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Aspire Symposium September 2013

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1 Aspire Symposium September 2013
Gaining Fellowship of the HEA: The value of an e-portfolio as a thinking space Aspire Symposium September 2013

2 Aim of the session Describe the YSJ professional recognition process and in particular share how e-portfolios are used as a thinking space for participants to collect and collate their evidence. Share evaluation findings Provide opportunity for discussion about the pros and cons of using e portfolios in this way

3 Professional Dialogic/Paper Routes
Recognising Academic Practice York St John University Continuing Professional Development Framework Associate of the HEA Support staff who are not engaged in assessment of students but who have a substantive element of their role in teaching and learning Fellow of the HEA All academic staff who teach and support student learning Senior Fellow of the HEA Experienced staff who lead and mentor others in the enhancement of teaching and learning Principal Fellow of the HEA Staff with sustained and effective record of impact and influence on teaching and learning at strategic level  Supporting learning in Higher Education (30 M level credits) Post Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PCAP*) Post Graduate Diploma MA Professional Dialogic/Paper Routes Describe process for gaining accreditation New academic staff induction and survival kit Peer Observation of Teaching and Learning Writing retreats Learning, Teaching and Assessment development workshops e.g. master classes and Technology Enhanced Learning workshops Pedagogic research activities Research Informed Teaching activities Pedagogic conferences internal and external Scholarly activities e.g. breakfast café, bespoke activities such as dialogue days and curriculum redesign events SEDA Supporting Learning Technology and SEDA Embedding Learning Technology Awards

4 Recognising Academic Practice YSJ CPD Framework
Professional dialogue routes to D2 and D3 accredited by HEA January 2012 Pilot cohort (n=15) April to July 2012 (D2 only) CPD Framework accredited by HEA September 2012 Professional dialogue and paper routes D1-D4 Cohorts Sept 2012 (D2 plus pilot D3 process), Jan 2013, April 2013 (D2, 3 and pilot D4), June 2013 University targets 100% by end of 2014/15 To date we have influenced 70 staff providing recognition opportunities at all levels. Our baseline % was about 36% and we are now at 56% We have 25 mentors and ? Assessors. Framework just about becoming sustainable as more have been exposed to the system. Additionally we provide an alternative paper route for which we provide mentors in the same way.

5 Professional dialogue route
Professional dialogue route is underpinned by the values of staff collaboration and collegiality, development and reflection. Professional dialogue is to facilitate reflection by being: an intentional process, where social context and experience are acknowledged, in which learners are active individuals, wholly present, engaging with others, open to challenge, and the outcome involves transformation as well as improvement for both individuals and their organisation’ (Brockbank, A Beech, N & McGill, I (eds) (2002) Reflective Learning in Practice Aldershot UK : Gower

6 The role of the portfolio
A thinking space to reflect on professional practice to bring together appropriate evidence that can then be discussed in the dialogues A formative aspect of the process A celebration of expertise and showcase identity as a professional teacher An opportunity to be creative

7 Some examples of portfolios
Mandy Link to YSJ OER

8 Discussion Using the dialogue sheets in small groups consider the first pair of questions, make notes on your sheets! Don’t forget to give your group a name!

9 Discussion Pass your sheet to the next group and
Reflect on their notes for question 1 Consider the second pair of questions

10 Evaluating the value of the e portfolio
23 staff completed an online survey The majority had worked in HE for more than 6 years with 7 working in HE for longer than 15 years Who were they The majority were senior lecturers Two readers One Dean Two working in areas outside faculties Staff came from all 4 Faculties



13 What do the staff think? An evaluation into the use of the portfolio revealed the following: Increased confidence in using e portfolios Valuable as a reflective space to think about evidence A few disliked it and wanted to be able to use an alternative platform

14 What did they say It's been good for me to use the e-Portfolio in a real-world scenario, rather than simply exploring and testing its features for the benefit of teaching others. I found it quite unintuitive at first and continued to be frustrated by some of its less flexible aspects, but soon got used to its overall use I couldn't get on with it at all to begin with but Phil helped me a lot and I ended up really enjoying it

15 Does it have value as thinking space
Mahara allowed for the "documentation" of and "drawing together" of evidence, to support the dialogic process. It gave me an opportunity to look back and reflect upon my achievement and plot my progression over time It did precisely that - I found that thinking what to include in the e-portfolio made me reflect on what I had been doing and why It took so long to get the stuff on in the right order [had to take everything off and number it]. The thinking had to be done before anything could go on Mahara as a finished product. No value for me in the thinking / developmental process which was all done outside the presentation of the portfolio

16 Still in process, certainly the selection of content has been very useful as it challenges reflective process, raises many questions ( linking theory to practice), and makes you realise what the students have achieved very well, challenges teaching role corroborates literature in this area. it was a good platform for that, as it allowed small areas of text plus downloads of larger files plus photos to break it up and stimulate discussion

17 Likelihood of continuing portfolio
20 said yes! Although! In a folder within Microsoft Using Word in My Documents In other electronic ways

18 Final comments I think the e-Portfolio is a good tool at this stage, but I am looking forward to the next version which will include a much more user friendly interface and closer links with Moodle. Using it for SFHEA application provided me with an opportunity to use the tool in earnest, which I really enjoyed The employment of Mahara to record personal achievement & development is both convenient & highly effective If a constantly updated CPD is needed then time will need to be found to keep it up to date, this may be tricky in some areas

19 Working with the students, graduates and external business partner in world of digital platform has been really important for me. Also made me realise what we need to do to support students to gather quality material for content - implications for digital archiving etc perhaps we can take this further in discussion across colleagues in IT, Marketing, Careers, Employability and also though the subject/departments as my experience of working with Mahara touches all these areas ... just a thought?

20 The challenges Mahara as a platform Formative/summative
Technical challenges What’s enough? What’s not enough? If portfolio summative how do we ensure its not a burden for the assessor? Note feedback from d4, the portfolio could be more of a summative vehicle for evidence Useful for filling gaps

21 Discussion Move your sheet to the next group.
Consider the third pair of questions.

22 Discussion Return the dialogue sheet to its original group. Consider future actions you might take back to your institution.

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