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The Order Zenarthra Anteaters Armadillos Sloths Eutherian Mammals – formerly belonging to the order Endata. By Gerri Jesse.

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1 The Order Zenarthra Anteaters Armadillos Sloths Eutherian Mammals – formerly belonging to the order Endata. By Gerri Jesse

2 Members of the mammalian order Edentata include:  31 living species of armadillos, true anteaters, and tree sloths.  8 families of extinct ground sloths, and armadillo-like animals.  Both groups together make up the sub-order Xenarthra.  Xenarthrans are a small group of insectivores and herbivores.  Body size is small to medium, up to 60 kg (about 132 lbs).  Used to be much more diverse and numerous.

3 Giant Anteater, Myrmecophaga tridactyla

4 Giant Anteater Classification & Facts Scientific Kingdom:AnimaliaAnimalia Phylum:ChordataChordata Class:MammaliaMammalia Order:Endata Suborder: Xenarthra Family:MyrmecophagidaeMyrmecophagidae Genus:MyrmecophagaLinnaeus, 1758Linnaeus, 1758 Species:M. tridactyla Facts: Body length: 40 – 48 inches. Height: 28 – 35 inches. Weight: 60 – 140 pounds. Life span: 15 years/wild, Up to 26 years in a zoo.

5 With and without the fur coat. Genus Myrmecophaga Giant Anteater Anteater skeleton

6 Pup loves piggyback rides from Mom.

7 Species name of the Giant Anteater is: tridactyla which means “three fingers.”

8 Geographic Giant Anteater Range The IUCN classification is vulnerable (lower risk). South America hosts the majority of today’s surviving groups of Xenarthrans. San Diego zoo. 5,000 Giant Anteaters left in wild, hunting and habitat loss.

9 TAMANDUA – Lesser Anteater - Tamandua tetradactyla SILKY – or Pygmy Anteater – Cyclopes didactylus Also know as “stinkers of the forest.”

10 Armadillos

11 Armadillos Classification and Facts Class: Mammalia Order: Cingulata Family: Dasypodidae Genus: 8 genera Species: 20 species  Body length: smallest 3 -5 inches, largest 39 inches.  Weight: 8 ounces to 132 pounds.  Life span: 4 – 30 years.  Gestation: 60 – 150 days.  Pups: 1 – 12 in litter.  Maturity: 9 – 12 months of age. Studies show within Xenarthra, sloths and anteaters are united, with the suborder Pilosa as a sister group to armadillos.

12 Nine-banded or Long-nosed Armadillo - Genus Dasypus. Pink Fairy Armadillo – Genus Chlamyphorus. The only armadillo found in the United States – six species. The smallest armadillo - one species.



15 Armadillo Skeleton

16 Hairy Armadillo Skull

17 OF THE 20 SPECIES OF ARMADILLOS, ALL ARE FOUND IN THE AMERICAS, MOST LIVE IN CENTRAL OR SOUTH AMERICA.  Giant Armadillo Genus Priodontes: The largest armadillo - One species.  Hairy Armadillos Genus Chaetophractus -Three species. (Screaming Hairy!)  Six-banded Armadillo Genus Euphractus - One species.  Greater Fairy Armadillo Genus Calyptophractus - One species.  Three-banded Armadillos Genus Tolypeutes: The only armadillos that can roll up in a ball - Two species.  Naked-tailed Armadillos Genus Cabassous - Four species.  Pichi or Dwarf Armadillo Genus Zaedyus - One species. BODY SIZE & FOOD SOURCE VARIES – SO DOES HABITAT AND HOME RANGE.

18 Sloths

19 Sloth Classification Class:Mammalia Order: Pilosa Family: Megalonychidae Genus: Choloepus Species:  hoffmanni (Hoffman’s)  didactylus ( Linnaeus’)

20 FUN FACTS Grooved hair allows water to run off & algae to grow there. Camouflages in forest. Sloths nibble on algae for added greens. Does everything hanging upside down. Comes to ground once a week to use the bathroom.

21 Sloths are:  Slow-moving.  Solitary.  Arboreal, forest-dwelling.  Nocturnal.  Herbivores.  Great swimmers, doing the breaststroke.  Found asleep in a ball in the fork of a tree. 3-Toed Sloth 3 Claws on front and back feet.

22 IUCN Range Maps of the Sloth Both listed as Least Concern/Vulnerable Linnaeus’ Hoffman’s

23 Matsés Tribe & the Pelejo The Two-toed Sloth (pelejo, in Spanish) is a familiar pet in the homes. Often hunted and part of their cuisine. Important during the Ceremony of Comoc (the singers) and Ceremony of Mariwin.

24 Babies hang on to mom for a few months. Dangers to sloths include habitat destruction, logging trucks, and poaching.

25 Order Edentata (2 suborders, 2 infraorders, 12+ families, 17+ genera, 36+ species) Anteaters, Armadillos Suborder Palaeanodonta (2+ families) Family Mertacheiromyidae Genus Metacheiromys Family Epoicotheriidae Suborder Xenarthra (3 infraorders, 9+ families, 16+ genera, 35+ species) Infraorder Loricata

26 Armadillo Genus Burmeisteria Burmeisteria retusa. Burmeister's Armadillo Genus Chaetophractus Chaetophractus villosus Hairy Armadillo or Peludo Genus Chlamyphorus Chlamyphorus truncatus Pink Fairy Armadillo Genus Tolypeutes Three-banded Armadillos Genus EuphractusGenus Dasypus Nine-banded Armadillos Dasypus novemcinctus Genus Priodontes Priodontes Giganteus Giant Armadillo Genus Zaedyus Zaedyus pichi Pichi Family Peltephilidae Family Glyptodontidae Glyptodonts Genus Doedicurus Doedicurus clavicaudatus Genus Glyptodon

27 Pilosa Family Orophodontidae Family Megalonychidae Ground Sloths Family Megatherlidae Ground Sloths Family Mylodontidae Ground Sloths Family Bradypodidae (6 species) Tree Sloth Genus Bradypus (4 species) Three-toed Sloths Genus Choloepus (2 species) Two-toed Sloth Infraorder Vermilingua Family Myrmecophagidae (4 species) Anteater Genus Myrmecophaga Myrmecophaga tridactyla Giant Anteater Genus Tamandua Lesser Anteater Genus Cyclopes Cyclopes didactylus Two-toed Anteater

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