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Nutritional deficiency

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2 Nutritional deficiency
diseases Small ruminants Dr Abd Elghany Hefnawy

3 (not stored in tissues must have Constant supple)
Wool eating Parakeratosis Falling disease Enzootic ataxia Goiter WLD Anemia WMD Anemia Swyback Zn Hemoglobinueria Iron Iodine Cobalt Se Cu P Parturient paresis Trace elements K+ Hypokalemia Ca Minerals Nutritional elements Electrolytes Na+ Hyponatremia Lactation tetany Mg Vitamins Cl- Hypocholermia Water soluble (not stored in tissues must have Constant supple) Fat soluble (stored in the tissue) Non-B complex B- Complex A Night blindness Polioencepha- lomalecia B-1(thiamin) C (Ascorbic acid) K Hypoprothrombinaemia Skin lesions B-2 (riboflavin) Scurvy E Anaemia B-12(cobalamin) NMD or WMD Megaloblast anaemia Folic acid D Rickets or osteomalecia Nutritional elements and its deficiency

4 Vit.& Minerals Facts 1-Vit. are essential organic nutrients.
2-Minerals are essential inorganic nutrients 2-Required in small amounts. 3-Vit. cannot be synthesized by the body. 4-Vit. Must be obtained by outside sources like diet, rumen bacteria & sun. 5-Required for growth, maintenance, reproduction and lactation.

5 “Osteodystrophic diseases” “Rickets or osteomalecia
Vitamin-D Deficiency “Osteodystrophic diseases” “Rickets or osteomalecia Dr/ Abd Elghany Hefnawy

6 Toxicity of melybodnum Heavy infestation with GIT. Nematodes
Etiology Primary cause Insufficient solar irradiation Secondary cause Toxicity of melybodnum or copper chlorid Deficient vit-D in food intake Heavy infestation with GIT. Nematodes increase caroten intake

7 Etiology and predisposing factors
Pathogenesis Clinical findings

8 with ultreavoilet light.
Why Vitamin D? 7-dehydro-cholesterol Sun-cured hay Fish oil Mammalian skin Natural irradiation with ultreavoilet light. Vit-D2 Vit-D3 (cholecalceferol) Vit-D4-D5

9 24, 25 DHCC Skin Vit-D [cholicalciferol CC] Diet 1,25 DHCC
(Active form of vit D 25-hydroxy CC (DHCC) 24, 25 DHCC Alphahydroxylase

10 Vitamin D from UV exposure
Active Vit D3


12 1,25 DHCC (Active form of vit D
Transportation and absorption of intestinal calcium Regulation of phosphorous absorption and metabolism specially it’s loss from the kidney 1,25 DHCC (Active form of vit D Mineralization of bone. Vitamin-D may have a role in the immune sysytem So any deficiency of vit. D leading to disturbance in calcium and phosphorus absorption and metabolism (Osteoporosis).

13 Types of osteoporosis Rickets Stunted bone growth Osteomalicia
Matrix osteoporosis (bony atrophy)

14 Low amount of protienetious Substances (Matrix)of the bone Good
Matrix osteoporosis (bony atrophy) Adult and young Low amount of protienetious Substances (Matrix)of the bone Good mineralization Rickets Young or growing Defect in the mineralization Matrix is present normally Stunted bone growth Osteomalicia Simillar to rickets but affect adult animals Defect in the mineralization &matrix of the bone Young

15 -Dyspnoea if chest bone affected
Clinical Signs -Reduced the productivity & reproductive of the animal. -Decrease in appetite and food utilization -Lameness which is more common in the forelegs accompanied in young animals by bending of long bone and enlargement of the joints. -Dyspnoea if chest bone affected -Curvature of long bone. -Decrease the fertility -Arching of back.

16 Diagnosis -Laboratory diagnosis -History and clinical signs.
-low calcium and phosphorous level. Fecal analysis (GI. Parasitism) -High level of alkalin phosphatase 5.7units (N-2.5) low level of vit D

17 Treatment and control Administration of vit.D Supplementation of
calcium and phosphorous in the diet Exposure to the sunlight Treatment and control Dry yeast is probably simple and cheap source of vitamin D Fish liver oil is good source of vit-D (4,5) Sun-dried hay is good source of vit-D2

18 Vitamin D – Requirements
(IU/kg Feed DM) - Growing lambs 185 - Gestating ewes 216 - Lactating ewes 148

19 -Single IM injection at a dose
of 6000 Iu/kg body weight 2 months prelambing 50Kg BWt. Protection of newborn lambs Protection for 3 months


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