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VSI Interfaces in the Modular Sensor System

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1 VSI Interfaces in the Modular Sensor System

2 Middleware – VSI Data Model Digital Video – Def Stan 00-82
Introduction Openness Integration Reconfigurability Enhanceability Scalability ILS Camera Array INU & Map Pan/Tilt/Zoom/ Weapon Sight Crew Stations BMS Ethernet Serial Digital Video Image Processing Core Image Processing Middleware – VSI Data Model Digital Video – Def Stan 00-82 Storage High Speed Gateway(s)

3 Logical View Control & Status - VSI Data Model
Data Distribution Service (DDS) Camera Topics Mount Topics Sensor Processor Topics Video Select Topics All Topics Video Manager/ Gateway Camera Mount Sensor Processor Crewstation SNMP Camera Video All Video Current Video for Display Digital Video - Def Stan 00-82 Real Time Protocol (RTP) , Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

4 Physical Views ASCOD Ocelot Stabilised Thermal (LW Albion) Sight
Layer 3 Managed Ethernet Switch (COTS) Stabilised Thermal (LW Albion) Sight ASCOD Simulator Control Crewstation Simulated Surveillance Sight Crewstation Display (DRS) Video Manager Simulated RWS LSAS Cameras TI & Colour 10 G Fibre QinetiQ Thales GVA Ethernet Connector Ocelot

5 User Views GVA-suggested Human Machine Interface Video compatibility and selection via middleware. Digital image quality. Remote Weapon System control via middleware. Surveillance Sight control via middleware.

6 Concluding Views Conclusions Def Stan Video interfaces - high quality, low latency. Cost-effective Def Stan implementation. Middleware – mount & video select approach promising .... tool costs, operating system overheads & security to be addressed in Land context. Data Model the major architecture effort .... further work needed. Modular Sensor System flexibility management of complexity. Sustained technical effort is essential. Recommendations Plan for many payload and tailoring possibilities within the Def Stan standard. Lessons learned to be fed into Def Stan update. Continue Data Model development via more formal route. Update procurement strategies to support subsystem upgrade through-life. Initiative of VSI should continue. Unique applied research forum separate from programme delivery. Precise objectives and continuity of funding.

7 End Questions? Guy Davies

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