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Global Team Support and Promotion Platform Re-inventing The Crossing.

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1 Global Team Support and Promotion Platform Re-inventing The Crossing

2 Will Support and Promote Retain your competitive edge Re-invent The Crossing Increase reach and efficiency

3 SkySurfer, The Next Generation Crossing Vessel Support The Crossing while the Indies Trader visits North America Pursue tow-in surfing in remote locations Keep your sponsored competitors accessible Surf any break within 600 miles of a resort and return the same day Survey more reefs and more sites Reef Check 2 or more sites every day Survey 1000+ sq. miles of ocean every hour Help maintain local cultures and populations with medical care Support Surf Aid International and Wave of Compassion’s Malaria eradication program for the people of the the Mentawais

4 SkySurfer, The Next Generation Crossing Vessel Promote World-Wide Brand Awareness Be seen and featured at every major competition Create a brand image that cannot be beat Support the Core Promotional tie-ins with surf shops in every location Reward achievement with SkySurfer flights to the nearest body of water Grow the Pond Expand the range of surfable breaks Excite a new generation of surfers

5 Sea Flight Expeditions offers Quiksilver A Turn-Key Seaplane On-demand use of the aircraft Exclusive to Quiksilver Net Jets concept – without Net Jets Expense! Painted to Quiksilver’s specifications

6 Seaplane Operations offers Quiksilver A Turn-Key Operation Worry-free, full service Aircraft Management Professionally-trained, experienced flight crews FAA Certified maintenance personnel Full access to all needed spares

7 Worldwide Access to Exotic Locales Promote events, survey new locations, explore the oceans

8 Rapid Access to Remote Locations Never let a major swell escape your sponsored surfers again!



11 Vision – Global Coverage Full Service: Jet – Seaplane – Waverunner – Beach Worldwide reach Quick access to remote and exciting locations On-demand and scheduled trips Long - range aerial survey

12 Additional Benefits For Quiksilver from Team Support and Promotion Tours VIP-Incentive trips Location Scouting Medical Evacuation Exclusive Surfing Trips High-frequency Shuttle Ship Re-supply

13 Why Take the Risk? Support the Core Expand Worldwide Brand Awareness Lead the Boardriding Culture Forward Grow the Pond

14 What does Quicksilver Gain? On Every Beach On All the Oceans At Every Break Quiksilver Leads the Way

15 By Seaplane Operations, LLC Leading the Grumman Albatross to the Next Generation Of Travel, Adventure and Exploration. Contact: Quik @

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