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1 Challenge the future Introduction Dutch language course Elementary 1 Conny Wesdijk - ITAV Is your mobile switched off?

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1 1 Challenge the future Introduction Dutch language course Elementary 1 Conny Wesdijk - ITAV Is your mobile switched off?

2 2 Challenge the future Enrolment procedure for others than Bsc/Msc/exchange students You are already enrolled ! Schedule was sent to you by email If not: you are on the waiting list; wait for an email (during first course week). If you cannot make it after all, please send an email a.s.a.p. to the secretary. PhD + Pdeng: If you don’t finish the course your department will get an invoice from the graduate school!

3 3 Challenge the future Bsc/Msc/exchange students If you enroll you are supposed to finish the course. Only enroll if you have enough time (8-10 hours a week in total) If you drop out nevertheless: Notify your teacher and the secretary You cannot take the course again later (you can do self-study and sit the final test) You may get a poor result in Osiris (which you can improve by doing the final test) If you already know at least a 1000 words in Dutch, please contact

4 4 Challenge the future Enrolment procedure for Bsc/Msc/exchange students Step 1: Introduction test on Wednesday 11-2 Obligatory: for Msc and Exchange students (and Bsc students studying in English) Content: ch. 1- 2 of the course book “Nederlands voor buitenlanders” (4th edition) Materials:  Nederlands voor buitenlanders  les 1+2 Format: listening test (dictation), minimum score for both texts 80% Needed: Bring your headphones with you Place & time: Wed. 11 February, computer room 1 ENTER fac. IO/ID For students with surnames starting with A – G: 17.45 hrs. For students with surnames starting with H – O: 18.15 hrs. For students with surnames starting with P – Z: 18.45 hrs.

5 5 Challenge the future The introduction test All study materials on: www. ► Nederlands Voor buitenlanders ► les 1 and les 2

6 6 Challenge the future Enrolment procedure for Bsc/Msc/exchange students Step 2: enrolment Results: Next day (Thursday 12 February) on Blackboard (wm1115TU) If score for both texts 80% or more? ► Check if your number/name is in the announcement Enrol via Blackboard from 11:00 onwards (wm1115TU 2014-2015, Q3). Enrol in group that suits you best (first come, first served). If all groups are full? Enrol on the waiting list  place in next quarter guaranteed Prepare chapters 1-5 before 19 February (in case a place becomes available) If Score <80 %? ► No enrollment allowed, 2 options: 1. Do self-study and concluding test of the course + speaking test  send an email to 2. Sit the next admission test (22 April)

7 7 Challenge the future Available groups for Bsc/MSc/Exchange students GroupClassPC-test Elementary 1AMonday + Thursday 17.00 – 18.0018.00 – 18.30 Elementary 1B Monday + Thursday 16.45 – 17.4517.45 – 18.15 Elementary 1D Monday + Thursday 18.15 – 19.1519.15 – 19.45 Elementary 1E Monday + Thursday 18.15 – 19.1519.15 – 19.45 Elementary 1H Monday + Thursday 19.15 – 20.1518.45 – 19.15 Elementary 1J Monday + Thursday 12.30 – 13.3012.00 – 12.30

8 8 Challenge the future Delftse methode on Facebook If you want to change groups, find someone who wants to change with you

9 9 Challenge the future What materials do you need for the course? Text book (4th edition!): Nederlands voor buitenlanders (Het Groene Boek) (book + audio cd’s + cd-rom € 63,30 / book + online version € 89,90 ) Content text book: Grammar 43 Texts 43 word lists in English, German, French, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic (26 languages on CD-Rom) 43 Texts with blanks 43 exercises Copies are not allowed!!! Optional: Nederlands voor buitenlanders Oefenboek (exercise book) Content exercise book: 3 / 4 exercises for each chapter dialogue trainer

10 10 Challenge the future The lessons Lessons are mainly devoted to conversation (not much grammar explanation) You don’t learn only from speaking yourself, but also from listening to other students Only Dutch, from day 1 Conversations on topics in the text Knowledge of the text is essential (one text takes 2-3 hrs to prepare!) All lessons are in the building of TBM/TPM (Jaffalaan 5) Are fun and interesting

11 11 Challenge the future How to study? Study goal: understand a spoken text without help and being able to use the words actively Study with book + audio CD’s and/or CD-ROM (or online version) Go through the text: step by step first with all help, and gradually less help 4, 5, 6, 7 times ….. 1 text takes 2 - 3 hours Devote your time mainly to listening, reading and repeating what you hear (not too much on writing )

12 12 Challenge the future

13 13 Challenge the future Step 1: with text sentence by sentence translation repeating Step 2: without pauses Steps 1 & 2

14 14 Challenge the future Step 3: without text sentence by sentence listen and repeat understand Step 4 without pauses Steps 3 & 4

15 15 Challenge the future Did I study the text properly? Listening & writing 80% correct Step 5: test

16 16 Challenge the future Step 6 Same exercise as in the book Gap filling text + feedback After having studied the text!

17 17 Challenge the future The lesson No explanation but application Learning by doing

18 18 Challenge the future The daily tests Listening test about each text, before or after the lesson (in TBM, computer room B (except Elem 1j)) Bring your own headphones! Login: tbm-langXXX, Welkom01 (you will get this from your teacher or one of the student assistants) No book, phones, paper etc. allowed (it is an official test and part of your grade) Minimum result of 70% necessary Less then 70% = stop, do it again next time

19 19 Challenge the future Timetable (example of group 1b) DayDateHomework Groene Boek (4 th edition) Room Monday February 9 17.45 – 18.30 hr: Introduction lesson (obligatory) Faculty IO (building 32), Landbergstraat 15, J. vd Ginten zaal Monday 16/02 1,2,3 TBM - D3 Thursday 19/02 4,5 TBM - D3 Monday 23/02 6,7 TBM - D3 Thursday 26/02 8 *test 1 1 t/m 8 TBM - D3 Monday 02/03 9,10 TBM - D3 Thursday 05/03 11 **schrijfopdracht I TBM - D3 … Thursday 02/04 21 Grades made known!TBM E Monday 13/04 17.45-18.45 hr: If necessary final test: Groene Boek les 1 t/m 21 Room will be announced Monday ? (during Q4) If necessary speaking testAppointment via mail: Course period: February 16 – April 2, 2015 Teacher(s): Sonja van Boxtel ( Mignon Saabeel ( Location: TBM (building 31), Jaffalaan 5, 2628 BX Delft E-mail: Telephone: 015 - 2784124 Homework must be done before each lesson. For the first lesson: prepare chapters 1, 2 and 3 of the Green book thoroughly! Schedule group C TimeRoom Monday and Thursday 16.45-17.45 conversationTBM D3 Mon + Thur17.45-18.15 computer tests Bring your own headphones! TBM computer room B (on the first floor)

20 20 Challenge the future The final score for the whole course Average of 2 grades One grade for speaking in class One grade based on: attendance 2 written tests (paper and pencil gap fill tests)  cannot be done later! 2 writing assignments (no books allowed!)  cannot be done later! nr of listening tests In case of a poor score for speaking in class: speaking test during Q... Format: Assignment (10 mins preparation) In case of a poor score for attendance + tests: paper & pencil test (end of Q2). Test format: gap fill test. The final test is ___ text with blanks. You have ___ fill in the missing word. All sentences are from ___ text book. Minimum result: 75% correct words (of 100 words totally). Good result for speaking + course total/final test→ next course Poor result → resit later

21 21 Challenge the future Courses & levels Free for Msc/exchange students Free for graduate school students, but not for Bsc/Msc/exchange students Everyone has to pay for these courses “non-intensive” = about 8-10 hours a week Don’t start the course if you don’t have enough time!!! CEF levelsIntensive courses Non-intensive courses 0-A2Beginners (5 weeks) Elementary 1 (7 weeks) Elementary 2 (7 weeks) A2-B1Intermediate (5 weeks) Intermediate 1 (7 weeks) Intermediate 2 (7 weeks) B1-B2 (C1)Advanced (5 weeks) Advanced 1 (7 weeks) Advanced 2 (7 weeks)

22 22 Challenge the future How to study? Course information Email addresses & tel. nrs. This powerpoint

23 23 Challenge the future What next? For Bsc., Msc. and Exch. students: Wednesday 11 February, Computer room 1 Enter faculty IO/ID listening test on texts 1 and 2 texts on: All: 1st lesson on 16 February homew ork: prepare lessons 1, 2, 3!!!

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