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Vitamins in Motion Shining a Spotlight on the Power of Vitamins.

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1 Vitamins in Motion Shining a Spotlight on the Power of Vitamins

2 About the Campaign The Vitamins in Motion campaign is an initiative to raise awareness and advocate for increased access, through innovative solutions, to the essential vitamins all people need to be healthy and well-nourished

3 Nutrition Needs for a Healthy Life

4 Why Vitamins Vitamins play a critical role throughout the lifecycle for good health and disease prevention

5 What Should We Expect from our Food? Vitamins Vitamin A Vitamin E Vitamin C Vitamin D Vitamin B1 Vitamin B2 Vitamin B6 Vitamin B12 … Omegas DHA EPA ARA Carotenoids B-carotene Lutein Zeaxanthin … Enzymes Phytase … Minerals Calcium Magnesium Iron Zinc Iodine Selenium … Amino acids Methionine Lysine … Fibers

6 Micronutrient Deficiencies and Insufficiencies: A Snapshot of Global Micronutrient Status

7 Micronutrient Deficiencies: Global Snapshot

8 Worldwide, 165 million children are stunted An estimated 80% of stunted children live in just 14 countries Malnourished children: Never reach their full height or cognitive potential Are less able to fight diseases such as malaria, TB and pneumonia Do worse in school Earn at least 20% less as adults Are at higher risk of chronic diseases later in life Micronutrient Deficiencies : Impact on Children

9 United StatesGermany Micronutrient Insufficiencies: Affecting the Wealthiest Countries

10 Micronutrient Deficiencies and Insufficiencies: Health Impact

11 children go blind or die each year from vitamin A deficiency 1.1 million 600,000 stillbirths due to iron deficiency 18 million babies born mentally impaired due to maternal iodine deficiency of world population estimated to be vitamin D deficient 40-75% 200 million people estimated to be living with osteoporosis worldwide 200 million deaths due to non- communicable diseases Micronutrient Deficiencies/Insufficiencies: The Impact in Numbers

12 36 of the 57 million global deaths in 2008 were due to NCDs Worldwide: –366 million people have diabetes –200 million people have osteoporosis –1.6 billion people are overweight 80% of premature heart disease, stroke & diabetes can be prevented Diet is an important modifiable factor Micronutrient Deficiencies/Insufficiencies: Link to Non-Communicable Diseases

13 Longer, Healthier Lives Lower risk of dementia Lower risk of age- related macular degeneration Delayed progression of Alzheimer’s Seniors Staying Healthy Prevention of diabetes, heart disease and stroke Multivitamins, along with a balanced diet, have the potential to reduce the risk of cancer by 8- 12% Adults Optimal Development Power to fight off diseases Lower risk of chronic diseases Higher achievements in school Increased productivity as adults Infants & Toddlers Pre-natal Health Iron ensures healthy deliveries and improves birthweight of babies Folate helps prevent neural tube defects in babies Pregnancy The Power of Micronutrients Throughout Life

14 Micronutrient Deficiencies and Insufficiencies: Economic Impact

15 Undernutrition can reduce a nation’s economic advancement by at least 8 percent Every $1 invested in micronutrient interventions yields $30 in benefits Micronutrient Deficiencies: Impact on Economic Growth

16 Micronutrient insufficiencies increase the risk of diseases from diarrhea to diabetes, which place tremendous strain on health care systems and economies Vitamin D insufficiency costs 17 European countries €187 billion in direct and indirect health care costs each year Micronutrient Insufficiencies: Impact on Health Care Costs

17 Putting Vitamins in Motion

18 Conducting cutting-edge research Forging partnerships Convening key stakeholders Raising awareness Nutrition Solutions: Putting Vitamins in Motion

19 Scientists at DSM developed NutriRice™, which is added to natural rice at a ratio of 1:100, improving the health and productivity of whole populations Sight and Life has actively advanced research on the use of multiple micronutrient supplements during pregnancy to improve maternal nutrition and newborn outcomes Conducting Cutting-Edge Research in Vitamin Science

20 DO-HEALTH: Vitamin D3, Omega-3, Home Exercise, Healthy Aging and Longevity Trial Objective: To improve healthy aging in European seniors and reduce health care costs via the implementation of effective and broadly applicable disease prevention interventions MARRIAGE: University of Groningen Objective: To determine markers of aging and the role of micronutrients Food4Me: Towards Personalized Nutrition Objective: To find solutions for how to address individual needs and determine whether dietary advice based on a person’s genes and phenotypical characteristics could deliver consumer benefits Set-up: 25 partners from universities and industry and 9 countries in Europe Conducting Cutting-Edge Research in Vitamin Science DSM Engages in Studies on The Role of Nutrients for Health

21 As part of the Global Nutrition for Growth Compact, DSM has committed to help provide effective nutrition interventions to 50 million pregnant and lactating women and children under 2 per year by 2020 In partnership with UNICEF, WFP, CDC and the Home Fortification Technical Advisory Group, Sight and Life published ‘Home Fortification with Micronutrient Powders (MNP)’ to inform implementation of home fortification programs globally Forging Partnerships with Leaders in Nutrition

22 Ref: Wahl DA et al, Archives of Osteoporosis statistics/vitamin-d-studies-map DSM scientists, in partnership with the International Osteoporosis Society (IOF), developed a global map summarizing the vitamin D status in infants and adults DSM, jointly with IOF, nutrition experts and scientists all over the world are advocating for optimal vitamin D levels to reduce the risk for osteoporosis

23 In early 2014, with partners from the World Food Programme and Columbia University, Sight and Life convened key thinkers to start a much-needed discussion on what the post-2015 nutrition workforce needs to look like to ensure adequate, safe and nutritious food for all In 2013, DSM and Sight and Life convened leaders at the United Nations General Assembly for a reception – Celebrating Leadership in Global Battle to End Undernutrition Convening Key Stakeholders

24 Conference: DSM supports the first International Congress on Hidden Hunger Germany, 6 – 9 March 2013 Analytics Workshop With Key Stakeholders Kaiseraugst, November 2013 DOHaD Conference Singapore, 19 November 2013 DSM Awarded and Rewarded during 2013 CSN Conference Hangzhou, China, 21 May 2013 IUNS Meeting Granada, Spain, 15 – 20 September 2013

25 DSM is at the forefront of research efforts to set optimal intake recommendations for vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant that protects cells, tissues and organs from damage The Sight and Life Hidden Hunger Index and Maps, launched in 2013, for the first time illustrated the combined prevalence, in preschool children, of multiple micronutrient deficiencies – vitamin A, zinc, iron and iodine Raising Awareness of Inadequate Micronutrient Intake

26 We have the power to nourish children, build strong families and create vibrant communities We are committed to putting Vitamins in Motion So everyone, everywhere can contribute to a shared, prosperous future Turning Commitments into Action

27 Vitamins in Motion: Join Us Visit on Twitter Tweet to the hashtag #VitaminsinMotion Like our Facebook pages

28 Thank You

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