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Finding your ideal residency program Dr. Colleen Greene Dr. Onika Patel.

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1 Finding your ideal residency program Dr. Colleen Greene Dr. Onika Patel

2 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet 1) WHERE to apply? 2) HOW to apply? 3) WHAT’s your final rank list?

3 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Our Story

4 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Define your Vision What are your goals? Type of program o AEGD vs GPR vs both! o Hospital v. School-based Set your standards Go straight to the source!

5 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Find the Facts The Internet Your Faculty Alumni Dentists Current Residents On Site Visits

6 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet The Internet PROS Easy to access Available 24/7 CONS May not be up-to-date Generic, limited depth Bias, unverified ADEA PASS, specialty association website, program websites, SDN

7 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Faculty PROS Easy to find Networking for your letters of recommendation Historical perspective on programs and success of other alumni They know program directors/faculty CONS Biased toward their style of program May not have eye witness, up-to-date information

8 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Alumni PROS A good understanding of how your pre-doc training can mesh with a program CONS May be few or hard to track down Possibly scattered in programs and places you are not seriously considering

9 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Dentists PROS Strong network builder Envision future practice styles CONS Perspective on programs may no longer be accurate Cold calling = awkward

10 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Local Current Residents PROS Easy to find Observe their training, meet the faculty, etc. Up-to-date on a range of programs CONS No guarantees you have the same goals/priorities for training or career #residentlife #busy #exhausted

11 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Residents @ Your Targets PROS Current snapshot of the program Inside information Honest opinions* CONS Residency #busylife - may not be fast to respond in detail Only speaking to limited amount of residents - must diversify!

12 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet On Site Visits PROS See it for yourself! Build relationships with residents/faculty! Soak in the culture/authority style! CONS Co$t$ Time away from school/clinic/life Still a limited snapshot Interview is NOT guaranteed! Become an extern or guest!

13 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet How are you going to apply? Who do you ask for letters? Update your CV as you go! Brainstorm personal statement story Start asking SOON!

14 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet How are you going to apply? To PASS or not to PASS? Keep checking ADEA’s website for 2015-2016 application updates as they become available

15 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Compare... So.many.variables.... Think! o Must haves? o Major Positives? o Minor Bonuses? o Minor Negatives? o DEALBREAKERS

16 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet +/++ Geography+ Heavy patient volume+ Learning new technology ie: CEREC, E4D, lasers.+ Learning from specialists+ Cosmetic Dentistry (veneers, smile reconstruction, etc.)+ Faculty diversity of training/experiences+ Full mouth rehab experience, treatment planning execution+ Average implant placement experience per resident+ Stipend/Salary+ Competence/confidence/skill of residents upon completion+ Onika’s Top Ten

17 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Colleen’s Top Ten +/++-/- Salary x Heavy patient volume x Geography x First years skills/confidence/personalities x Continuity of care (‘your own’ patients) x Hospital-based x Staff competence/personalities/coverage x Alumni of program are in my hometown x Homework, quizzes, exams, grades x Master’s degree x

18 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Resources

19 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet Anything else? We’re here to help! Dr. Colleen Greene Dr. Onika Patel

20 @ASDAne t #ASDAnet We Cute

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