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WP3 Biomapping results to date WP3: NRM, CDF, CEFAS, DINARA, WCS Additional input: WP1, AquaMaps workgroup.

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1 WP3 Biomapping results to date WP3: NRM, CDF, CEFAS, DINARA, WCS Additional input: WP1, AquaMaps workgroup

2 Objectives Provide access to point data from available sources Combine point data with environmental parameters to establish preferred niches and create maps (most done by WP1) Establish a system where maps can be verified by experts Provide authoritative species inventories Predict changes in species composition based on climate change scenarios

3 Dependencies Online map tools are provided by WP1 (D1.4) Underlying data from FishBase (OBIS, GBIF) Availability of environmental datasets

4 WP Deliverables to date DeliverableDue monthCompletion D3.1 Online standardized maps for predicted distributions for coastal zone species relevant to the project 13 May 2006 Yes D3.2 Before-after maps with predicted distribution before and after a certain point in time 19 November 2006 Forthcoming

5 Online Standard maps: AquaMaps D3.1 The homepage now exists Maps are available through FishBase servers

6 Online Standard maps: AquaMaps >5000 sp. now

7 Online Standard maps: AquaMaps Multiple user options

8 Online Standard maps: AquaMaps D3.2 Before-after maps (being fine-tuned)

9 WP Deliverables due DeliverableDue monthCompletion? D3.3 Seasonal distribution maps 25 May 2007 Environmental layers collected, implementation underway D3.4 Dynamic maps in space and time 31 Nov 2007 Environmental layers collected, implementation due in time D3.5 Further population of maps, interactions and report 34 Feb 2008 Further population has been ongoing (more to come - sharing data with WP2), final report should be on time D3.6 At least 5 publications 34See next slides

10 WP Papers Paper (lead)Expected draft 1. AquaMaps validation (CEFAS)Summer 2007 2. Before-After maps (NRM)Second half 2007 3. Global biodiversity analysis – Multi-species tools (FIN) Second half 2007 4. Potential for predicting future distributions of species given climate change models (NRM) Second half 2007 (following or linked to 3) 5-7 Finer scale mapping for local regions (CEFAS, CDF, DINARA, WCS resp.) ???

11 AquaMaps Validation Direct comparison of distributions produced by AquaMaps and other common algorithms (thanks to CRIA’s openModeller) with survey data available from 2 regions (North Sea / Australia) Taxon/habitat variation covered moderately by 9 species of fish and 3 mammals

12 AquaMaps Validation Tests for the effect of sample size/random geographic bias on accuracy of predictions included by sub-setting data for each species

13 Before-After Maps Case examples from threatened species (e.g. fishing pressure changes) and invasions (e.g. Lessepian immigrants of the Suez canal) Demonstrating the use of the tool to map such changes

14 Global Biodiversity Analysis Summary of species data with global maps showing species richness Aiming for 10,000 species to be included (expanding to include other taxa)

15 Global Biodiversity Analysis All species

16 Global Biodiversity Analysis Marine mammals

17 Global Biodiversity Analysis Actinopterygii

18 Potential for predicting distribution changes with climate change Confirmation of climate model use by comparing species richness maps from actual environment data with modeled data from same time frame Comparison of species richness/other maps made using current and future environments

19 Finer scale regional papers Models of species of local importance using higher resolution environmental data Species occurrence and local environmental data has been being collected continuously Some outputs already –1 book chapter published – Environmental Perturbation and Coastal Benthic Biodiversity in Uruguay (DINARA partial contributor) –1 North Sea modeling paper under review (CEFAS)

20 Milestones First workshop (review data body and assign tasks) - Month 5 –Kiel, October 2005 and Campinas, April 2006 ☺ Second workshop (review maps, tools, and outcomes of analyses, decisions on dissemination and interfaces) - Month 27 –La Paz, March 2007

21 For further consideration Occurrence data quality –Expert review –Data cleaning More multi-species queries Computing requirements –Processing of multi-species data –Server capacity

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