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Russian Animated Film Association (RAFA), Dolgorukovskaya str, 25, Moscow, +7 (495) President: Popov Ilya CEO: Mastusova Irina THE RUSSIAN ANIMATED FILM ASSOCIATION (RAFA) is Russia’s first and only professional organization established to lobby, support and promote the work of the Russian animation industry at both home and abroad. RAFA strives to create conditions for the effective development of Russian animation, including building relationships with foreign government agencies and producers in order to facilitate Russia’s participation in international co-productions under mutually beneficial terms.  The association represents the interests of animation studios of all sizes, as well as individual filmmakers working in animation, including independent directors, production designers, and animators. The association also includes organizations which have an involvement in animation: TV networks with an interest in animation; distribution companies; and Internet companies – essentially, all organizations whose business is related to the field of animation, and who are interested in joining forces. The association is active in the following main areas: - Educational and informational campaigns - Collaboration with the professional community - Cooperation with government and commercial agencies - Further development of the industry’s production infrastructure - The selling and licensing of animated content - Developing work in all these areas in the provinces

Aeroplane Productions, 20/5, Marksistskaya st., Moscow, +7 (495) Director general: Vasilyev Georgy AEROPLANE PRODUCTIONS, with its headquarters in Moscow, Russia, specializes in the production of cultural and commercial projects that feature high-quality animation. Aeroplane's mission is to produce projects that are not only profitable for the company's investors and stockholders, but that also educate, entertain, and motivate people to solve some of the urgent problems facing us today. Aeroplane Productions’ latest projects involve building and launching multi-platform brands for the international market that move beyond the borders of animation and into the spheres of computer games, feature films, Internet and mobile phone content, educational television programming, books, magazines, toys, and more. PROJECTS The Fixies animated series is the launching pad for the multi-platform project The Fixies, an animated brand designed for the international market. It's one of the fastest-developing projects in Russia, airing during prime time on the Russia 1 federal TV channel and attracting more than 7 million viewers a day (, 52 x 6' episodes will have been produced by the end of 2012. Multi-Russia is a 45 x 1' series of ‘animated postcards’ from the diverse regions, cities, and nationalities of the largest country on Earth. The series will be broadcast nationally on Channel One Russia as well as on various regional channels throughout the country. MULTI-RUSSIA is produced in the signature claymation style of Aeroplane Productions’ partner, Pilot Animation. Gem Mountain is a series of 52 x 13' episodes, a collection of animated folk tales drawn from and celebrating the diverse nationalities and cultures of Northern Eurasia. The series is coordinated by Aeroplane's founding partner, Pilot Animation Studios. Gem Mountain has already garnered numerous film festival prizes, including Russia's National Prize, The Golden Eagle, in 2005.

Masha and the bear Ltd, 9/3, Godovikova Str., Moscow, + 7 (495) Executive Director: Loveiko Dmitry +7 (916) ANIMACCORD ANIMATION STUDIO was founded in 2008 to produce animation projects and digitally process visual data. The Animaccord Studio team have created and launched one of the most popular animation entertainment brands for kids, families, and adults: Masha and the Bear. The principal activities of the studio involve the preparation and production of animation projects of any level of complexity using the studio’s technological capabilities. We work in the fields of classic animation, 3D animation, computer animation, and Motion Capture technology, which allows us to produce animated films, television animation, and computer game animation, in which there is a demand for vivid visual images. Our studio has its own powerful and highly efficient equipment and software, which allows it to produce computer graphics and special effects completely independently.

ARGUS FILM STUDIOS INTERNATIONAL Argus Film Studios International, 6/4 Radio Street, Moscow, +7 (499) CEO: Repin Vladimir ARGUS FILM STUDIOS INTERNATIONAL was established in 1991 as a production and distribution company. Currently Argus is a group of companies that includes Argus International and Argus Entertainment in Russia, and Argus Film Funds and Argus Management in Germany. For the last twenty years, Argus has produced dozens of animated, documentary, and feature films, and over a hundred advertising films and spots. These works have received many international and national awards, including the 2004 Golden Eagle from the National Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (The Nutcracker, an animated film), the Silver Boat at the 2005 Window to Europe film festival (Petrel, an animated film), The World’s Best Work prize at the 2010 New York Festivals Awards (The Pharmacist, a TV film), and many others. Currently Argus is engaged in the production of two full-length animated films (SHARA; IVAN-the-Prince) and several motion picture projects. Argus has full-cycle capacities for creating animation and VFX effects, as well as its own editing and audio engineering equipment.

6 D3 MEDIA D3 Media, 11/4, bld 4, Maroseyka Street, Moscow, + 7 (495) General Director: Morev Alexander +7 (915) D3 MEDIA is a young, rapidly evolving production company which is capable of carrying out projects of any level of complexity and which specializes in animation. Having the advantage of our own manufacturing base, of both experienced craftsmen and young professionals working together, we are creating our own talent pool, the use of which enables us to successfully meet creative, production, and commercial objectives in a highly competitive modern market. By offering partners the best economic conditions for cooperation, we are able to perform high-quality work at a fast pace. D3 Media is interested in finding business partners for joint productions of animated films, investors for new projects, and customers interested in placing orders for the creation of animation and CGI. D3 Media offers a range of various animation series for distribution and broadcasting.

Fund Gubernya, , Drouzhinnikovskaya Str., Moscow, + 7 (495) General Producer: Gerasimov Alexander FUND GUBERNYA is a part of the Master-Film holding company, which was established in It’s one of the biggest and oldest companies in post-Soviet Russia. The holding consists of Master-Film Studio Movie Company, Master-Film Studio, and Fund Province. The Master-Film studio holding’s main activity is animation production. Many of Master-Film Studio’s works have won prestigious awards at international and Russian festivals. The holding also organizes the Russian Open Animation Festival, Master-Film cooperates with many state, public, and noncommercial organizations in Russia with the aim of developing cultural relations in Russia and abroad.

LLC Kinoatis, 16/1, Valdayskiy proezd, Moscow, + 7 (499) www. Director General: Sotskov Vadim KINOATIS is one of the leading companies in the sphere of animated film production in Russia. The company’s first full-length 3D movie, Space Dogs (2010), was widely and successfully released in cinemas in Russia, Europe, North and Latin America, Japan, Korea, and Israel. The company has recently started production of Space Dogs 2, the sequel to the first full-length film, which will be out in cinemas in 2013. KinoAtis is also releasing the TV series Space Dogs. Funny Family (season 1, 52 episodes) in co-operation with the All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company (VGTRK), and is starting production of season two. Space Dogs. Funny Family, which is broadcast on national TV channels in Russia and other countries, is garnering high popularity ratings. The production of the TV series is accompanied by large-scale production of merchandising. Space Dogs is far from being KinoAtis’s only project. The studio’s catalog includes such series as Micropolis, The Extraordinary Adventures of Karik and Valya, and short animated films. The company’s short-term development plans include the creation and wide-ranging promotion of new animation brands oriented toward the international market.

Master-film Studio Ltd., , Drouzhinnikovskaya Str., Moscow, + 7 (495) General Producer: Gerasimov Alexander MASTER-FILM is a holding company, which was established in It’s one of the biggest and oldest companies in post-Soviet Russia. The holding consists of Master-Film Studio Movie Company, Master-Film Studio, and Fund Province. The Master-Film studio holding’s main activity is animation production. Many of Master-Film Studio’s works have won prestigious awards at international and Russian festivals. The holding also organizes the Russian Open Animation Festival, An international congress is held as part of the Festival. The congress includes a new technologies and co-production forum, training sessions for animation industry specialists, an exchange of experience with foreign colleagues, and more. Master-Film cooperates with many state, public, and noncommercial organizations in Russia with the aim of developing cultural relations in Russia and abroad.

10 METRONOMEFILMS Metronomefilms, 8, Selskohozyaistvennaya, Moscow, + 7 (499) Producer: Arsen Gottlieb Director general: Alexander Sharapanovsky Project coordinator: Liliya Galieva METRONOMEFILMS is a Russian company engaged in the production of fiction and animated films. In 2005 Metronomefilms opened an animation branch, and has since been successfully engaged in the production of animated series like Lucky! (, World Lullabies (, and All Year Long ( Metronomefilms also produces art-house films, such as Life in a Few Words, As the New Year Was Born, and To See the Music. Films by Metronomefilms are shown at major film festivals worldwide and have won a lot of awards. Currently, Metronomefilms is working on the production of a new season of the animated series Lucky! and the full-length animated film Khottabych based on the book Starik Khottabych, by Lazar Lagin, one of the most popular children’s books in Russia. Our company works in the 2D technique, and we are beginning to develop 3D technology. This year we will open a branch office in Ukraine.

Renovation Entertainment, 9, Podyemaya str., Moscow, +7 (495) Producer: Zadorin Igor The principle business function of RENOVATIO ENTERTAINMENT is the development and production of feature and animated films. The company is also involved in the creation of video advertisements and music videos. Recently founded, Renovatio Entertainment has become one of the largest studios specializing in 2D and 3D animation, visual effects, and Motion Capture technology. At Renovatio Entertainment, our team is composed of top-level professionals. Our creative staff works hand in hand with a highly professional technical support team that offers full technical assistance.

12 THE RIKI GROUP The Riki group, 34A, Petrogradskay emb., St-Petersburg, + 7 (812) CEO: Popov Ilya Built upon the phenomenal success of their original animated brand Smeshariki (sold internationally as Kikoriki), The Riki Group is a vertically integrated media holding that has become Russia’s leader in the development, production, distribution, licensing, and 360º brand management of multi-platform animation brands. Headquartered in St. Petersburg, The Riki Group employs a staff of over four hundred professionals working in animation and sound production, graphic and industrial design, print and internet publishing, interactive media production, game design, live event production, licensing and merchandising, and brand management.

School-Studio «SHAR», Dolgorukovskaya str, 25, Moscow, +7 (499) Director general: Gaydukova Lyubov SHAR SCHOOL–STUDIO was founded in 1993 by leading filmmakers and animators Fedor Khitruk, Eduard Nazarov, Yuriy Norshtein, and Andrey Khrzhanovskiy. The principal directions of the School-Studio’s activity are: Two years of vocational training by the animation cinema’s directors and animators Production of animated films. Advice from professionals on all aspects of animation production. The Studio focuses on the production of children’s films as well as auteur and debut cinema. Since its founding, SHAR has trained directors of animation who have created films which have been widely recognized not only in Russia but also abroad. More than 50 short animated films, debut films, as well as films by acknowledged filmmakers, have been produced at the Studio. Films made by the Studio take part in Russian and international festivals, and are nominated for prestigious awards. At the 13th International Film festival in Zagreb in 1998, the School–Studio was awarded a special prize for best animation studio; in 2006 at the International Animated Film Festival KROK, it received the prize for the best film school program (Mysterious Lantern 3). In 2009, SHAR School–Studio produced the full-length animation film “A Room and a Half” (director: Andrey Khrzhanovskiy, 130 min), that has received many awards and reviews at international festivals.

THE ST. PETERSBURG COMPUTER ANIMATION STUDIO The Petersburg computer animation studio, 34A, Petrogradskay emb., St-Petersburg, + 7 (495) Director: Nadezhda Kuznetsova THE ST. PETERSBURG COMPUTER ANIMATION STUDIO in-house production facility employs directors, producers, screenwriters, artists, animators, 3D specialists, sound engineers, actors, and composers. Its productions for The Riki Group include high-quality animation for features, series, advertisements, and computer and video games. The studio has a cutting edge workflow using industry standard production tools. In addition to production, The St. Petersburg Computer Animation Studio also supports its own school, which trains animators, storyboard artists, directors, and screenwriters in the art of animation. The studio also offers full Russian dubbing services.

Studo M.I.R., app.63, bld. 3/1, Bolshaya Sadovaya str., Moscow, +7 (499) General producer: Margolina Irina STUDIO M.I.R. was founded in 1991 by film director Mark Lyakhovetski and scriptwriter Irina Margolina. The founder of the studio, Mark Lyakhovetski, has created over 50 documentaries and science fiction films. His works have been awarded about 20 prizes at international and national festivals. The film Group of Comrades was the first documentary banned on political grounds during perestroika. The studio initially focused on producing documentaries, including Crime without Punishment (about Fyodor Raskolnikov), Save Russia… (about anti-Semitism in Russia), Leonid Kogan (about the world-renowned Russian violinist), From New Babylon to King Lear (about the cinema of Dmitri Shostakovich), Spiritualistic Session (based on an interview with Lazar Koganovich), and the experimental film Poem of Ecstasy.  Since 2005, Studio M.I.R. has been producing animated films and series, including The Animated Century, a history of animation in cooperation with Rembrandt Films, the Bravo TV channel (USA), and Avrora-Media (Germany).  Studio M.I.R. is currently in production with the animated series Tales of the Old Piano (a history of classical music for children), Contemporary Tales of the World (in cooperation with the US publishing house Scholastic Media and Rembrandt Films), and SIMON (based on the radio broadcasts of Mailen Konstantinovski, about the unique and amazing abilities of animals).  The documentaries and animated films produced by Studio M.I.R. have received numerous international awards; a full list is available on the studio website. The motto of the studio is, ‘Do what you like’, which means we carefully select a project and nurse it until its release. We are proud of every single film we produce, and we really like and enjoy them.

Tatarmultfilm Ltd., 50, Peterburgskaya str., Kazan, + 7 (843) Director: Ganiev Marat TATARMULTFILM is a leader in the animation industry in the Republic of Tatarstan. We specialize in the classic form of 2D animation. Our customers are Russian public institutions, TV channels, and non-commercial structures. Tatarmultfilm presents a unique project: ANTENNAE (Ant Tales). ANTENNAE is an encyclopedia of folk wisdom presented in animated form. The story takes place in the world of hard-working, optimistic, smart, socialized ants. Due to their innocence and simplicity, they find themselves in unexpected situations. TV series, 104 x up to one minute, humor, adventure, educational, 8+, DVD, cut-outs, 2D computer, in production, due date 12/2012, available in HD

TEMA comics and animation studio, 39-5, Entuziastov 2-nd, Moscow, + 7 (495) Producer: Sakov Vladimir STUDIO TEMA, founded in 1989, is a major producer of animated television series, advertisements, and comics. We provide 2D and 3D cartoon animation, Ink & Paint, 2D-3D skeleton character modeling and animation, VFX, SFX, and composing. We can provide complete animated film production, as well as any individual part thereof (scenario, character elaboration, layouts, animation, or transfer to any digital carrier). Our studio currently produces an average of 20–30 minutes of animated film per month. Tema’s technical facilities allow us to provide a complete series production cycle. We have experience on the European animation production market (a series of 14 twenty-minute programs for Catalan Television in Barcelona, Spain). Tema is looking for animation production contacts, and we create our own projects as well. If you are interested in the information stated above, we would be happy to provide a detailed consultation on opportunities for promoting our projects on the European market. We will be glad to consider any form of cooperation.

18 TOONBOX Toonbox, LLC., off. 4A, Bld. 10-7, Nizhnyaya Syromyatnicheskaya str., Moscow, +7 (495) CEO: Muntyan Pavel +7 (963) TOONBOX was established by a company which is well known in the animation sphere,, as a separate department for the creation of animated films. Currently, Toonbox is one of the largest animation studios in Moscow. It constantly has three to six animated films in the pipeline, including government work and commercial series. The studio is also working on a number of content projects. The company’s distinguishing feature is its work with the target audience and clear positioning of its products on the multimedia market, proper and structured video placement on the Internet, and its research of tendencies and world trends both online and offline. Within the last three years, Toonbox has earned popularity and trust among the world’s major brands, including Microsoft, Kaspersky Lab, Adobe, Ahmad, Nokia, and Danone. Over the three years of its existence, the studio has created more than 120 animated films with an overall timing of more than three hours of frame-by-frame and stop motion. Animation series the studio has worked on include: The Real Adventures of Belka and Strelka, Shaman’s Quest, Three Acrobat Brothers, Qumi-Qumi, The Orange Cow, Fairy Tales, Shiska.TVF, ixies (2D animation only) Toonbox has won a great number of national and international awards, including the Grand Prix of the Multimatograph Festival, first place at the Suzdal Festival for the best work in the field of applied animation in 2010, first place at the Russian Flash Awards 2009, and the Grand Prix of the Vinnitsa Festival in 2008 in Ukraine. In 2010, Toonbox opened a school which trains animators under the direction of Alexander Dorogov (Walt Disney Studios). The school produces fifteen graduates each year, all of whom are qualified animators; some of them are hired by the studio itself. The General Producer and founder of the studio is Pavel Muntyan. Pavel is CEO of (both the portal and the animation content aggregator), author of (a conceptual animation project), and the official representative of the Masyanya project in Russia, the CIS, the Baltics, and Europe. The Art Director and co-founder of the studio is Vladimir Ponomaryov, a Disney-standard professional (according to several animation critics and directors). Vladimir is a student of Alexander Dorogov (Walt Disney Studios).

Wizart animation, office 31, bld. 5, Altuf’evskoe avenue, Moscow, +7 (499) Director general: Nikolaev Vladimir WIZART ANIMATION is one of the fastest-growing computer animation studios in Russia. Wizart’s main objective is to develop, produce, and distribute high-quality family animated feature films and animated series with a great combination of innovative computer technologies and brilliant, touching stories for children and adults who believe in miracles. The company’s portfolio contains animation projects at various stages of production. Its main project for 2012 is the magic 3D stereoscopic story The Snow Queen (co-produced with Inlay Film). Also in production is the 3D stereoscopic animated feature film Sheep’n’Wolves, the 2D animated feature How to Catch a Feather of the Firebird (co-produced with Inlay Film and CTB Film Company, produced by RUSSOBIT-M), and several animated TV series currently in development that will be co-produced with international partners (Fairies and Wizards, Lost, Lucky Snails).



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