an island might provide us with some insight into why they celebrate carnival with such vigor and enthusiasm. During a time in history, the island was abandoned by Spain for a period of time. The Island was invaded and ransacked repeatedly by pirates and opportunists. Dominicans have developed an ability to survive and make do with the most limited of resources and in the most extreme conditions of despair without the option of receiving any help from any outside source. This can do attitude has helped Dominicans develop an admirable and unlimited creative ability.

8 Throughout the years , the masks and costumes have been created by using discarded materials and pieces of scrap left over from local industries. When children do not have any money or the means to acquire a mask, they fashion them out of cardboard or some recycled plastic, for example. They have devised many different ways to paint their faces without actually having to buy make up.




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